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The incidence rate is slightly lower than that of osteosarcoma chondrosarcoma, bone sarcoma accounted for 2/5, the pathogenesis is unknown.


The incidence rate is slightly lower than that of osteosarcoma chondrosarcoma, bone sarcoma accounted for 2/5, the pathogenesis is unknown. Most scholars believe that any part of the bone tissue can produce osteosarcoma, but the periosteum is the most vulnerable. When the tumor occurs or spreads under the periosteum, the periosteum is the tumor by the bone surface to peel off and the generation of the reactive new bone, the bone grain assumes the sunlight radiation. The tumor is connected with the backbone, and the new bone is triangular. It is the most common primary malignant bone tumor, which is composed of the tumor osteoblast and bone like tissue. The incidence of osteosarcoma is the first in the primary malignant tumors.

The malignant degree of osteosarcoma is very high, the prognosis is poor, but in a few months through the blood of pulmonary metastasis after amputation, 3 ~ 5 year survival rate is only 5 to 20%, but in recent years due to the rapid development of early diagnosis and chemotherapy of osteosarcoma, 5 years survival rate increased more than 50%. In the lower end and the upper femur tibial metaphyseal osteosarcoma all accounted for about 3/4, other such as humerus, femur, fibula and iliac spine, etc. can also occur. The majority of osteolytic, there are a few for osteogenesis, age of onset: can occur at any age, but mostly in the 10 to 27 years old, more men. The tumor is in the bone end, occasionally occurs in the backbone or epiphysis. Osteosarcoma contains different components of cartilage, fibrous tissue and bone tissue. The infiltration and diffusion of the subperiosteal cortical bone and medullary cavity. In the main part of early tumor fusion in periosteum, bone cortex, osteolytic tumor tissue, cartilage and bone destruction and fewer ingredients, faster cycle rich bone necrosis region can form the parcel, spread to the adjacent soft tissue tumor, pathological fracture can occur, a hard bone tumor. General osteosarcoma is not into the joints, occasionally fracture involving the articular cortex or pathology after. Due to the development of tumor and periosteal reaction, often have high periosteal form a triangle known as Kadman (Codman)'s triangle, and a sun radiation spicules perpendicular to the shaft. Microscopically, many tumor cells, cells and nuclei were found in different sizes and shapes. There were small multinucleated giant cells, spindle cells, immature chondrocytes and malignant osteoblasts. Almost all of the metastases were transferred to the lung by blood, and a few were transferred to the brain, viscera, kidney and lymphatic vessels to the lymph nodes. One

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