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1, many parents worry that their child is not high, but the body's height what criteria?Many parents have told me that their children are sm


1, many parents worry that their child is not high, but the body's height what criteria?

Many parents have told me that their children are small, but he is referring to the situation of his children class children. The definition of dwarfism, we have two ways. Our country every five years will be the children across the country to conduct research, and then statistical analysis, the first is the method of 300th points, one is the standard deviation method. These two figures almost, in my hand this card, for example, our country according to the average number of epidemiological survey later. If you are 3 years old, if your child is less than 88.3CM, it means that he is short stature. If 5 years younger than 101.8CM, is short. Generally we have such a card in the hands of doctors. In addition, there are parents although the child is not short, but we hope that parents should pay attention to monitoring the child's height, the purpose is the growth rate we can through three months after two to calculate the annual height difference. If the child's growth rate is less than 4 cm, it means that he slow growth. These children may end up short. But most of the children to see a doctor is not short, just the parents' expectations, or his reference system problems. To determine whether small should be based on the results of large-scale population flow of scientific reference data.

2, today's theme is the treatment of short stature, so what is short stature?

If it is lower than the same age, the same area, the 300th children of the same sex, or the difference between the following two standard is short stature. Must first figure out what is the cause of short stature, in part to our outpatient children, he may just be late than other children long, or that some of the children called physical type developmental delay. Some parents because is too short, familial short stature. Only about 1/3 of outpatients are really short and different from the clinic, the proportion is not the same.

3, what is the difference between dwarf and dwarfism?

Before the short stature and dwarfism is mixed. Now we pay more attention to the child's psychological feelings, more and more do not have dwarfism. Because we all know that dwarfism has some color. So we are now in the professional books and popular science books which are required to write short stature, and sometimes only the growth barrier to express. In fact, the two meaning is quite.

4, you just mentioned that short stature is the deviation of the average value of the number, there is a certain classification?

General diseases are divided into mild, moderate, severe. But the classification of short stature, our current generic classification is based on the cause of. If he is a physical retardation of the development of children, called physical short. There are some pathological factors, due to kidney disease, allergies caused by short, a variety of diseases caused by short stature is secondary to short. Growth hormone deficiency, deficiency of growth hormone deficiency. Hereditary, also known as hereditary dwarfism. Can be divided into many types, such as Turner syndrome, growth hormone deficiency dwarfism. There are some children with growth hormone secretion is normal, but can not find the cause, called idiopathic short stature. If you are born in the small body weight, which is called intrauterine growth retardation. At present, we mainly classified according to the causes.

5, just now you also analyzed the classification of short stature, which causes short stature what are the reasons?

Many reasons. I engaged in growth and development over the past ten years, the impact of growth factors is very complex, every time to check the cause of a dwarf child is a challenge. The cause of short stature genetic factors, parents' height to some extent determines the child's height of 60% to 70%. The common factors of diet and nutrition is also caused by short stature, eat when the child is not picky eaters, the partial eclipse, usually it is the lack of certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements, will affect the child long. There are disease factors, such as the recent frequent colds, fever, kidney disease, liver disease, our country is a big country of liver disease, many children affected by hepatitis. Common factors include hormone deficiency, growth hormone deficiency due to various causes, and thyroid hormone deficiency that can affect a child's growth. We want to ensure the normal growth and development of a child now, we can't change the most important genetic factors, but we can put the factors of environmental factors and disease to avoid as much as possible, give full play to his potential growth, so the child will grow taller, to avoid the child growth retardation.

6, short stature is not necessarily short stature. However, parents may be more likely to think that my mind, my child is short stature, what I need to do to check out the possibility of short stature?

First of all, I would like to emphasize here, every summer vacation is my more depressed, not because the patient is more, because a lot of children to be late. Check the finished college entrance examination, found himself short to the. Most of the time we found that these children have been closed epiphysis, missed the best treatment time.

I am glad that more and more parents begin to pay attention to the height of the child, like this child is the most critical parents to monitor the growth of the child, the child's data. 2/3 of our parents can't tell me what the height of the child was last year. After the parents came to the exclusion of some organic disease. Do some organ function, blood and urine routine examination. Do I need to check the function of growth hormone deficiency. We have to look at the development of his bones now, to see how much growth potential in the end. In general, we must first carry out a series of checks, a clear cause, and then treatment.

7, said the measured bone age, what is the same?

