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Medical Psychiatry channelSmall note: last week we issued an article "behind the boy genius fall, 70 million patients with major depressive


Medical Psychiatry channel

Small note: last week we issued an article "behind the boy genius fall, 70 million patients with major depressive disorder", some of the data in this paper let small shocked is also very distressed, so I want to do what for patients with mental disorders, including depression patients. Professor Mei Qiyi's article tells us some truth, but also give us some suggestions, is the first step we do, we will continue to have some relevant articles and research. So what can we do for psychiatrists and patients? I hope everyone in the background message to tell Xiaobian oh

Author: Mei Qiyi Guangji Hospital Affiliated to Soochow University

Editor: D Xiaobian

Source: Medical Psychiatry channel

Suicide is the act of intentionally or deliberately injuring one's life. Psychologists have long had a lot of analysis and guidance on the Dutch act attempts, including high perspicacity. Social groups have come to realize that the need for suicide intervention also gives patients a lot of useful social support. However, the prevention of Dutch act the most important step is the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric, any intentionally or unintentionally ignore the spirit of medicine in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the key role Dutch act could be Dutch act and the family brought irreparable loss. The reason is very simple,

More than 90% of those who suffer from mental illness, most suicide and mental illness.

Mental disorders are the main risk factors of suicide

Although most psychiatric patients do not die of suicide, the National Institutes of mental health survey data show that more than


Suicides may be associated with some form of mental disorder, the most common of which is depression, and bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders can increase the risk of suicide. In the United Kingdom, 50% of suicides are diagnosed with mental illness at that time or before. Patients with mood disorders (primarily depression) are at 6% risk of lifelong suicide

15%, while the risk of suicide in schizophrenia patients is 4% - - 10%. An audit report in the United Kingdom found that 1/4 of the victims were killed at the age of 12

Received mental health services within a month. Among them, 16% of patients with mental illness, and the last is the last three months of mental illness discharged from the hospital, mental illness is the leading cause of suicide.

The findings of the study conducted by Professor Phillips in mainland China also show a link between suicide and mental disorders. Data analysis showed that: 70% of the study sample met the current diagnostic indicators of mental disorders, of which 63% had emotional disorders, 15% had anxiety disorders, 11% had mental disorders, and there were 4% cases of drug abuse.

The survey found the current situation of China's mental disorder in Kunming: the incidence of behavior intention, Dutch act plan, the general population Dutch act Dutch Act (95%CI) was 5.89% (5.24% - 6.54%), 1.71% (1.35% - 2.06%), 0.96% (0.52% - 1%). Mental disorders related to suicidal behavior were higher in bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, pain disorder, special phobia, alcohol dependence and so on. There was a high incidence of suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior among the population, and mental disorders were the main risk factors of suicide.

A recent study found that bipolar disorder is a high risk of suicide, and the risk of suicide is 10 times that of the general population, with a suicide rate of between 25% and 50% of patients, and between the ages of 11% and. Some who had died young but full of wit Dutch act. Throughout history, we can find a similar event those crazy genius meet the eye everywhere at all times and in all countries, there are many fully meet the diagnostic criteria for bipolar disorder. Correct diagnosis is the premise of reasonable treatment, the significance of reducing the risk of suicide can not be too much.

Two, severe depression is not suitable for individual psychotherapy

Major depression is a disease, there is no doubt that the dominant treatment should be a doctor. While we welcome the counselors and social workers to participate in, is also used as a supplementary method for treatment of psychological intervention on patients with psychiatric Dutch act, but the leading position is no doubt that many problems have not resolved in a timely manner Dutch act is the neglect of the medical treatment.

Some patients with depression that their diseases are serious, but can be treated through self psychological adjustment or finding out to talk, do not need medication. This is a very dangerous idea!

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) guidelines for depression treatment make it clear that severe depression is not appropriate for individual psychotherapy.

Most psychiatrists will be combined with medication and focus on the psychological treatment of depression. For some patients can also use electrotherapy or transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, and psychotherapy alone is not appropriate for patients with severe depression. Psychological therapy can play a significant role in the prevention of depression suicide, but it should be only on the basis of adjuvant treatment of drug therapy, otherwise the risk is great. Some people say that the psychiatrist is to prescribe some medicine, which is not aware of the spirit of medicine. Psychiatry has never been a simple emphasis on drug therapy, clinical practice can not just put some medicine in the patient's mouth.

It is also said that patients with depression do not want to admit that they are depressed, do not want to wear a mental illness hat so do not look for psychiatrists, this is a subjective guess for patients with depression. Practice has proved that the difficulty in finding out that depression will not be less than for a psychiatrist. The so-called depression patients suffer in silence, afraid to wear a hat of mental illness is not the energy of self depression, almost all of us who got happy friends out of the imagination of reasoning. Since the best choice for heavy depression is to find a psychiatrist, why not directly to the psychiatric clinic? I have been working as a clinical psychiatrist for many years and many other doctors who have treated countless patients with major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder.

To get the correct diagnosis and reasonable treatment of psychiatric patients after most mental disorders can be recovered, the clinical cure rate and recovery rate are well documented. Psychiatry is concerned about the long-term prognosis of patients, which is not really a psychologist's patent.

Finally, it is necessary to consider the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders!

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