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All kinds of clinic cases, some are newly diagnosed, some were diagnosed; some of the traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine is seen


All kinds of clinic cases, some are newly diagnosed, some were diagnosed; some of the traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine is seen some lost fluid for invalid to eat Western medicine in TCM; some strange effect, 1-2 medicine can control, not satisfied with some effect, but also some newly diagnosed, two cases or three is still valid............... I will combine the clinical diagnosis and treatment process, in the form of notes or notes do record, or introduce some experience on the diagnosis and treatment, or provide some treatment or nursed back to health advice, to help patients recover as soon as possible to make some modest.

This is the second time I work in outpatient ward rotation, the afternoon saw 73 patients and 4 patients with plaster, a total of 77 patients (explain in order not to affect the three half day only the clinic, the paste on Thursday afternoon), here I want to thank you so much the patient's trust, but also (: ˍ,) to take this platform to talk about feelings and to: cases in about 1/5 of patients is introduced to others, otherwise 1/5 is good to see the doctor (mostly foreign patients), people with 1/3 are newly diagnosed, 2/3 visits people have seen the disease a few years ago. About 4/5 of patients in the diagnosis is the use of a variety of Western medicine and Western medicine is not effective or recurrence, and......

In 73 cases of cough accounted for the majority of their asthma, third is chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema, fourth interstitial pneumonia (lung fibrosis) fifth bronchiectasis, sixth miscellaneous diseases............... These patients are basically used western medicine invalid or recurrence and so I was, by using the method of pure Chinese medicine treatment, some with symptomatic of traditional Chinese medicine. For simple respiratory symptoms should be able to cure, if combined with gastrointestinal symptoms, or on the heat under the cold disorder and senile lung and kidney deficiency, heart deficiency is two, treatment is more complex.

For some patients in the field, in order to take care of the road far away, opened the 14 stick, Chinese medicine is based on the treatment of syndrome differentiation, medication must be combined after the reaction of the drug in the adjustment, the need for foreign patients to understand.

In my experience and experience, as long as the diagnosis is clear, these diseases should be effective. However, Chinese medicine is urgent then treat the symptoms, slow then treat this "said, the acute phase to control symptoms, disease control should be nursed back to tune up the solid this, especially those with poor physique, easy to repeated attacks of patients should pay more attention to the fundamental link, a good appetite, also can be used the conditioning cream.

The patient asked more diet taboo, in general, cough during the acrid product is not suitable to eat seafood, crab, lobster, asthma patients are not suitable for taking the. This season you can eat white radish, fresh lily, lotus, water chestnut and so on, with lungs and phlegm effect. Many people are worried that radish will cure cough, in patients taking some radish with Qi and phlegm effect, is not the solution resistance.



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