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Influencing factors of growth and development• congenital genetic factors determine the possible range of the growth and development o


Influencing factors of growth and development

• congenital genetic factors determine the possible range of the growth and development of the organism, and acquired environmental factors affect the genetic potential of the play, and ultimately determine the growth and development of the speed and extent of.

• the final height of the human body, 70% depends on the genetic factors, and the 30% depends on nutrition, exercise and other environmental factors.

• in acquired factors, nutrition is an important factor to promote growth and development.

Nutritional supplements

Protein is the basis of life. The enhancement of bone cells and the development of muscle and organs can not be separated from protein. Fish, meat, eggs, peanuts, beans, milk, liver, cheese and dark vegetables, especially some of the essential amino acids, should eat.

Vitamins and trace elements are essential elements of life, of which the most important is vitamin A, B, C, is essential for human growth and development. Animal liver, kidney, eggs, especially vegetables contain a variety of vitamins, trace elements, should eat more fresh vegetables, nuts and other foods.

Add minerals. The length of the human body, depends on the growth and development of bone, the lower limb long bone growth and height most closely.

• carbohydrate foods, such as rice, flour and other staple foods and other starchy foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, used to maintain the body's energy consumption, should guarantee the basic daily intake

• fat food is also one of the raw materials for the structure of the body, can be stored energy for the body, can provide fat soluble vitamins, there should be a certain amount of intake. However, it is necessary to avoid too much fat, such as fat, butter and greasy soup

• eat sweets, sweets too much can be converted into endogenous fat through the liver

High calcium misunderstanding

Only in the human body in the process of high calcium and other elements together play a role, like building a house, cement is the main material to build the building, but the light has no steel, cement, stone, sand is of no avail. Calcium is not as much as possible.

Food match

Sesame with kelp - because sesame can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, in which linoleic acid has the function of regulating cholesterol, vitamin E and anti-aging. Kelp contains calcium and iodine, can purify the blood. To promote the synthesis of thyroxine, both in one, the effect of doubling.

Liver with spinach - liver and spinach have the function of blood, a meat dish, complement each other, effectively relieve fatigue symptoms

Beef with potatoes - high nutritional value of beef, and the role of spleen and stomach. However, rough beef, and sometimes destroy the gastric mucosa, potatoes and cooked with it, not only taste good, and potatoes are rich in vitamins, can play a role in the protection of gastric mucosa, enhance gastric motility.

Pork with garlic, according to the study, vitamin B in lean meat ingredients, and vitamin B in the human body for a short time, eat garlic to eat meat, not only can make the precipitation amount of vitamin B increased several times, making it the original properties of water soluble become soluble in fat nature, and residence time extension of vitamin B in the body, so to promote blood circulation and eliminate body fatigue, as soon as possible have important nutritional significance, increase constitution etc. Therefore, when the meat, don't forget to eat a few cloves of garlic.

A food combination that is not compatible with milk

• milk + rice: rice starch in the destruction of vitamin A in milk, will lead to infant growth retardation, infirm

• milk + coffee: milk box coffee mixed together, resulting in an unstable and difficult to digest emulsion, causing damage to the liver

• milk + fruit / juice: the protein in milk is encountered with weak acidic foods, the formation of gel material, not easy to digest

Children should be four little one

• the less sugar

• sugar dental caries susceptibility, but also easy to make children impulsive, love temper, crying. But the children take brown sugar, increase appetite, supplement of riboflavin, essential calcium, zinc, iron and carrot.

• the less salt

• due to the development of children's kidney is not perfect, can not rule out the excess sodium retention in the body, so eat too salty for the future and lay the foundations of hypertension induced nephropathy.

• - a little soy sauce;

• soy sauce made from fermented, containing a variety of microorganisms, and children's gastric acid secretion, intestinal absorption function is not strong, a variety of microorganisms as allergens, easily lead to allergic diseases such as diarrhea, enteritis, etc..

• the little MSG

• too much MSG, will affect the child's appetite, leading to gastrointestinal disorders, affecting nutrient intake.

• the more jealous

• vinegar contains a variety of nutrients, can help digestion, increase appetite, promote the conversion of food nutrients absorption function, helps the body regulate acid-base balance; The new supersedes the old., and vinegar and the sterilization function. Therefore, children's diet should be more appropriate to add some vinegar.

A reasonable diet is one of the secrets of growing taller

• xijiaomanyan

• appropriate supplements: vitamin D can help absorb calcium. The phosphorus content of carbonated beverage is too high, and the calcium absorption is destroyed

• high salt content of food to eat as much as possible: to stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa; low vitamin content

• 'NO junk food and snacks"

• rest after 1 hours

• eat less water

• dine happily

What bad eating habits affect height

• breakfast careless: eat a good breakfast, want to eat lunch, dinner to eat less. Ideal breakfast, a certain amount of starch + enough protein and fat

• young picky eaters

• over dieting

• eat too much candy

How to promote the healthy growth of children?

J rational nutrition

J full sleep

J sunshine air, outdoor activities

J reduce mental and psychological pressure

J without disease

General law of height growth

• generally the fastest growth in height in spring, height growth in spring is 2~2.5 times in autumn; while in autumn, the weight gain is the fastest, and the annual weight gain of 2/3 increases in autumn and winter, and 1/3 increases in spring and summer.

Genetic height calculation

• rough prediction method

• 1 boys (= father + mother height height height 13) /2 (+ 5 cm)

• 2 girls (= father + mother height height height (13) /2 + 5 cm)

Abnormal growth and development of children must seek medical treatment

J specialist

J regular follow-up

J develop treatment options

Clinical examination of children with short stature

- routine inspection

Thyroid function

Growth hormone

Chromosome examination

- bone and sella radiography

- other special inspections

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