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The double syndrome differentiation and treatment of neurosis has a very good curative effect on neurosis. I like to write papers in the ear


The double syndrome differentiation and treatment of neurosis has a very good curative effect on neurosis. I like to write papers in the early years with some cases, two or three years ago, but also to track long-term results, can consolidate. Now hang the network for everyone to understand.

Generalized anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder

Case 1

Lin XX, female, 30. Because of nervousness, palpitation and insomnia for 3 years was admitted to hospital on November 16, 1995. In the past 3 years, I often worry about family work. Witnessed the suffering of farmers in the work, deep feelings, often hope that his son will not suffer in the future. But a son saw poor performance was when our teacher criticized, as parents have also been accused of not trying to teach. At that time very embarrassed, distressed and angry kids sneaking flustered. Often dizziness fatigue, irritable sweat; think of unpleasant things upset nervous tension, saw his son is not serious or not when the job is completed or even crying, anger, trembling legs. Every night sleep 0~6 hours, usually 2~4 hours, dream, sleep at noon. If poor sleep, second days will be nausea vomiting, fast heartbeat, office spirit is not concentrated. 5mg has been used at noon, 5mg late; propranolol 10mg noon, 10mg late; a total of six months. Used Anshenbunao liquid, received her husband enlighten and criticism. But the effect is not good. Diagnosis: in the above, that moment to eat less, urinate yellow, thin stool. Physical examination: emaciation, pale tongue thin white fur and yellow, weak pulse. Mental examination: excessive anxiety, pay more attention to children, and their work, anxiety, nervousness, pain, mild depression; insight and treatment. Delusion and illusion. Auxiliary check: cranial CT, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, biochemical test, T3T4TSH and conventional fecal hematuria were normal. Diagnosis: generalized anxiety disorder. The spirit of dialectical: doubt card. Body: two spleen deficiency syndrome. The dual biazhengshizhi, January and the 7 years of follow-up, no recurrence.

From the "Chinese" International Journal of neuropsychiatry in 2003 fourth. First

Case 2

Zhou XX, male, 43 years old, teacher. Because palpitation palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, pain pessimistic 4 years increased 2 years; in June 11, 1997 a doctor. 4 years ago, a director of teaching staff, and hope that the progress as principal. Do the enthusiasm for work, and dare to point out principal deficiencies. It is the principal contact other personnel for their use and has been accused of neglect, the heavy task of teaching arrangements. He lost, no hope of promotion. Very afraid, afraid of others accused, afraid to look down on others, to see others talk about his fear of being short (but not certainly think others gossiping). Palpitation palpitation, dizziness, pain, chest tightness, fatigue, cold and heat array array easy to sweat, pain of boredom. Poor sleep, sleep 2~4 hours a day, sleep, dreams. Increase of nearly 2 years, has been at home on sick leave. Less income, housework and inadequate, impotence, even want to divorce wife; consciously die, but hope to cure the disease. Good brothers take care of many chemists, with diazepam, doxepin, Laura, medicine, and many senior supplements such as ginseng, shark's fin, also pray wish, but the effect is poor. Carved diagnosis: disorders such as anorexia, clear urine, stool number, rotten. Body check: the body is thin, the complexion is dark, the tongue is pale and dark moss thin white, the pulse is slow. Mental examination: over thinking, pessimistic disappointment. Anxiety, depression, pain and boredom. Delusion and illusion. Normal orientation. Good insight, seek. Auxiliary check: ECG, EEG, chest X-ray, liver function, fasting blood glucose, and three of T3T4, conventional fecal hematuria, were normal. Diagnosis: anxiety disorder. The spirit of dialectical: doubt card and cowardly syndrome and depression syndrome. Syndrome differentiation of body: deficiency of kidney essence. The dual biazhengshizhi, January and the 4 years of follow-up, no recurrence.

