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There are children in the home, more or less will reserve some commonly used drugs. However, in clinical work for many years, I often find t


There are children in the home, more or less will reserve some commonly used drugs. However, in clinical work for many years, I often find that some parents will not be reasonable to save the drug, is to mention some of the drugs to save attention, hoping to help parents.

(1) don't discard the instructions

Drug specifications and "separation" is the most common phenomenon. Specification is the most important part in medicine, it not only introduces the usage method, the side effects of drugs that may arise and save time and method are also introduced, but many parents do not pay attention to the preservation, discarded instructions, how to eat medicine, or when a period does not know such silly eye next worry when in use, had to buy a new.

(two) take medicine before and after meals

The drug is very important to eat, be sure to distinguish between before or after meals. Because food has some effect on the absorption and bioavailability of some drugs,

So the effect of the drug before and after meals may be very different

Before meals commonly used drugs, generally require medication after 15 minutes to more than half an hour to feed, can not just give the child to eat medicine to feed. The commonly used medicine before meals, children eat vomiting diarrhea with domperidone, smecta, pepsin, assisted digestion lactasin, anti-inflammatory use of cefaclor, penicillin V, and some mild herbs such as Rehmannia six, meals medication, drugs can maintain effective concentration and quickly and fully play effect.

After oral administration, mostly drug irritant to the stomach, such as aspirin, indomethacin, ferrous sulfate, metronidazole and berberine, must be in the meal service, otherwise it will cause gastric mucosal injury; oil for food can promote the secretion of bile, increase the absorption of fat soluble drugs, so

Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D and other drugs need to take oral effect is good; there are some drugs such as erythromycin or azithromycin, if they eat, can cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms,

So you can take about 1 hours after meals, you can alleviate the symptoms of discomfort.

(three) the meaning of the first three times a day

Most of the drug instructions are marked three times a day. Many people take medicine, often three times a day, "one day", as the day time. The medication time in the morning, noon and afternoon, or three meals before and after. In fact, "one day" means 24 hours a day. Therefore, the right time to take medicine every 8 hours. The two time interval is too long, it will affect the efficacy; the two time interval is too short, will increase the toxic side effects of drugs.

(four) conservation is important

Medicines should be stored in a dry, low temperature, cool, sealed or even avoid the state of light. The shade that is less than 20oC, most of the drugs can keep cool; the dark refers to light but not more than 20oC, such as Cod Liver Oil and vitamin C, in case of light will deteriorate and even failure; cold 2~10oC, such as the use of interferon antiviral should be placed in the refrigerator, but do not freeze. In short, the drug is used up, tighten the lid is very important, such as the next time you use, found that the color change or expired quickly to throw away.

(four) drugs should be "refined" not "more""

Home as little as possible to store the drug, the drug should be fine, not more". In general, some alcohol and iodine, and the record can be with have a fever antipyretics is sufficient, if the children love cold, buy a box of anti cold drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs is enough, do not buy too many drugs, otherwise it is not a long time, a waste of money. Generally speaking, all the emergency drugs can be purchased in the Emergency Pharmacy of the hospital, so do not store too many drugs at home.

(five) Adult drugs can not be used for children

In the clinic, often see some parents to give children with adult medications in half, in fact, a microcosm of the child is not an adult, and adult children's physiological characteristics are very different, we must give children to buy drugs for children, and in accordance with the instructions (usually in the kg body giving their children recalculation of medicine). In order to reduce the toxic side effects of drugs.

In a word, the family should pay more attention to the medicine, be sure to read the instructions and keep them correctly. At the same time, check regularly to prevent the expiration. The most important thing is to put the medicine into the place where the children can not touch.

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