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Today, I tell my old friends about sleep care. We all know that sleep is very important, began to study the sleep health from our ancestors,


Today, I tell my old friends about sleep care. We all know that sleep is very important, began to study the sleep health from our ancestors, there is no electricity in ancient times, so the ancients pay more attention to it, sunrise and sunset. Zheng Guofan is one of representative, he attached importance to the sleep health very much, he often said: "sleep Yin, Yang." He stressed that the daily life, not only to the law, but also from time to time, so although we all want to sleep, but from the health point of view, we want to sleep as a view of events, important things, the impact of sleep quality on the physical and mental health especially.

I'm in charge of our hospital is my insomnia, the consulting room has 80% elderly people, including 90% elderly people come from far only a medicine. What is it? Stable。 They all share the same symptoms -- "sleep well". When a lot of old people chat, relates to the health of the common topic is old, sleep less, and have nothing to do, began to think of something bad make blind and disorderly conjectures, net thing. So sleep is not good for the elderly particularly large impact. We often organize experts to each district hospital clinic. The clinic when gathered a lot of elderly people in this table will be insomnia, these elderly people are a common problem -- "sleep well". But from our experience, the problem is not a lot of elderly people suffering from insomnia, not sick, but the lack of understanding of the lack of sleep, there are a lot of misunderstanding, so their sleep is too tight. That's why I'm here to talk to my old friends about sleep care.

I would like to ask you to guess, in our country, how many people suffer from insomnia?

2014 Chinese Medical Doctor Association survey of Chinese urban population is that 40% Chinese people poor sleep quality. And in the 40%, the elderly accounted for the majority of people over the age of 60, more than 50% of sleep disorders, women about 60%, more than men. Chronic insomnia in the elderly more performance is wake up early, night sleep fragmentation increased daytime sleepiness in the daytime and sleep fragmentation caused. So a lot of companionship for the elderly insomnia view children do not understand, said when I heard TA snoring, but TA said TA did not fall asleep. Even the elderly are not happy that their children do not trust themselves, resulting in conflict. This is because the old man did not sleep and wake up, and wake up many times a night, so TA felt he did not sleep all night. Here, I usually ask, do you sleep during the day? Old friends usually say I don't sleep, I can't sleep during the day. However, TA's children said, let go out during the day do not go out on the sofa watching TV while dozing. At the same time, open the TV is obviously asleep, you can not turn off the TV, a TV on the wake up, say no sleep. So, whether the clinic or clinic, most of the old friends are like these symptoms.

In fact, sleep like eating and sleeping, are the normal functions of human organs, but when sleep is not good, the problem is the brain. This is not easy to understand, I give you a relatively easy to understand the example of the heart. We understand that our most common heart disease, chest tightness, palpitations, and even chest pain, this is because the heart does not work properly. Similarly, we sleep well, but also because the brain's sleep center does not work properly. The heart is not working well if we want to protect the heart, to give it its nutrition, blood supply, so we will be symptoms of chest tightness, heart palpitations, chest pain improved; also, with the increase of age, nervous system degeneration, then the brain sleep center the elderly can not as young as good work, for example sleep, circadian rhythm disorder, sleep time, deep sleep, light sleep percentage increased, plus some associated with the elderly social psychological factors, such as neighborhood contradiction, contradiction between children ah, children of divorce, or his wife gave birth to a serious illness. These will make the brain to think a lot of things, increase the burden on the brain. So we have to focus on the protection of the brain, but how to protect it? This is not the same as the protection of the heart. Experts suggest that we should first pay attention to sleep hygiene.

First of all, sleep well to find a cause, have already said, there are some chronic diseases, chronic pain, life stress such as contradiction, and neighbors children money loss would lead to poor sleep, if it is because of these reasons cause insomnia, so as to solve the reason, no reason. Natural sleep is good; or the events of the past one or two months, naturally seriously, natural good sleep. There are a number of reasons is caused by psychological factors, such as ill particularly worried, said those bad thing is too old to vicious spiral caused by insomnia (sleep - nervous - insomnia - Anxiety - aggravating insomnia), the reason is to untie the knot, such as health advice to the medical family, more care, more give some psychological support. There is a part of the reason is caused by the bad habits of daily life, such as the night can't sleep sleep during the day, all day long tea, do not love sports, watching TV and listening to the radio before going to bed. This part of the old friends as long as the change of life can get a good night's sleep.

Zheng Guofan said, "don't sleep in a way of keeping good health, sleep, but the real dream sweet moment that Shen Ning, is always there." This is the wisdom of the ancients about sleep and sleep hygiene. It means that it takes a long time to sleep, so long as you sleep soundly and sleep well enough for the body. Here I would like to give you some of the advice given by modern experts.

In fact, a part of insomnia of old friends that there is no reasonable understanding of sleep, mainly on sleep requirements, want to have the baby sleep; to magnify the consequences of insomnia; sleep every night trying to control; lack of sleep feeling that he didn't sleep, extreme anxiety.

Therefore, experts suggest that, from the ideological point of view, first, the elderly do not look at the value of friends too much sleep. Sleep is a natural reaction of the human body, sleepy, brain sleep center will naturally control the owner to sleep, do not artificially to control it, should take the attitude of letting nature take its course. Sleep is the best way to make the brain and body to rest, but the best way to another physical work and exercise is relax, if the previous night didn't sleep well, can wash a hot bath in the morning, go out to do some exercise, like plenty of energy.

Second people every day, only need to sleep 2~4 hours, the other is the dream sleep, if people really don't sleep for a night, 3 days can make people nervous breakdown, 5 days can lead to death, but some people say that many are not how to sleep, but he is still thinking is normal, so his insomnia not imagine so serious, people should believe in their life.

Third, a lot of insomniacs always feel that they do not have enough sleep at night, a time to sleep, the more sleep during the day, the more sleep in the evening, but also no intention to participate in hobbies.

From the action, pay attention to sleep hygiene:

Sleep regularly, adjust their own biological clock, sleep and wake up every day fixed time. If it is insomnia, not sleepy not to go to bed; no matter when to sleep in the morning on time;

Go to bed at 20 minutes, get up, get up! Because the more anxious the more lying in bed, the more anxious the more sleep;

Do not do nothing to sleep in bed, such as watching TV, listening to the radio;

The day is not too long nap; avoid daytime naps; sleep during the day night sleep, sleep during the day often affect the quality of sleep at night.

Avoid the coffee and cigarettes, especially later in the day

The dinner time early, avoid too full; in the 2 hours before going to bed do not eat hard to digest food; you can eat some of the elderly in good health and sleep and food, such as porridge, small walnut porridge, jujube porridge, milk, corn, apples, bananas and so on.

Maintaining the bedroom to sleep in the air, quiet environment, unobstructed, maintain temperature and humidity, suitable to avoid strong light stimulation.

The rules keep adequate physical exercise, such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, qigong, dance, aerobics, kite, shuttlecock, bike riding, voluntary activities. But do not do strenuous exercise within 4 hours before going to bed;

We use before going to bed to avoid affecting sleep substances, such as coffee, tobacco, wine, spicy food and stimulants etc.;

Before going to bed to avoid negative events forced the recall day; arrange the time to relax and do use relaxation techniques.

In short, it is necessary to maintain a relaxed, natural, confident attitude in mind, do a good job in sleep health, which is to ensure a good sleep magic. If the above two principles do not feel satisfied after sleep, we should actively seek sleep expert advice to improve sleep!



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