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World obesity day May 11th. Before doing this issue of the topic, the health of the monarch had a simple survey sent to 3 men and 7 women, a


World obesity day May 11th. Before doing this issue of the topic, the health of the monarch had a simple survey sent to 3 men and 7 women, a total of 10 friends. Only one male classmate told him that he felt he was not fat, and the rest of the 9 students felt more or less fat.

In order to know more information related to obesity, previous health Jun contacted two pediatric Affiliated Hospital of Jiaotong University Professor Xiao yanfeng.

Health experts at the experts learned that: Children's obesity, not only will let children prematurely form adult disease, the most important is the impact of reproductive development, especially boys. If you need to lose weight, by considering the children's growth and development, under the guidance of a doctor to lose weight; adult is on the basis of differentiation and treatment of acupuncture and catgut embedding, choosing a diet meridian, cupping, moxibustion and Chinese herbs etc.; if these methods are tried without effect, and the BMI index greater than 35 When you need to select the corresponding complications, stomach surgery.

Child obesity need to pay attention to weight loss need to consider growth and development

Nowadays, boys are more likely to lose weight than girls because of obesity. The reason is that the boy's parents will be observed in the life of the boy's genital development is different, to the hospital for pediatric examination, and found that all this is because the child is too fat. In addition to fat children will cause poor reproductive development, but also affect self-confidence, and premature onset of adult disease.

Professor Xiao Yanfeng said: now about 20% of children overweight, there are 11% of the children are suffering from obesity, but parents are more to the 'child fat is a blessing' and other concepts ignored the child's weight. Now, although some parents have a child obesity is a disease awareness, but can come to the hospital for weight loss treatment of children, mostly genital development problems. So, really can lose weight more boys than girls."

Children and adults to lose weight, due to the needs of growth and development, we must ensure that adequate nutrition conditions, healthy weight loss.

Professor Xiao Yanfeng said: "children's obesity is a separate obesity. Obesity alone is to eat more, less exercise and other causes of obesity, obesity needs to consider the normal growth and development of children under the circumstances, comprehensive treatment. Because obesity can not use drugs and diet two ways to lose weight, so we are over the age of 7 pediatric obesity treatment, will set up a general movement scheme, and the measurement of the motion of children's daily need to consume much heat, to guarantee the health based on the normal length, tall slim.

Another kind of obesity in children is due to genetic causes of obesity. This kind of obesity is generally associated with obesity, such as fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, abnormal glucose metabolism, boys and other reproductive dysplasia. At this time, not only need to change the diet, increase the amount of exercise, but also need to carry out the relative complications of drug treatment. At this time, childhood obesity has more than a pretty range, but in the child's growth and development period, can affect the child's mental growth, reproductive development and the future will suffer premature adult disease a disease."

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