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Patients with symptoms of early lung cancer is not obvious, it is easy to overlook the patients without awareness of life, so we must pay at


Patients with symptoms of early lung cancer is not obvious, it is easy to overlook the patients without awareness of life, so we must pay attention to their physical changes of the patients with lung cancer early every little bit, you will produce a lot of lung and not related to symptoms, as long as the families and I will find the patients carefully. So what are the general performance?

Shoulder pain

Peripheral lung cancer often affects the pleura, involving the ribs and chest wall tissue, resulting in shoulder pain. There are few respiratory symptoms in these patients.

Neurologic symptoms

Brain metastasis of lung cancer can appear headache, vomiting, sudden coma, aphasia, hemiplegia and other neurological symptoms, due to lung symptoms are not obvious, often misdiagnosed as thrombosis, brain tumors.

Multiple whole body myositis

Multiple whole body myositis is also one of the early symptoms of lung cancer, according to statistics, 85% of lung cancer in non typical symptoms, only showed progressive body weakness, loss of appetite, difficulty in walking can be increased when the bed difficult.

Chest pain

According to statistics, the incidence of lung cancer patients with chest pain accounted for more than half of the proportion, especially in peripheral lung cancer, chest pain can be the first symptom, is due to the invasion of the pleura caused by cancer tissue. Chest pain is often fixed in the lesion, early intermittent pain. Postural changes, deep breathing and coughing can aggravate.


Clubbing drum also known as text refers to the fingers and toes, the first section of the mast, protruding nails bent, often accompanied by pain. Reported that 21% of lung cancer associated with early clubbing, and most in the lungs disappeared after operation.

Male breast hypertrophy

Male patients with lung cancer is about 10% ~ 20% of breast enlargement, mostly bilateral enlargement, and time of cough, bloody sputum, chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms of early lung about a year. This is because some lung cancer cells can secrete chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone can cause breast hyperplasia, breast hypertrophy.

Joint pain

Joint swelling and pain. This is because lung cancer (especially squamous cell carcinoma) cells in the process of proliferation and differentiation of abnormal secretion of growth hormone, stimulate the proliferation of bone and joint caused by, in medicine, known as pulmonary hypertrophic osteoarthritis". Joint pain usually in joint is most obvious, or continue in a joint, or walk in multiple joints, some can be accompanied by fever. Surgical resection of lung cancer or disease under control, joint swelling and pain will disappear in the short term; but when the disease progression or relapse, joint pain and swelling may occur again.


Under normal circumstances, cough is one of the earliest and most common symptoms of lung cancer patients, because of the onset of symptoms are often similar to cold or bronchitis, it is easy to be ignored. Therefore, where there is no chronic respiratory disease in the crowd, especially those over the age of 40, after active treatment, cough for more than 3 weeks or more, should be alert to the possibility of lung cancer, early detection and diagnosis. As for elderly patients with chronic bronchitis, the incidence of lung cancer is higher than that of the general population, but the early symptoms of cough are easy to be confused with the original chronic cough, so the delayed diagnosis is more. At this time we must pay attention to the nature of cough and cough changes. Lung cancer patients as a result of cancer tissue irritation of the bronchial mucosa, cough often irritating cough and cough, phlegm, and the original rule of the four seasons do not match, the positive anti infection treatment is invalid, the symptoms of anti aggravated.


Lung metastases laryngeal nerve compression, the SBC vocal cord paralysis Erzhi hoarseness. Because of the metastasis of lung cancer can occur in the early stage, and metastasis can sometimes grow faster than the primary tumor, so the clinical manifestations of metastatic lesions can occur before the primary focus.

In the elderly, especially smokers, such as the emergence of the suspicious symptoms, do not let down, should be timely to the hospital for chest X-ray or CT examination, it is worth noting that about 15% of lung cancer patients with no symptoms early. Therefore, the elderly every year to do a chest X-ray examination, early detection of lung cancer is of positive significance. One



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