We are often used in the growth and development of a few nouns, one is the actual age of the child CA, a child is the height of the corresponding age HA, there is a bone age of BA. The child is mainly a long continuously into the end of a long bone cartilage bone, bone growth to both sides, so there will be longitudinal growth. What time is the cartilage epiphysis, epiphysis, what when closed, there is a certain age, everyone will have access to some relative. But after the epiphysis once closed, certainly no way to long bones. We take this film to understand the degree of maturity of his bones, we can make simple predictions, or reflect the child how much growth potential; his bones development and his actual age, height corresponding age is not matching. So often some children said that as a child of seven years old, if the child's actual bone age is only five years old, although their height is the same, seven years old, height is 1.17 meters, if the child age is only 5 years old, the child has a great growth potential. If the child is seven years old, 1.17 meters, bone age is 10 years old, at the age of 10, less than 1.276 meters, shows that the child doesn't have much growth potential.

We measured bone age in order to make simple predictions, understand the real situation of skeletal development, to guide the treatment of our next. Also, we are also used to monitor the efficacy of our treatment, determine the growth potential of the child after the day.

8, you mentioned a lot of means of inspection. What are the specific methods for the treatment of short stature?

Growth is affected by too many factors, so we must treat the treatment of short stature. Because now there is a kind of idea in society, short, I give you the growth hormone, but it is too simple. I have stressed before, must clear the cause, and then can be treated. We recently found that a patient is such a case, short of the use of growth hormone. In fact, the child was short because of a tumor in his skull. A dozen growth hormone, the results can be imagined, this is a tragedy. So I hope to avoid this situation.

Treatment of the short start from a healthy lifestyle, including children to increase exercise, nutrition, balanced, there is a happy state of mind, to be healthy. In fact, love is the best heighten agent, psychological factors is also an important high growth conditions, these should be adjusted.

If it is a growth hormone deficiency, or idiopathic short stature, we can consider the use of growth hormone in our range of indications. But not all children need growth hormone. In particular, some children are normal height. For example, the height of the child up to 1.65, parents want him to grow to 1.70, or 1.80, I do not advocate the abuse of growth hormone parents, in addition to increasing the economic burden, there are many health risks in.

9, short stature of children in what period should be the best treatment?

At present, many of us look at the small children are generally 11, or 12, or is the age of 14, it is already too late. We hope the children early start treatment, hope that parents from the child birth to adulthood are to strengthen the monitoring, understanding of the child's height, once the height problem child, deviate from the normal growth curve, the growth rate or a problem, he should be early treatment.

In theory, with the growth hormone treatment, the child began to treat early, the smaller the child, because we are based on the body weight to calculate the dose of growth hormone, so the cost will be lower, more economical, efficacy is also preferred. If the child is too small, at the age of two or three, growth hormone is not convenient, the children suffer too, to check up is not easy, so we do not advocate the early start of treatment. General children five or six years old, the age of six or seven to better. I hope that parents are now concerned about the height of the child, the child's height monitoring, early detection of problems, we take good intervention, so that children can have sufficient time to grow up healthy.

10, you mentioned in the interview referred to the treatment of short stature is a comprehensive treatment, the need for diet, exercise and psychological coordination of the three areas. For parents, the child how to make up for the short stature?

We found that 2/3 small children have more or less bad eating habits. For example, overeating, partial eclipse, picky eaters, do not eat breakfast. And I can tell you some extreme examples, there is a fat little boy, he is from birth to seven years of age did not drink boiling water, all drinks, tea drinks, cola, Sprite and so on. The basic drink is sweet, and the child likes to eat sweet things. Sweet these drinks, sweet eating habits, in addition to the child easy to gain weight, easy to get metabolic diseases, but also easy to affect the growth and development of sweet. Children two to three years of age must let the children develop good habits, do not eat too many sweet things, which is detrimental to the health of a child's life.

The most important thing is to eat a balanced diet, picky eaters, a partial eclipse is very serious now. We joke that some children are carnivorous animal, never eat meat, do not eat vegetables. Parents say I have no way. Now parents have to understand this kind of life habits for children in this life are harmful. Be sure to come back from an early age. Now the child is too small to be loved, they have a point of frustration education, let them accept these rules, otherwise the future trouble. We say that the old age of three years of life, once the child developed a love to eat sweet, this life he would like to eat sweet. Let children develop healthy habits. This diet is very important. There are some 14, 15 years old, you let him add some more high-quality protein, eat more vegetables, fruits, add some trace elements, encourage children to bask in the sun, more milk, eat foods rich in vitamin D.

