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The summer holiday is coming, the children from the intense and arduous study of liberation, the biggest desire is to sleep; because of the


The summer holiday is coming, the children from the intense and arduous study of liberation, the biggest desire is to sleep; because of the time, along with the adults zouqingfangyou, food and beverage is definitely eat fast food. As a result, the holiday is over, the child is very easy to long several kilograms of meat, and the school would add a few small pier, fat girl. In addition, because the child is less mobile, not the law of life, the body fat at the same time, is not known, if sexual precocity, will accelerate epiphyseal closure, the children had no chance to grow!

How to let the children in the summer can eat well, play well, rest well, and can not gain weight, early maturity, long high? I give my parents some suggestions:

A diet, to make meat collocation, balanced nutrition. Children in the growth stage, but also a holiday, parents first thought is to let the children eat something good. This is understandable, the key is to eat what? What is good? In accordance with the metabolism of nutrients, we eat sugar (carbohydrates) and fat if use, will be stored in the body into fat, protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals will not become fat. Therefore, to avoid obesity or lose weight, you must eat Steamed Rice, pasta and other starchy foods, especially to strictly control the sweets (beverages), fried food, fatty meat, butter, peanut and walnut high oil nuts to eat beef meat such as low-fat and high protein food, green vegetables, bamboo shoots high fiber foods. In particular, we must remind you that the market is now a lot of food supply, especially aquatic products and meat, there are many additives, should pay attention to limited consumption.

Two. Strengthen the movement. In addition to controlling diet, exercise is also important for weight control and increased. Children are relatively free during the holidays, do not sleep every day is to play video games. Indulge in playing games with children activities too little, mental tension, will not only accelerate the accumulation of body fat, but also inhibit bone growth and growth hormone secretion, obesity and lack of growth. Children should be allowed to use the summer to participate in playing basketball, table tennis, badminton, rope skipping and other activities. Adhere to half an hour every day, so that not only will consume excess energy in the body, but also stimulate the development of the bones, thus playing a role in weight loss, increased.

Three. Have a good dream at night. The night is a long time for a child. Because human growth hormone secretion peak at about 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. during sleep, if you stay up and watch TV and play games every night, it will affect the secretion of growth hormone, bone growth is slow, so that children must keep the law of life, every night before 10 to 8 in the morning. Get up before, give full play to the growth potential, we can promote the physical growth, perhaps a long holiday to 1~2 cm!

Four. Make friends with an endocrinologist. About 10%~15% of children with obesity and short stature have a number of factors, such as growth hormone deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, trace element deficiency, and precocious puberty. Overweight children will also occur hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperinsulinemia, dyslipidemia and so on. Therefore, the growth suggested that parents and Department of Endocrinology doctors exchange children, children use the holiday relatively idle opportunity to take them to the hospital to do some necessary checks. Anyang City Maternal and child health hospital outpatient department of Endocrinology, small children, long-term experts Zuozhen, but also to ward related consulting.

Children are our hope, children are our future! Pay attention to children's health, will start from the above aspects, children lose weight, increase and prevent precocious puberty is a way of life and is closely related to the project, only from the aspects of diet, exercise, regular life, do pipe shut, restless legs, sleep early, early examination, in order to cultivate body tall, physical health of children.

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