Linear regression and cause of disease in depressive neurosis

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Department of psychology, the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical College, Guangdong 524001, Zhanjiang, ChinaPrefaceDepressive neurosis


Department of psychology, the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical College, Guangdong 524001, Zhanjiang, China


Depressive neurosis as neurosis subtypes in mental and physical double syndrome differentiation treatment [1, 2], can be cured even consolidate radical effect [3]. In the dual biazhengshizhi system, there is a very important innovation of the concept of "enduring evil" [4], it was considered the cause of neurosis. In order to judge its rationality, this article elaborates from two aspects of mathematics and speculation.

1 objects

A total of 22 patients were enrolled in this study, including male and female, with a mean age of 15~46 years (range, 21.73 to 22 years), with an average age of 6.5 + / - 4.39 years (range, range from 2 to 8.14 years), education level, college in 5 cases, and secondary school education in 17 cases.

All patients were selected from May 2003 to April 2006 in the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical College in the Department of psychiatry in patients with depressive neurosis, the hospital environment for the open mental ward [5]. Inclusion criteria: not only conforms to the "CCMD-2-R Chinese classification and diagnostic criteria of mental disorders", but also with the [6] rational diagnosis model of depressive neurosis; without complicating the following diseases: serious body disease, brain disease, menopausal syndrome and other mental disorders. The self rating Depression Scale (SDS) score according to 1~4 score more than 48 points.

2 method

2.1. treatment:

For the study period: if not used to participate in the study before, or half a month to have discontinued anti anxiety drugs antidepressants antipsychotics, directly into the formal study period; otherwise, the first to stop cleaning more than half a month to deal with drug dependence and withdrawal period.

Formal study period: 1~2 months per case study. With dual biazhengshizhi, including: Dialectical psychotherapy and neurosis [1] work [7], martial arts training [8], life guidance and training of [9], traditional Chinese medicine and diet therapy [2]. In addition as a post, zentel 400mg daily, beginning with 3 days, after 3 days. Detailed operation according to the relevant requirements, this does not repeat.

2.2. measurement recording method:

90 symptom self rating scale (SCL-90) of the third items, according to the 1~5 total of the level of the choice of the score of the same time, the self rating Depression Scale (SDS), according to 1~4 a total of 4 level selection score. Before the start of treatment, the end of treatment were measured once, in the middle of the 0~3. All the measurement points, have been out of the anti anxiety drugs antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs related to more than half a month, the results have not been affected by the above drugs. At the same time as a temporary cold enteritis minor illness to avoid interference measurement. This is to avoid the interference of non psychological factors as much as possible.

3.3. data record:

Patients were randomly selected and numbered among the first. All patients with every SCL-90 third "in the mind of unnecessary thoughts or words circling" score and SDS total score over the same period by wired - "separated each time the results with a comma", "separated by successively arranged.

2.4. statistical analysis method:

Linear regression and correlation, t test. Take SCL-90 third "unnecessary thoughts or words in the mind" as the independent variable, and the SDS score as the dependent variable.

2.5. observation method:

"Persistent evil" is a Chinese understanding of the neurosis cause based on the abstract concept, the time span of a few months to several years, it belongs to the whole expression and not easy mathematical analysis operation. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to measure the time points in order to express the values of different points dynamically and analyze them. To this end, we set up a new concept "and the corresponding point of evil" to express "enduring evil" at some point in the situation. Sort of "persistent evil" and "evil point" and "SCL-90" third "in the mind of unnecessary thoughts or words circling" relationship is to solve the problem of a breakthrough. It can be said: "the enduring evil" refers to the distribution in various stages of the "point of evil" total series set; SCL-90 third "in the minds of unnecessary thoughts or words." "is the main content, the score point of evil" is "evil point" in expression.

3 Results

3.1. measurement results

Number one (refer to the patient, with the same): 5-50, 4-43, 3-37, 2-34, 1-30. Two: 5-52, 4-43, 3-39, 2-33, 1-28. Three: 5-64, 4-59, 3-36, 2-30, 1-28. Four: 5-52, 3-46, 2-38, 1-30. Five: 5-51, 3-42, 1-34. Six: 5-59, 2-28, 1-21. Seven: 4-49, 3-37, 3-40, 2-36, 1-29. Eight: 4-50, 3-45, 2-44, 1-31. Nine: 4-61, 2-55, 1-32. Ten: 3-56, 2-35, 1-26. Eleven: 5-56, 4-46, 3-35, 2-28, 1-25. Twelve: 3-49, 2-34, 1-28. Thirteen: 4-56, 3-48, 1-34, 1-29. Fourteen: 5-51, 3-47, 2-44, 1-30. Fifteen: 3-48, 2-44, 1-29. Sixteen: 4-56, 3-26, 1-24. Seventeen: 4-50, 3-43, 3-37, 1-31. Eighteen: 4-52, 3-38, 3-36, 2-29, 1-25. Nineteen: 4-56, 1-23. Twenty: 4-48, 1-33. Twenty-one: 5-66, 2-38, 1-25. Twenty-two: 5-57, 3-33, 2-28, 1-26.