Functional food, and now many people say that there is an increase in food, our country has not approved this kind of food, I think it is more important to develop a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Do not believe that the so-called functional food. A lot of people say that I eat foods rich in amino acids can be long? We do the experiment, a short time to push into an amino acid preparation, the rapid rise in blood plasma concentration in the short term, in order to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, in fact, they usually eat, and no effect.

I met a similar patient two days ago, he said now what are the famous institutions out of a growth peptide, let me tell you a basic biochemical knowledge, the peptide things currently there is no way to avoid digestive enzymes, mostly to amino acids in the gastrointestinal inside, not what the difference with the meat. Such a situation, I hope you do not believe. There is a possibility that he will add some other ingredients, some children eat after sexual hormones, short-term can grow, but the consequences will be grievous, soon will lose epiphyseal healing, long a chance, adult height will be short. Parents want to change a concept, many parents believe that children are short, what is missing, what to fill. In particular, some supplements, such as adults eat tonic, Royal jelly. These things are harmful to children, may lead to precocious puberty, the final adult height will be short. Parents should first let the children establish a healthy eating habits. Secondly, we should eat a balanced diet. Parents do not understand the concept of children as adults, because the child in the rapid growth period, his nutritional needs and adults are not the same. At this point, I hope parents will learn more about these aspects of knowledge.

11, I hope to hear today after this interview, parents and friends can get out of the misunderstanding, science feeding children. Parents and friends are also very concerned about what sports can help children grow?

Many exercise. Exercise is very important for children's growth. Now many parents say that my children are busy learning, this excuse, an excuse, we still do not understand the role of exercise on growth. Children, the choice of sports at different ages is not the same. The child is too young, two or three years old, you can not let him do too complicated movement, mainly climbing, running, walking, with a certain degree of interest, so that children can easily adhere to. After the age of seven or eight, parents will accompany the child to go. Do a little more rope skipping. Too small children we do not advocate a large amount of exercise, 12, 13 year old children to run a marathon, which is detrimental to the child, too much exercise. In addition, don't be too heavy load exercise, such as barbell. But you can use a small dumbbell like muscle strength can be. The child, more important is to retrofit is to run, jump, mainly, stretching exercise, swimming, the most important thing is to form a habit of exercising, it must be a lifetime to campaign for happiness.

Now our children are sitting too long. Even some children we joke called couch potatoes, this sofa is sitting at home watching TV every day, eating junk food, a summer down not long, fat ten pounds, like a potato like. Children to develop the habit of exercise, parents must be accompanied by a child who is not easy to adhere to a long-term, playing with the children, he is just playing, not necessarily a long time movement. Hope that parents and children play together, not only to cultivate the family, but also to develop a healthy habit of children. Many parents said, I lost weight, the child is also long, he and the child's feelings are good, the child grew faster. The child should pay attention to the protection movement, I often encounter some children said I have no less exercise, playing basketball, but after two weeks of fracture, injury, many children are in their own interest, he immediately turned into violent motion, not ready, it is easy to fracture, ligament injury. So tell your child to prepare before exercise, pay attention to sports injury.

12, some children with short stature inferiority complex, parents are worried about how to do psychological adjustment?

The family environment can affect a child. I want parents to adjust their mentality. A child told me last time, my mother is sick than I have, since she thought I was small, she led me to the country's well-known endocrine experts have seen, which gives the child a very negative psychological hint. We pay special attention to the psychological adjustment of children.

First of all, parents should pay attention to, because the child is in the growth stage, especially sensitive to psychological, especially different from the other kids, why should I injections, why I than other children? To give more encouragement to children, less negative things, and some parents like to eat when the child scolded, children do not eat properly, not long enough. The child has no emotion. Similar to this situation, parents must pay attention to the use of encouraging language. A lot of parents know that their children are short, have growth hormone deficiency, he does not advocate the children to participate in collective activities, fear of children being discriminated against, we must let their children to participate in collective activities. We will hold a year short children summer camp, we make some treatment long children to give children do report, encourage them, I also hope to encourage them with him the same children to encourage each other together, let him return to the society. Young children return to society after adulthood. Third, I also appeal to this platform, the whole society to change some of the wrong ideas, especially for these small children to increase tolerance. In particular, like adults, children should pay attention, do not discriminate against these children, they themselves have been very painful, to encourage them. To create a relatively relaxed environment to understand these children.

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