From the "Chinese" International Journal of neuropsychiatry in 2002 third. Third

Panic disorder

Case 1

* * *, female, 17 years old, middle school students. For fear of death 4 months, in October 28, 1994 into our hospital treatment. 4 months ago, the night self-study home when the bike fell, a little bruised skin, but frightened seriously, therefore often worry about death. After 1 weeks at home at night, the air feel dull, chest breath, on tenterhooks, confused in mind, be sent to a hospital for treatment. The initial 1 weeks and have no food, little bed, continuous sleepless, get money to the mother and the account of the funeral, want to see the last one thousand miles of the father came back. After treatment with doxepin, diazepam, supplemented by intravenous infusion of energy after remission; but the drug continued for nearly 4 months, there is no longer any effect, forced to suspend search. Carved diagnosis: chest breath, heartbeat and breathing consciously to stop it, dizziness, and a sense of hearing or thought of petrified, ominous things that aggravate symptoms of insomnia. Sleep sleep is about 0 ~ 2H, dreaminess, weight loss, appetite, constipation. Physical examination: emaciation, little red tongue yellow, pulse counting. Mental examination: excessive anxiety, worry about death, attention and lax (partial focus on death, scattered on the life and work), anxiety, no delusions, hallucinations and delusions, urgent medical treatment. Auxiliary examination: ECG, EEG, chest X-ray, liver function, fasting blood glucose, three, of T3T4, the anti - "0", rheumatoid factor, blood K+Na+Cl-Ca++, blood and urine feces routine, all normal. Diagnosis: anxiety disorder. The dual biazhengshizhi, 1 months and more. Followed up for 4 years without recurrence, now Guangzhou university. Note: this disease because of long feared death, with anxiety, as a persistent evil. The pathogenesis of pathological changes of the essence of god. Specifically, evil is the essence of consumption, emaciation, red tongue, little coating, thready pulse. Evil interference of Qi, Qi, then the chest breath, heartbeat and breathing is stopped, dizziness, and petrified, or on tenterhooks, or lie less, urgent medical treatment. Disturb the evil gods, and God raises, insomnia forgetful and confused in mind, attention and lax.

From the "China medicine" in 1999 ninth volume fifth clinical basis

Case 2

Ou Mou, male, 42 years old. Because of the fear of death. 1 and a half years have been afraid of disease in March 1 while seeking pessimistic. 1 and a half years ago, witnessed a strong family and friends of a misfortune and mistreatment of death, and to keep the funeral. Afterwards, the feeling of life is fragile, Lenovo and others, surprised to come. Often fear suddenly fainted dead; then associative memories are hard to control, nervous palpitation, dizziness, breath, body and limbs soft even trembling. Not to go out alone, go out to the company on the way to the front door often go home to consciously falls and moaning for help, followed by drinking sugar water and lie down by the press people points can be sustained. Night sleep 0 to 4 hours, and easy to wake up with cold nightmare. 3 months later, but also worried about a serious illness or potentially dangerous diseases, accompanied by fear and attention to the location of discomfort. Every time you check things out, you can be a little more comfortable and comfortable; but you will soon be confused and uncomfortable. Another 4 months of treatment, no fruit, and the family difficulties and contradictions gradually increase, disappointed in the future, life is boring, headache, chest tightness, grief, but still hope to cure the disease. 1 and a half years, repeated physical examination, long-term use of variety of Chinese and Western medicine, also often pray and be consoled, indistinct effect. Which has been used doxepin 25~50mg 2/, effective early after about 4 months before, and stop. Carved diagnosis: the disease as before, stool. Physical examination: emaciation, sallow complexion, pale tongue, thin white, thin and weak pulse. Check: the spirit of doubt, timid and overcautious, nervousness, depression, too much attention to their own. Not want to, illusion and delusion. Good insight. Auxiliary examination: brain CT, electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, liver function, fasting blood glucose, three, of T4TSH, "O", ESR, anti rheumatoid factor, blood K+Na+Ca++Cl, blood and urine feces routine were normal. Diagnosis: anxiety disorder. The spirit of Dialectics: doubt card and cowardly depression syndrome syndrome. Body: two spleen deficiency syndrome dialectical. By using double dialectical therapy, January and more, followed up for 4 years without recurrence.

From the "Chinese" International Journal of neuropsychiatry in 2003 fourth. Fifth

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