Etiology of childhood dwarfism

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The first 10 diseases that cause childhood dwarfism are:1, growth hormone neurosecretory disorder (GHND)2, constitutional delay of puberty3,


The first 10 diseases that cause childhood dwarfism are:

1, growth hormone neurosecretory disorder (GHND)

2, constitutional delay of puberty

3, intrauterine growth retardation

4, idiopathic short stature

5, precocious puberty

6, nutritional deficiency growth retardation

7, Turner syndrome (TS)

8, growth hormone deficiency (including part of growth hormone deficiency)

9, primary hypothyroidism

10, 21- trisomy syndrome.

According to age etiology is as follows:

1, the etiology of the age of 6 is mainly lack of nutrition growth retardation, intrauterine growth retardation, 21- trisomy syndrome;

The cause of 2, 7-12 years is mainly the growth hormone neurosecretory disorder (GHND), idiopathic short stature (ISS), intrauterine growth retardation, Turner syndrome (TS), growth hormone deficiency (GHD), primary hypothyroidism;

3, 13-18 years of age is the main cause of constitutional delay of puberty, precocious puberty and GHND.

According to etiology:

1, growth hormone deficiency. Common pituitary or hypothalamic dysplasia or occupying (tumor), or idiopathic growth hormone deficiency

2, insulin like growth factor synthesis defect or insensitivity.

3, growth hormone insensitivity or resistance syndrome.

4, intrauterine dysplasia. For birth weight and / or length with gestational age.

5, chronic diseases lead to short stature, such as severe heart disease, chronic diarrhea, refractory nephrotic syndrome,

6, some congenital metabolic diseases, such as Turner syndrome, trisomy 21- syndrome, McCune-Albright syndrome, congenital cartilage dysplasia.

7, mental illness, such as family discord and excessive long-term mental stress to the children.

8, the family genetic body short.

9, congenital hypothyroidism can not get treatment for a long time.

10, the constitution of the delay of puberty (usually said late).

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