Pubertal development and short stature

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Pubertal development and short statureNovember 2011 02, Xiangyang Daily reporter Sun Degang"My son is 12 years old, height is only 1.30 mete


Pubertal development and short stature

November 2011 02, Xiangyang Daily reporter Sun Degang

"My son is 12 years old, height is only 1.30 meters, this is how big head? It will not be long." "My daughter is only 7 years old period, breast development also, how to do this? Why is this happening? Children will not be long?......"

Attentive parents are more and more concerned about their children's height and physical development. But there is a general lack of knowledge of puberty and short stature.

Xiangyang Central Hospital, director of pediatric chief physician Liu Jian said that the growth of all ages have different characteristics, after birth length of first years, especially the fastest growth for the first 3 months, first years after the first growth peak, then the growth rate gradually slowed down, close to the adolescent growth rate and growth accelerated, second at puberty, the growth rate decreased rapidly, until the cessation of growth.

Normal girls 10-12 years old, boys 12-14 years of puberty. Parents are very concerned about the topic of precocious puberty. What is sexual precocity? Before the 8 year old girl, boy 9 years ago the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics such as breast development, pubic hair, testicular enlargement, Adam's apple, long beard as precocious girls before the age of 10, if the menstruation, boy 11 years old spermatorrhea also belong to sexual precocity. In recent years, the development trend of children's sexual development in the world. Precocious puberty in girls, the incidence is 9 times that of boys. Precocious puberty in girls is idiopathic, accounting for more than 80%. Precocious puberty should be checked for the presence of intracranial tumors, infections, trauma, adrenal or gonadal tumors, etc..

Precocious children generally do not affect future fertility, but the final height, because the precocious child age ahead of overdraft growth potential, early epiphyseal healing, the so-called "long" phenomenon. In addition, precocious puberty also affects the child's mental development and learning. Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue (GnRHa) for treatment of precocious puberty. Generally used for more than 1 years.

Many parents think that their children are small, in the hope of "long night", "twenty-three, with a fierce". In fact, for most people, after 16 years of age, women are less than 15 cm height growth after the age of 1 cm! If sexual precocity, height growth will be terminated earlier. Director Liu said with regret, to the specialist outpatient children with short stature, more than 20% of the children were too late, lost the chance of treatment! There was a 16 year old girl because of learning tension, treatment of delayed menstrual history, has been 4 years, had lost the chance of treatment. She listened to the director Liu explained in expert outpatient service, girl crying, very sorry.

However, the phenomenon of "late long" does. Medically referred to as developmental delay in puberty. Their children than their peers of short stature, developmental lag, bone age backward, after a catch-up phenomenon. The phenomenon in the short stature of about 15%, and often these children's father or mother also has "long" phenomenon. Due to the "long night" only a small part of the children, so parents do not give their children are not long for the reasons for the "long".

Shortly after puberty, height growth will slow down year by year. Menarche and spermatorrhea is a sign of maturity. In general, the girls after menarche or spermatorrhea, boy, the average height growth of less than 4 cm! So, for some of the more serious short stature of children, hope to catch up with the same age children's idea is wrong, will miss the best treatment time.

Children with short stature, first of all need to exclude possible disease factors. Endocrine disease, chronic disease, genetic metabolic diseases and chromosome abnormality will affect the child's height growth, whether the child is not "long night", which requires professional pediatric endocrine aspects of the doctor to judge. The younger the child, the greater the growth potential, the better the treatment. The best treatment for children with short stature is 4-11 years old. In the treatment of epiphyseal closure, can help children grow taller, even parents are short, can be treated. Growth hormone is not a new drug, clinical has been used for more than 20 years. The use of close monitoring by physicians can avoid most side effects. The center of the hospital for children with precocious puberty expert clinic: every Tuesday morning, every Thursday.

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