3.2. statistical results

The regression coefficient b=7.050885851 = 7.05

Intercept a=21.26777769 = 21.27

Linear regression equation Y=21.27+7.05X


T=14.5313 p< 0.001

The regression coefficient B was statistically significant. There is a linear relationship between SCL-90 and the third "unnecessary thoughts or words in the mind" and SDS.

The correlation coefficient of r=0.85160570287 = 0.8516. Referring to the hypothesis test of the equivalent regression coefficient b, it shows that there is a strong positive correlation between SCL-90 third items "unnecessary thoughts or words in mind" and SDS.

3.3. observation results

SCL-90 third "in the mind of evil at unwanted thoughts or words for" circling "general content", and the clinical total project to include the SDS based phase (syndrome) exists between many echo relations, specific performance: the temporal association, and with corresponding scale, prioritize. The former, the latter gradually appeared, beginning as the former disease; increase or increase, which is followed by the increase in disease or aggravate, reduce or mitigate the deterioration; the former, the latter also followed also reduce or mitigate the disease subsided; the former, disappeared, followed by the latter also disappeared, cure. This ECHO relationship, with certainty, is not subjective interference, the dominant position in the disease. Of course, the latter on the former and also have a certain impact, but prone to subjective interference, such as by the impact will not be indifferent and therefore not; necessity, not dominant in disease.

There are many factors affecting the formation and influence of depressive neurosis. But no matter what the situation, must form a lasting heart because it plays a decisive role: that must be through their own mind to form a "time series into" evil "and enduring evil" in order to form a depressive neurosis, otherwise xingbucheng depressive neurosis. At the same time, can gradually eliminate the "point of evil" to form "enduring evil" to gradually eliminate the depressive neurosis.

4 Conclusion

A mathematical proof SCL-90 third "in the mind of unnecessary thoughts or words, with a linear relationship and circling" strong positive correlation with SDS; clinical observed with SCL-90 third "in the mind of evil at unwanted thoughts or words for the general content of" circling "" gradually "series persistent evil" so as to determine the occurrence of depressive neurosis and prognosis. They are "evil is the persistence of depressive neurosis etiology" provides two evidence.

4 discussion

Neurosis of dual biazhengshizhi system to absorb the western medicine and the humanities knowledge in the process of formation. The traditional Chinese medicine health science spirit of knowledge as one of the most soul of the source of knowledge, in virtue of the spirit of the modern medical guidelines push the important concept of "enduring evil performance". "Persistent evil" is proposed and has been identified as the cause of [4] is the theoretical breakthrough of neurosis neurosis dual biazhengshizhi system, then to set up a "tranquil nothingness" to solve the "guiding principle of treatment lasting evil", and then cut out a series of innovative planning treatment principles and methods of [1, 6, 7, 8, 9], the final high standard [10] to achieve a series of successful [3, 11] clinical practice. Cultivate the ability to "tranquil nothingness" from the source to cause the eternal and thoroughly overcome "lasting evil" to cure and cure depressive neurosis, it should firmly focus on the implementation in the treatment. The argument of this paper not only comes from practice, but also provides theoretical basis for practice.

(Note 1, this article from the "Chinese Journal of health psychology" in 2008 16. 7. 2, I think "depressive neurosis and severe depression has obvious differences, understanding and treatment of the two are essentially different in dual biazhengshizhi system. Only the United States in recent years has been the diagnosis of depressive neurosis and the neurosis abolished the segmentation and spread in mood disorders anxiety disorders and other chapters, tend to have easy-going in china. Although this is the current trend, but I think this is not a substantive progress in science but the lack of confidence in the understanding of neurosis and grasp. I believe that this trend will eventually fade, people's awareness of neurosis will rise to a new level. But in any case, I will support the academic contend, adhere to and obey the truth, not value others academic titles and institutions and blindly follow the shelf. We believe that all men are equal before the truth, and the truth is that we do not care about anyone's position or position

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