How to prevent infantile diarrhea?

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Little doctor forum:Diarrhea is a common and frequently occurring disease. So, when the baby appeared diarrhea, how can we do to prevent it?


Little doctor forum:

Diarrhea is a common and frequently occurring disease. So, when the baby appeared diarrhea, how can we do to prevent it?

1 pay attention to health: to prevent the baby diarrhea, food and utensils hygiene is very important. Especially early add baby food supplement, should pay attention to food hygiene and sanitation of water sources. To ensure food production process clean tableware must boil disinfection once every day, using boiling water to wash before each feeding. Remove pathogenic microorganisms tableware attachment, the baby can be less diarrhea.

2: Science add complementary diarrheal disease in young children, a considerable part is caused by improper feeding. Children's gastrointestinal function than weak, immature. Therefore, breastfeeding or artificial feeding baby adding food supplement should be cautious. Note: one should be added on time; two to comply with the principle of "from less to more"; to avoid the addition of several kinds of food at the same time three. This can effectively prevent diarrhea caused by improper feeding.

3 sick children to feed properly: the digestive tract was delicate, illness (such as fever, respiratory tract infection, loss of appetite etc.) when digestive function will be significantly reduced, in the Fed should reduce the amount of food or milk, a baby should be easy to digest and nutritious food, avoid cold greasy food. When the need for oral rehydration salts can also be made with a mixture of drinks, at any time to avoid illness due to diarrhea caused by feeding errors, aggravating illness.

4 nursing to prevent infection: infectious diarrhea such as Escherichia coli, typhoid, paratyphoid or rotavirus diarrhea in children, in addition to drugs given by the doctor, parents should pay special attention to disinfection and isolation in the family, so as not to pass on to others. Disinfectant can be used to wipe the surface of the table, the ground and wash the baby touched the appliances, toys, etc..

5 to actively carry out health education, cultivate good health habits: wash; raw melon Xitang to tell the baby, "Disease enters by the mouth." such a common sense.

Parents must not neglect the importance of prevention work, such as to seriously do the above points, the baby will greatly reduce the incidence of diarrhea.

From "child health red book - children", people's Medical Publishing House, 2008, edited by Wang Xinliang

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