Three common symptoms of schizophrenia:

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Three common symptoms of schizophrenia:1 personality changeThe character becomes and not the same as usual, i.e., eccentric, unwilling to se


Three common symptoms of schizophrenia:

1 personality change

The character becomes and not the same as usual, i.e., eccentric, unwilling to see the people, often in a daze, laugh alone, indifferent to others, to be pessimistic and worldweary, things of interest reduced, all moody, suspicious, hostile, temper or fear, long-term social avoidance and work etc..

2 abnormal behavior

The behavior changes or style become incomprehensible, such as long time performance of the mirror, all day to wash hair, decreased ability to work, sleep the night, love to walk against the wall, dressed weird, unwilling to do the housework, easy for people and things tangled up all day without interfering, or completely bedridden, fell and smashed items the collection of debris, waste, etc.

3 speech abnormality

Methods the way of speaking become normal, as you talk to yourself, without fuss, foul mouthed, and there is no match actual people, said the person does not love love or not love to say that love becomes said, say esoteric or illogical, or confused language, said some people behind you, someone to badmouth yourself out of the window, radio and TV program is designed for their own.

Four mistakes in the treatment of schizophrenia:

Misunderstanding, blind use of drugs

Many patients with mental illness have indiscriminate use of topical drugs has great harm: 1 common drugs palliatives. Once the withdrawal will relapse. 2 teenagers, elderly patients with relatively weak internal organs, easily lead to visceral injury.

Error two, did not accept the condition and cause of the examination

Look at the hospital and doctors in a distorted mood, believe that doctors and hospitals are cheat themselves with a variety of opinions to the doctor and hearsay argument to prove that the doctor is wrong or misleading, with this itself on the treatment of rejection is incurable disease.

Misunderstanding three, the choice of irregular hospital

The treatment of mental illness is a complete system, targeted and phased treatment, regular hospital mental illness should be set detection, diagnosis and treatment, conditioning and rehabilitation as a whole, systematic treatment mode dianmianjiege.

Error four, delay the best treatment period

Schizophrenia is one of the best treatment period, if the best treatment period in the treatment, the possibility of rehabilitation is greatly improved. However, some patients fear, or have luck, until the unhealthy development of serious when it came to medical attention, this time to spend more money and increase the suffering of patients, but also delay the disease.

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