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Every Monday's sleep specialist clinic, a total of patients asked me: "doctor, I am not stubborn insomnia"?Let us first look at Baidu, what


Every Monday's sleep specialist clinic, a total of patients asked me: "doctor, I am not stubborn insomnia"?

Let us first look at Baidu, what is intractable insomnia? Intractable insomnia often because of the psychological factors, main clinical manifestations of sleep difficulties and difficulty in maintaining sleep, daytime fatigue, night more want to sleep more difficult to sleep, aggravate the psychological conflict, produce anxiety, emotional instability, excessive worry, perceived pain caused by insomnia, forming a vicious spiral. This can be said to be the classic definition of intractable insomnia, then the clinical intractable insomnia is not really stubborn?

In fact, the real intractable insomnia is very small. That is highly rendered for a long time without sleep, a serious impact on the health of the case, is very rare in clinical. Have been widely reported in the TV station in Henan province with a woman named Li Zhanying, forty years of sleep, wake up farm work, later confirmed by science, she just changes the form of the general people sleep, sleep at night, but she is not the time of this occasion, sporadic sleep together even more than a sleep good people.

First, we need to know that sleep is controlled by the autonomic nervous system in the body. When a person is tired, autonomic nervous system will automatically adjust, let people sleep. High nervous center can sometimes force yourself not to enter the sleep state, but this force can not be sustained for a long time, as if a person can not control their heartbeat, sweating. In the war years, a soldier in the March, or when the artillery bombardment he can still get to sleep. Insomnia patients often have "want to go to sleep but it is difficult to fall asleep," the experience, in fact, this is the use of their own higher nervous center in the confrontation with their autonomic nerves, in fact, played a role in their own do not sleep.

Second, we need to understand what is expected anxiety. As a kind of the things that did not happen, nervous worry, pain, and heart panic, we called anticipatory anxiety. For example, before the exam, most people will be a little nervous, worried about their own test, as well as drinking water, toilet, etc.. Appropriate anxiety is actually a bit of good, can let a person to maintain a good state of mind. Once this happens, the anxiety disappears. This anxiety is not good for sleep disorders. Many patients suffering from insomnia is not really in bed, but before going to bed. When night fell, they began to think, "I can't sleep tonight?" "Do you want to take some medicine?" "How much to eat?" This excessive worry and anxiety, can only strengthen their own is a insomnia patients. So there is a word in the line, "anxiety is the killer of sleep". Of course, there are some insomnia patients, may be due to the "anxiety" quoted, it's different.

Once again, we need to understand the role of drugs in sleep. The first treatment of insomnia, we use the barbiturates, although the effect of such drugs is good, but its strong addiction, has not been used for the treatment of insomnia. Benzene two diltiazem drugs (diazepam, such as alprazolam, estazolam and clonazepam etc.) because of its better effect, less addictive, so it has been widely used. But because people pay attention to the quality of life, benzene two diltiazem class (second day time sleepiness, hangover up feel no effort, just like a drunken wake like) and other side effects, many patients with insomnia is still difficult to accept. There are two non benzene diltiazem like Sahiki Kotaka, zopiclone and zaleplon, although the instructions on the same side effect of every kind of, but in the case of conventional dose treatment of insomnia, the drug adverse reaction is almost negligible. I often tell the patient that the drug is like a gas stove in the home, it just played a role in the ignition, it is called your real sleep.

Finally, based on the above point of view, I give some advice to patients with insomnia. First, the correct understanding of sleep. Sleep is not good or bad people can intervene, and sometimes consider too much, it will backfire. Usually some sleep experts or textbooks are introduced, we should pay attention to sleep hygiene, it is good for sleep. If you have a sleep disorder, and do it, you may be overly concerned about the results can only strengthen your "sleep is not good". The Buddha said, "you" is a good attitude. Second, I believe that doctors, drug, "believe it". Although our ideal is "baby sleep, but sleep medicine did not imagine so terrible, if you have a sleep disorder, take the drug sleep mode, only accept, is only possible to get rid of the trouble of sleep. One day, you may fall asleep without medicine. We do not advocate the practice of patient medication instructions, to prescribe their drugs doctors to go through many years of professional training, not a manual can be optimistic about the disease, medication. Third, actively face life, to resolve all psychological factors. The world will become beautiful with your goodness, equality, purity and tolerance.

If you do the above, you ask, you are not stubborn insomnia? Of course, caused by many diseases and causes of sleep disorder, insomnia is a secondary symptoms, I will talk about later in the space, and not repeat them here.

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