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The Mediterranean diet is that eating fruits and vegetables, fish, seaweed and whole grains (including rice, wheat, millet, soybean). A long


The Mediterranean diet is that eating fruits and vegetables, fish, seaweed and whole grains (including rice, wheat, millet, soybean). A longitudinal study of 10094 adults in Spain found that eating a Mediterranean diet was associated with a negative risk of depression, suggesting that the Mediterranean diet may protect against depression. The Western diet emphasizes eating processed meats, pizza (pizza), fried beef pie, potato chips, white bread, sugar, flavored drinks, beer, on the whole is saturated fat, refined carbohydrates (including adding sugar), sodium salt and nitrite, found on a longitudinal study of 3486 British participants, after eating the western diet for 5 years, the risk of self-reported depression increased, suggesting that the Western diet may increase the onset of depression.

A. Bad eating habits

The Western diet: Jacka compared 23 cases of bipolar disorder in women and 691 patients without a history of depression in women's diet, found that patients with bipolar disorder than in the control group the energy intake (such as high consumption of non alcoholic beverages, sweet drinks, cakes, candy and more), high blood sugar, they are more inclined to eat Western food, less eating a Mediterranean diet, susceptible to obesity. Why do bipolar patients like to eat sweets? Because they tend to experience more life stress factors, or to cope with stress in the way, so as to increase cortisol, and sugar can reduce the stress caused by elevated cortisol.

The malnutrition: bipolar depression is likely only a day to eat a meal. Two reasons, a patient's lack of energy, most of the time to sleep, and the two is because of the high energy intake of Western diet and depression of sleep caused by thinking of obesity, eating a meal a day to lose weight. What time they slept together what time to eat, so the meal time is not fixed, often with family meals, eat food alone, because the patient family eat picky, patients often do not eat, so refused to dine with the family, this is not to eat the patient, it does not eat, only eat hard to buy cooking food, the recipe is narrow, narrow recipes can be regarded as a mild anorexia, is a symptom of depression, can cause malnutrition.

3 malnutrition caused by cerebral atrophy: duck, duck oil, pine nut, walnut, mixed oil (vegetable dumplings +) contains four arachidonic acid, rich in fish, seaweed twenty-two C six acid, four arachidonic acid and twenty-two carbon six acid can antagonize the protein kinase C, prevent the destruction of cytoskeleton, bipolar depression patients intake the four arachidonic acid and twenty-two carbon six acid deficiency, leading to cytoskeletal damage, apoptosis, this could explain why chronic bipolar disorder patients with CT detected brain atrophy.

Two. Advocated eating habits

I eat a Mediterranean diet: Mediterranean diet can reduce brain inflammation in the Mediterranean diet rich in fish, seaweed twenty-two C six acid, against brain inflammation, the Mediterranean diet of sardines, tuna, wholemeal bread, egg contains twenty carbon five acid, can protect against brain inflammation, nerve effect. Supplementation of foods containing twenty carbon and more than 60% of the acid was most effective for primary depression, but it was an adjunctive therapy and could not be used as a substitute for standard antidepressants. The Mediterranean diet increases brain derived neurotrophic factor, which promotes neuronal growth and differentiation, and spinach, orange juice, yeast and lentils in the Mediterranean diet are rich in folate. The study of 2682 middle-aged men in found that those who ate the least folic acid had a higher rate of depression than those who had the highest levels of depression. The results showed that the incidence rate of depression was higher than that in most of the middle-aged men in Finland. Therefore, a diet rich in folic acid is beneficial for depression, but cancer patients should avoid taking folic acid.

The Western diet: eat Western food in duck, duck oil, pine nut, walnut, mixed oil (food + mechanized) rich in four arachidonic acid, causing brain inflammation, should limit consumption. Bipolar disorder was associated with a reduction in the left hippocampal volume in the Western diet for 4 years.

Mediterranean diet than the proportion of Western diet in 4 to 6: 1.

In short, bipolar depression diet advocate is "more than three two less", "more than and 3" is to eat more vegetables, eat more fish, eat more or eat pasta, high fat, carnivorous finish eating sweets. Easier said than done, there are these bad eating habits of patients with bipolar, read this article, there are 1% people to take action to correct these bad eating habits, this article did not write white.

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