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Yesterday morning, Nanjing brain hospital ward opened 201 ward patients with depression, this is the first in Jiangsu. This has 30 beds in t


Yesterday morning, Nanjing brain hospital ward opened 201 ward patients with depression, this is the first in Jiangsu. This has 30 beds in the Department, attracted a lot of attention. In this ward, the medical staff will be targeted to carry out treatment to prevent the occurrence of suicide accidents. Laughter is not the only standard to judge whether the depression, but the medical staff here, or hope to come here, the patient can find a smile from the heart.

Correspondent Xu Xiaorong Modern Express reporter trainee reporter Ma Jingjing photo taken by the city of

The ward is very special

No full closed management

Depressed patients may ask for leave

Nanjing Brain Hospital No. 2 hospital building on the first floor is in patients with depression. "Life into a retreat, life joy and sorrow, lose what can not lose the mood." Into the ward, the words on the board, everyone should be enlightened.

Nanjing neuropsychiatric research institute deputy director Professor Yao Zhijian, is in charge of the ward doctor, he said, this is certainly not the same with other ward ward, the first attempt of the semi closed management mode, and the other is in a fully closed state.

Familiar with the brain hospital people know, schizophrenia and manic patients, need to carefully check the body, not allowed into the dangerous goods, this is to prevent the patient Dutch act or hurt someone else. Who is the "two door" management, each door is a locked door, allowing the medical staff without, outsiders are not allowed inside. After admission, the patient is basically completely isolated from the outside, only in a fixed visiting time, allowing the family to enter.

In the depression area, you can leave out, relatively loose some. "The condition is stable, the doctor agreed by the guardian, proposed that under the premise of ensuring patient safety, can be allowed to go out, but must ensure that the return of the time, if the condition of fluctuation, need to contact with the medical staff immediately." Yao Zhijian said.

Socket, toilet lock

The shower can not see the pipe

Yesterday morning, the new ward has just opened up, the new ward, there is no patient came, but there are many details, you can see the importance of security here, anti suicide, here is the first. It is located on the first floor, can effectively prevent the jump and other extreme behavior.

Yao Zhijian said: this ward, all the sockets are locked, can not see the wires, do not let the patient electric shock suicide. All the windows are locked, preventing the patient has jumped out of the window. Cistern of toilet lid is locked, the shower can not see the pipe, prevent the patient from hanging."

On the ceiling of the hallway, there is a special induction lamp. Yao Zhijian introduction, if the patient in the ward out of the toilet, the ward on the ceiling of the lamp will light up, to remind the medical staff to pay attention to. "According to our experience, a lot of suicidal behavior is in the toilet, so be careful." This design not only takes full account of the patient's privacy protection, but also to protect the safety of the hospital.

The treatment here is very lively

Watching movies, karaoke, playing mahjong

Mind is a prescription

Here, in addition to health care workers to patients with drug treatment, as well as an important task is how to make the patients more sincere smile.

In the ward, the modern express reporter saw a small blackboard to write a different game content, there are movies, there are Cara OK, there are mahjong and chess and other content. The nurse said that the hospital are in so many ways, in order to let the patient relieve emotions. "Innovation, this is also the area before, in a closed room, no conditions or no way to do this, and depression, is the need for spiritual comfort, so buy a projector and related equipment."

Experts say there will be some unique soothing melodies. Depression patients generally listen to what is more appropriate? The nurse smiled and said, this is a secret they carry out music therapy, but she still revealed a point, such as Martin's "the garden". "When we are in a bad mood, we can listen to the music and have a good effect."

Severe depression

Here 100 thousand outpatient a year

Yao Zhijian said that the domestic authoritative survey showed that the prevalence of depression was 2.5%. Modern Express reporter learned that, Nanjing City CDC has investigated, Nanjing District, the current rate of depression among students reached 14.8%, the highest grade in the third grade, was $17.1%. Nanjing brain hospital outpatient amount in about 100 thousand year depression. Yao Zhijian said: in the last four years, our hospital admitted to the hospital for depression in patients with 6329 cases, especially in the past year has been a breakthrough in the case of the case, the proportion of women and men is more than 2 to 1 of the total number of patients with depression in the past year. Because the female life to break three, adolescence, pregnancy and menopause, than men more susceptible to depression." Http://

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