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For schizophrenia, drug treatment is necessary, but not sufficient, schizophrenia patients also need support and encouragement to overcome w


For schizophrenia, drug treatment is necessary, but not sufficient, schizophrenia patients also need support and encouragement to overcome with fear of illness, isolation and stigma. The following will be an overview of psychological therapy, rehabilitation services and life planning, which may be helpful in different stages of recovery. Each patient has its own characteristics, in a certain stage of rehabilitation, the patient's special background can affect the choice of services. There are many different services available in some mature communities, while others are rare, and you should be aware of what services are available in your community.

1 patient and family education

Patients and their families need to know as much as possible about schizophrenia and its treatment, should learn how to avoid recurrence, the knowledge and skills to rehabilitation. Patients and their families throughout the education of disease treatment.

2 the three party cooperation

Patients, family members and doctors should explore, develop treatment plans and objectives, the three party through each stage of disease treatment. When patients recover, they will face and deal with their disease.

3 drug therapy and symptom monitoring

Careful observation of the disease changes on the one hand to ensure that patients take medicine according to the doctor's advice, on the other hand can be found in the early signs of recurrence. The symptoms and side effects can be used to explain the efficacy of the drug, to clarify the signs of recurrence, and to test the effectiveness of the treatment of adverse reactions. Fill in the medication record sheet can observe the patient's medication.

4 enable patients to receive medical care

Apply for medical insurance, medical insurance for residents and rural cooperative medical care

5 help patients get the benefits

Patients should receive appropriate services, such as helping to apply for disability compensation.

6 Financial Management

Some patients may need help to manage their property, especially the serious symptoms of illness or unstable patients, this situation needs to be to help with the dishes such as finance, pay bills, provide consumer advice, to help patients avoid excessive spending.

7 recreational activities and skills training

Many people who are recovering from the disease are eager to lead an independent life. Some patients may need to learn how to plan their daily life, such as shopping, cooking, washing, cooking and taking part in social activities.

8 supportive treatment

Provide emotional support, help patients to accept the disease and play. Although psychotherapy itself does not have much effect on schizophrenia, but individual or collective psychotherapy can provide important support for patients in rehabilitation period, so that patients acquire skills, establish friendship.

9 patient support / self-help group

Organize team members to meet 1 to 4 times a month, depending on the needs and interests of the members. Caring, sharing, discussion, group opinions and mutual support is an important part of the group will, mutual aid / self-help groups can play a very important role in the rehabilitation process.

What are the current forms of psychological services?

1 regular follow-up and supportive treatment

In each period of the disease, regular follow-up is very important, whether it is acute period, recovery period, or the maintenance period. In stable condition, you may try not to return, but the recovery duration of treatment is very important for the prevention of recurrence. Many patients need the following services to achieve optimal rehabilitation.

Assertive community treatment (ACT) patients don't have to go to the mental health center, ACT medical group to the patient's home or community service for patients, the ACT team can provide key services, will often visit patients, can one day at a time when necessary. The ACT team can help with patient care, financial management, life planning, problem solving, shopping, employment and enrollment. ACT is a long-term project to track the patient's disease. Experts strongly recommend ACT, especially in patients with severe illness, unstable condition.

2 rehabilitation

There are 3 possible rehabilitation projects on the rehabilitation and maintenance period were helpful for rehabilitation and restoration work, need to learn proficiency in a particular line only a few patients with residual symptoms is extremely important.

3 psychosocial rehabilitation

The club house program (Clubhouse) can help patients learn work skills, the purpose is to enable patients to find or restore work.

4 mental rehabilitation

Mental rehabilitation can teach patients with learning proficiency in a particular line enable patients to achieve personal goals, work, education, and social life.

5 vocational rehabilitation

Job evaluation and training is an important part of vocational rehabilitation services (VRS), which can help patients cope with full-time work.

The 6 day in hospital

Bisessional hospital project (PHPs) is structured groups patients every day to 4 to 6 hours a week, 3 ~ 5 days, this can make the patients avoid hospitalization, discharge, or as soon as possible to avoid recurrence. PHP is generally used in patients with acute or acute phase after stable patients.

7 recuperation after treatment

Day Treatment Programs (DTPs) to provide patients with a sense of friendship, fun and learning skills to provide long-term support for patients and improve the quality of life of patients. DTPs is helpful to the patients with stable phase after acute phase and the patients in rehabilitation and maintenance period.

8 case management

Case managers often go to the patients home visit patients, rather than an appointment in the office or the consulting room. They can help patients get basic protection, such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical disability income, also can urge patients take medicine, training of skills training for patients to help their ability to live independently, the case management of patients with schizophrenia is very helpful.

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