The relationship between female infertility and mental endurance

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The relationship between female infertility and mental enduranceThe psychological disorder of female infertility patients are mainly embodie


The relationship between female infertility and mental endurance

The psychological disorder of female infertility patients are mainly embodied in the sense of inferiority, uneasy, tense and social reduce of life, lack of interest, anger, anxiety and more unwilling or taboo to talk with others about family or feel lost and other aspects of the problem. This is particularly prominent in the low level of infertility in rural areas, which is deeply affected by the traditional concept of the rural areas, the future of life to consider more, worry about the loss of life security in the future

Secondly, it also has a certain relationship with its own ability to deal with, ideology and self-regulation of the existence of "weak links". Long term infertility in women, in particular, there is no effect of multi treatment. Often leads to interpersonal sensitivity, anxiety, depression, paranoia. With the extension of marriage, age, psychological pressure is more and more heavy, and some even have "leave no successor" sense of loss, mental pressure further more, the lack of confidence of cure.

It should be pointed out that the psychological status of female infertility is closely related to the mental endurance and personality. High neuroticism, high mental quality, introverted personality of patients with psychological pressure is particularly evident. This part of the patients showed obvious symptoms, longer course of disease.

The psychological factors, the causes and types of infertility patients, there are many aspects, can be broadly divided into:

1, pressure type: from society, family and their own

In our country, a child in the family has occupied a dominant position, the traditional idea that the family does not seem to be a child of an incomplete family. But with the progress of society, people's awareness of the change, with the emergence of a lot of "modern family" (that is, do not want children "Ding Ke family").

But this "modern family" after a period of time that can not stand the "test" of society, and reluctantly into the ranks of the "traditional family". This shift from external pressure to society, such as the elderly can hope to see the third generation, among friends and relatives and persuade some nosy people behind the comments; also from couples with the increase of age, the economic basis of the improvement of many factors such as.

But the children are the couple things, if you want to have it, if you want to have, to the satisfaction of all; will be very painful. Have come to visit the patient said, they live very tired, very bitter, not to live for themselves, but for others alive. In order to escape from the pain, in order to can hold their own baby, they embarked on a long road to medical treatment.

2, urgent type: in order to achieve the purpose of fertility as soon as possible, to find ways to run around, many couples are blind treatment

China's current infertility (Education) there is no uniform norms and standards of comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of disease, especially a lot of couples early diagnosis types and methods, some are general, some require a person who should.

In terms of treatment is more complex, western medicine has the theory of Western medicine, drugs and methods, traditional Chinese medicine theory, medicine and methods. Generally speaking, each has its own truth, but also has a successful precedent, but different cases of different drugs and methods of reaction is not the same.

So it can be symptomatic treatment, but also have a good effect, is the common aspiration of medical workers and patients. But it is difficult to predict how, for patients, but I do not know which hospital, which method is more suitable for them, can only be "sick trying everything", is expected to hit one! Some patients can be said to be the "ten year war, fought north and South", never stopped treatment. Some spend nearly one hundred thousand yuan, little effect, and even did not find the main cause of infertility. These bitter only oneself to swallow! "Run for nearly a year, a small clinic, folk prescription, Chinese medicine use, not a result, but now I know the doctor worried!" A woman surnamed Ho complain.

3, sad type: eager to children's people's energy, physical strength, financial resources exhausted, to no avail, but instead played a side effect

The doctor on the road, they are looking for, running, waiting, hoping, I hope the "miracle" can come into his head. This high expectations are often the result of greater disappointment: either can not find the real reason of infertility (Education), or find the reason and incurable; one more check the cause more disease is more and more serious; the woman had menstruation, after a period of treatment, menstruation less until a man had amenorrhea; oligospermia and asthnospermia, after a period of treatment and even azoospermia. These side effects appear to be the result of disease development, and may be the result of a lack of symptomatic treatment. But for the patient, after so many blows and failures, they have reached the point of extreme grief.

4, fear type: afraid to go to the hospital, afraid to see a doctor, afraid to check. This attitude directly affects treatment

There are many reasons for this attitude. First of all from the hospital service quality, hospital outpatient amount around the older are large, and the infertility specialist not much, a lot of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors and experts are looking at and see gynecological infertility, so there may not be what preferential treatment for infertility patients, no time to carefully explain. The doctor's attitude directly affects the patient's psychological state. The doctor is imperceptibly in the busy work, but the psychological is under great pressure, so they see the doctor first is nervous, numbing, want to say, say the words do not want to, can not say. The doctor is often a few words on the end of the treatment, and lined up early to see a doctor, and wait for the doctor to meet and spend a lot of time and energy. Some people look at the disease for a few years do not know what is the cause of their own, can not rule. This kind of psychological pressure often can cause endocrine disorders and disorders, directly affect the normal physiological function.

5, because of the frustration and disappointment: encounter a lot of people have lost confidence and courage, everything is not believed or half believe and half doubt

There are a lot of publicity, advertising, folk prescription, is social, really makes people to know the truth. Treatment of patients with psychological is understandable, but science is reasonable. With the development of the times, a lot of high and new technology will be gradually applied to practice, a lot of difficult diseases will be solved.

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