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Remember the cartoon "The Smurfs"? Those short, humorous, lovely The Smurfs, let us not forget for a moment, but if our children are short o


Remember the cartoon "The Smurfs"? Those short, humorous, lovely The Smurfs, let us not forget for a moment, but if our children are short of the future, you will embrace it?

In this era of knowledge explosion, there are brutal competition in all aspects. Every aspect of the defects may cause children to be happy. Are you willing to let the children look up to others or overlooking the world? I think our choice should be: when we can help a child, to short fiction".

What is short? There is an image of the metaphor: there are one hundred children of the same age line up, from high to low, if the row in the back of the three people, is short of children.

There are many causes of dwarfism, which are common: 1 growth hormone deficiency (GHD): it is due to partial or complete lack of synthesis or secretion of growth hormone deficiency in the anterior pituitary. Or because of GH structural abnormalities, such as receptor defects caused by the growth and development of obstructive diseases, the growth rate is lower than normal children, youth development delay, for the symmetrical short. 2 idiopathic short stature (ISS): the individual height is lower than the same race, the same age, same sex, 2 normal children average height difference, and there is no systemic, endocrine, nutritional diseases and chromosomal abnormalities in familial short stature and system development are delayed adolescent idiopathic nanosomia category. 3 early puberty (CPP): if the girls before the age of 8, the boy appeared in the development of secondary sexual characteristics or menarche occurred before the age of 10 can be diagnosed as precocious puberty before the age of 9. Precocious puberty occurs because of sex hormone secretion in advance, to accelerate bone growth, bone age than the actual age in early epiphyseal fusion, thus shortening the pubertal growth period, so in 2, after 3 years of growth, the precocious child's height growth began to slow down, in the past did not reach normal adult height growth is halted the result, precocious children adult short stature. 4 gestational age (SGA): birth weight and length at the same gestational age, sex of baby weight tenth percentile or lower than the average weight and length of more than 2 standard deviations, or birth weight and length in the standard growth table corresponding to the gestational age of third - 1 thousand points. At present, it has attracted more and more attention in the world. Discover the world of investigation, in addition to small growth hormone deficiency, a large part of the short is due to intrauterine growth retardation caused by the part of the children showed growth retardation and growth hormone deficiency, so this part of children without treatment, cognitive development will also be affected. 5 congenital ovarian hypoplasia syndrome (TS): due to complete or partial deletion of a X chromosome in all or part of the somatic cells. It is one of the most common chromosomal aberrations in human beings, and the only one that can survive after birth. The incidence of live births is 1/2000~1/2500. 6 other endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, cortical dysfunction can cause short stature.

If you find the child is not short of panic, should be as soon as possible to the Department of professional Pediatrics, Department of Endocrinology doctor, as soon as possible to identify the cause, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment.

Find little children, parents should avoid misunderstanding: 1 blindly listen to advertising increased products: when the effect is poor, to find a specialist, at this time, may have lost the best treatment time. 2: listen to the blind treatment of non regular hospital outpatient increased publicity, resulting in misdiagnosis or wrong medication, delay the child's growth, and even adverse consequences, this is a waste of time, and spend a lot of money, everything is too late. 3 wait: some parents think: "children are early and late long long, 23 years old, the child also jump a jump: a short not anxious, when that child really not a long time. To the hospital too late, the child may lose the epiphysis has closed, long time.

In order to make the child grow taller, it is recommended that parents pay attention to the following points in daily life: 1 adequate, balanced nutrition is to provide the material basis for growth and development. 2 all adhere to the appropriate physical exercise, pay attention to rest, mood is tall catalyst. 3 to ensure adequate sleep, pleasant environment and mood. Supervise their children every day to go to bed early, to have enough sleep time, the in vivo growth hormones and other growth related hormone secretion and function in the best state.

Found that the child is short, please go to regular hospitals, professional pediatric department of endocrinology. Early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, to short fiction"!

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