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First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College, Liu Yuemei,Chinese medicine for disease diagnosis, the diagnostic method at the smell a


First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College, Liu Yuemei,

Chinese medicine for disease diagnosis, the diagnostic method at the smell and asked to cut, but due to the particularity of the physiological and pathological characteristics during growth and development. Children can not use their own language to express the changes in the condition, so the Department of Pediatrics and the "dumb division," said. In addition to the treatment process of panic, crying noisy, very easy to cause the complexion, breath, pulse changes, so the inspection is one of the most basic skills of pediatricians, in the treatment of pediatric diseases in the more important, the TCM pediatric doctors inspection as the first four. You know that God, an important position to better reflect the children look inspection in clinical practice.

Look at inspection fine shape to gas, profit and loss.

Pediatric clinical inspection, including inspection, look at the local general form the overall inspection and look at the head, Miao Qiao, two, a fingerprint, the macula. Look at is the core content of the inspection. God, reflect the lives of children, is the external manifestation of the function of organs, Qi and blood, yin and Yang, Jin Jing, the main reaction in the face, eyes, facial expressions, consciousness and form, which is especially important to face and eyes.

The face is twelve by the confluence of the Song Dynasty, "Qian Yi Xiao" created the five viscera syndrome and treatment rules, pay attention to face inspection, put forward "the face" and "eyes inside the card". Ceng Shirong "Huo you Kou Yi said:" any reason "baby to see the face, will color most to observe. Good from the internal and external form of disease, is based on the status and status". The main purpose, by the viscera essence, internal communication in the brain, as the window of the liver, heart. So look and look is the core of god. Once the complexion, two eyes atheism, irregular breathing, limbs not freely, more suggestive of severe illness, poor prognosis.

According to the prognosis of five matched colors mutual promotion and restraint transmission principle of infectious disease.

Qi and blood in the viscera, reflected in the muscle table, so the color of the skin is the external manifestations of visceral Qi and blood. Pediatric facial skin is thin and tender, the color change is easy to expose, five changes from the corresponding five facial expression, combined with the abnormal changes of the colors, reflect the severity and prognosis of the disease, to. The "golden mirror of medicine, four to the heart", "five internal organs, pointed out that the green heart liver spleen red, yellow, white and black lung kidney, five." And make use of the five lines to judge the severity of disease. Color gist, G Shunni, and points out that the five elements of color, black and green life, such as the Changde sea. The color is sick, Shun for disease. Disease color staggered, for the disease more inverse. Mother multiplier. G inverse fierce, Aiki Junyoshi. That face inspection not only with relevant organs, but also there is a relationship between a and G. Red and green, red and yellow with yellow and white, yellow, black and green deep green, white and black light black, for mutual relationship. White blue light blue, red white red, yellow green, black, red and purple, black and yellow Lili, as grams of the relationship. The facial complexion, according to five grams of health, to judge the severity of lesions clockwise, generally five to five colors for mutual relationship between CIS, the prognosis is good; for those relationships is inverse, poor prognosis. It has a high diagnostic value in clinical diagnosis. Such as pediatric kidney disease, line five is water, if there was blackish, disease prognosis is good; if the disease appeared in the process of the white, even if the children present Goldwater Aioi, highly swollen, even coma and convulsions, but after a certain treatment, can have a very good prognosis, as if the children instead of being Kyrgyzstan; cheek chlorosis, is fierce in reverse, even if the current general situation is good, because the soil grams of water, may also occur frequently. With rapid deterioration of renal function may.

Analysis of the outcome and prognosis of the disease according to the main gas and politeness.

"Dirty color based, when the color for the guest. Spring summer autumn winter green red, white and black, Xia Siji, yellow is often the main guest, good and evil Lord - guest." Different body has different main color, may be difficult to change life. A polite and for seasons with seasonal pathogens,exopathogens, different, with spring summer autumn winter green red, white and black, long summer yellow law. Generally speaking, politeness is better than the main gas and the prognosis is good. Ordinary people to welcome as the main, if children with liver disease in the winter blue face, said his polite, poor prognosis.

According to the five viscera and facial parts combined with each other, to guide the diagnosis of disease.

Red yellow bluish white heat, the main cold black for pain, even arthralgia spasm. Out of butter blood, blackish water cold, complexion weakness, zygomatic red work around. The specific circumstances of "the young heart" to a detailed analysis of pediatrics. As part of the blue heaven, is going to happen and convulsion; red is heat syndrome; black due to water fire, it may be related to poor prognosis. The sun spot syndrome is blue and convulsion, if spread to blue ear disease is evil is sometimes dangerously. Under the eyebrow and now part of Fengchi gas pool appeared blue for convulsion; if there is purple, vomiting. The nose appears red for stomach heat accumulation, if there is a severe black. The left cheek redness more liver heat, right lung phlegm heat is more red blush. The main site of Chengjiang blue yellow is convulsion, spleen wet vomiting, now black is repeatedly convulsive slow convulsion. The color red for exogenous cough or cough syndrome in. Yellow lines, for the spleen deficiency and dampness, spleen and stomach damp or lacteal dyspepsia, transport disorder malnutrition; green is jijingfeng root boiled water or disturbance of liver yang.

According to the color of the disease, old Yao Rong, can make the judgment of prognosis.

In general, bright bright, is a new disease, the disease is mild, easy to cure; dull and sluggish, for a long illness, serious illness, lingering. Bright color for more heat; dark lag indicating cold wet; pale, much as qi.

"The dirty" Lingshu cloud: "as to the outer, inner Tibet, is known to be ill". The children are in the period of vigorous growth and development, the skin is thin and tender, the reaction is sensitive, the internal organs, Qi and blood, yin and Yang abnormal changes are more likely than adults to appear in the corresponding parts of fine, gas, God, state and other changes. The "Q - yin and yang to be as big" said "good diagnosis, observing the color sphygmopalpation don't know part of yin and Yang, the voicing......". We suggest that careful inspection, change to see children of yin and Yang Qi, together with the children of delicate organs, Qi that is not sufficient; full of vitality, the rapid development of the physiological characteristics and the incidence of easy change rapidly; dirty gas Qing Ling, pathological features of easy recovery trend, you can very well understand the outcome of a disease. It can be said that the key to accurate and detailed exposition of the traditional Chinese medicine inspection content, guide clinical value is high, is worth reading repeated scrutiny.

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