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Nursing care of patients with cancer, according to the patient's personality characteristics and psychological characteristics of different


Nursing care of patients with cancer, according to the patient's personality characteristics and psychological characteristics of different periods, targeted care. In addition to actively create a quiet and comfortable environment for the cultivation of good, and improve the patient to fight with the disease outside, should also do the following:

(1) to understand the psychological changes of patients. To grasp the psychological conditions of the patients, to understand the real patient's mental state, we must considerate patient care, patient occupation, culture, family, spouse and personal life circumstances, to carry out the necessary understanding, should also be familiar with the patient's treatment plan and specific treatment method. Based on the mastery of the above situation, comprehensive analysis, according to their different occupation, psychological reactions and social cultural background, synchronous or advance sensing they will or may appear psychological changes and psychological laws, so as to formulate effective preventive measures and psychological nursing, nursing, such as illness individualized nursing, in order to achieve the change after the nursing "to" pre control "purposes.

(2) to enhance the patient's belief in overcoming the disease. Some patients, once they are told that they are suffering from cancer, will have less desire to live and die. At this time, the main purpose of nursing is to arouse the patient's hope and belief in the fight against cancer. In the nursing process, we must use the firm expression, the undoubted language obtains the patient the trust. To improve the facts of the patient's condition, to help patients eliminate undesirable psychological state. When the patient germination hope, to further encourage the patient to take on the life of the matter, encourage them to take control of life. (3) psychological nursing when the disease changes. When the patient has systemic failure, insomnia, pain and other symptoms, can not eat, the nursing staff should closely observe the condition changes, give necessary support therapy, in addition to improve the general situation, we should pay more attention to the psychological support to patients with good, experienced all kinds of hardships finally wins the disease and examples, to encourage and motivate the patient with the fight against the disease.

(4) psychological nursing in the course of treatment. The surgery in patients, radiotherapy or chemotherapy before, not only to the necessity to patient advocacy for the treatment of adverse reactions, but also to the patient during the treatment of clarifying the possible, so that patients have enough psychological preparation, take the initiative to overcome the difficulties, actively cooperate with the treatment.

(5) the role of language in psychological nursing for cancer patients. As Pavlov put the organism's reaction caused by language called "conditioning" universal language, is to promote the caregivers and patients to communicate information and understanding of the tool, is also a prerequisite for successful nursing. The patient often according to their words and deeds to guess their condition, therefore, their words and deeds, not only represent the quality level of the individual, but also directly affect the patient's mood and confidence. In anger, sadness and other mental patients, abnormal sensitivity to language stimulation, control of individual behavior is relatively low, therefore, psychological nursing should first use the language to warm their hearts and soothe their psychological trauma, conditioning their mental balance.

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