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The effect of pain on sleepEveryone can feel the pain, WHO and the International Association for the study of pain to the definition of pain


The effect of pain on sleep

Everyone can feel the pain, WHO and the International Association for the study of pain to the definition of pain is " pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience, this experience is actually or potentially associated with damage, or pain is a symptom of patients described from hurt angle. Pain is often subjective ". So pain is a subjective feeling of unpleasant feelings and emotions. And pain is a very important feeling, is the heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, body temperature, the fifth major signs of life, many hospitals have opened a pain clinic, the medical community to prove the importance of pain. The new idea for pain management in pain clinics is to treat pain as part of an ideal medical service; 7 points (0-10 points) or more. Pay attention to the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of pain; to listen, respect, understand, care about the pain patients.

Today I want to talk to you about the relationship between pain and sleep. As everyone knows, the pain will affect the quality of sleep, some patients have pain "wake up sore" experience, but most people don't know, poor sleep will make people more sensitive to pain, that is to say, did not cause pain, when people don't sleep well, will feel the pain; and have the feeling of pain because of poor sleep and pain severity. I have a study published in the 2015 issue of the International Association for the study of pain (PAIN), the result of which is that individuals with insomnia or other sleep problems are more sensitive to pain. Mean, it can increase the risk of insomnia patients with pain severity, that increased sensitivity to pain in patients with insomnia, insomnia and pain sensitivity with the frequency and severity of increases; the results of the study show that psychological factors or part contributed to sleep problems and the relationship between pain and pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to improve pain and insomnia.

Pain is associated with sleep. We know about the pain grade, according to the speech score is divided into 4 levels: level 0: painless; 1 (mild): Although the pain but can endure, normal life, sleep undisturbed; grade 2 (moderate): obvious pain, unbearable, sleep shallow, easy to wake up sore. The use of analgesics; 3 (severe): severe pain, can't stand, need to take painkillers, seriously disturbed sleep, may be associated with autonomic disorders or passive posture.

We see that 2 or more of the pain has an impact on sleep, then, how to treat the pain, which doctor to seek treatment? This requires us to classify pain. Pain can be divided into acute and chronic pain, acute pain usually has a clear cause of physical injury. Chronic pain is defined as pain persists over the course of acute illness or injury is usually reasonable healing time for more than a month; and the pain associated with persistent pain in chronic pathological process or pain every time a relapse.

Chronic pain is a special form called "somatization symptoms, symptoms of somatization pain medicine is difficult to explain, for example, fibromyalgia, chronic pelvic pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome. Patients to the hospital, but after a routine physical examination and the necessary experimental examination is difficult to find any organic etiology, or even if there is a certain qualitative changes or pathological changes, but it is difficult to explain the symptoms. This kind of pain is often vague and changeable, it is difficult to describe, but the clinical is quite common, for example, some of our patients said, "the head is covered with pain" "stomach block" "back burn" and so on. The cost of health care in the United States is about $250 billion a year. There are about 15% can be defined as somatic symptoms in outpatients of general hospitals in China, more see a throat and chest constriction, headache, neck pain, back pain, the pain may be more closely related to psychological factors.

Therefore, when we appear pain, need to find a different doctor to help. Acute pain usually has a clear location and cause, more clear, the patient naturally know the doctor to find the department. Chronic pain can have a clear description, if the exact sites recommend to the pain clinic pain specialist to seek help, they may be treated with drugs, nerve block, interventional therapy, Chinese medicine therapy, physical therapy and other methods to help patients; however, difficult to describe the fuzzy variable "somatization" pain is needed seek psychiatric help physicians, psychiatrists will use an effective method of psychological treatment to help patients relieve pain, improve sleep, improve the quality of life of patients.

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