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Abstract: some old people after stroke "it pours", followed by dementia. In fact, the disease may not be Alzheimer's disease, vascular demen


Abstract: some old people after stroke "it pours", followed by dementia. In fact, the disease may not be Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia may be. Lu Zhengqi pointed out that these two diseases are easily confused, and the treatment of the two directions, the effect is different. "Older people tend to have vascular disease, and vascular dementia is associated with the occurrence of stroke, can be light weight." Lu Zhengqi pointed out that the early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease is similar, but the difference is that patients often occur suddenly, accompanied by limb movement disorders. The course of the disease was a step by step development, that is, for a long period of time in a stable condition, does not deteriorate or even better, the head of CT and MRI showed that the brain has varying degrees of ischemic or hemorrhagic foci. So far there is no way to completely prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease, and vascular dementia through the appropriate treatment, accompanied by the recovery of limb movement disorders, mental disorders can be partial or basic recovery. If you ignore, delay treatment of vascular disease, the situation will get worse.

The recent memory impairment is the earliest clinical manifestation of insomnia, anxiety and depression are often overlooked

The parents had dementia, young children when Mo "brain fatigue", more than old age

"A lot of risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, a common age, family history of dementia, cardiovascular disease, depression, isolation, illiteracy and low education, lack of physical and mental exercise, smoking and drinking, overeatingfeigan diet etc.." Lu Zhengqi said that the doctor has not yet found a program to block the progress of Alzheimer's disease, but by changing some of the risk factors, can delay the onset time, delay the disease process.

He reminded parents had dementia, children should be early prevention. Once the destruction of brain cells that cannot be repaired, the young brain to avoid overwork, old age is positive with the brain don't be lazy, by stimulation and exercise the brain to promote brain cell activity, encourage the elderly to write more articles, listen to music, learn to raise flowers, Vegetable & Fruit. In addition, optimistic and open-minded spirit is an important magic weapon to delay aging. It should also be reminded that there are high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, high homocysteine, atherosclerosis, the elderly, to actively control the disease, so as not to cause cerebrovascular dementia due to stroke. The elderly should prevent brain injury, regular physical examination. Take part in sports, 30 minutes walk every day, walk the 5000 step.

Scientific diet can also play a preventive role. Lu Zhengqi suggested that the old man not to smoke, don't drink too much, meals should pay attention to reduce salt, sugar intake, food grains and beans, the intake of high-quality protein such as fish, lean meat, eat more fruits and vegetables, but also to control weight. Kitchen utensils do not use aluminum products to reduce the risk of intelligence because of the impact of aluminum poisoning. Supplement 1000 international units of vitamin D3, coenzyme Q10, and 1000 mg of omega-3 per day can also play a preventive role of.

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