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When the baby is about 10 months, after the handrail stand holding bed column has been able to cross step, this is the baby began to learn t


When the baby is about 10 months, after the handrail stand holding bed column has been able to cross step, this is the baby began to learn to walk, walk to walk alone but from the help also require a long process. Particular attention should be paid to the baby's every step, every walking posture, and how to protect it during the process, while the improper walking process can make the baby's bones and vertebrae deformed. In this process, parents should be scientific and reasonable to help infants learn to walk.

1 shaking period (10~12 months)

During this period, the baby swaying walk, sometimes mother pulled a toddler, stretch strength is slightly big, it may cause the baby arm joint. At this time do not turn, do not rub, immediately find a specialist will be joint reduction. However, if this has been taken to pull protection methods, causing arm habitual dislocation of elbow joint, it will seriously affect the development of infants.

Mother to protect baby walking and encouragement is the most critical, in fact the best protection is standing behind the baby, holding his armpits as he walked, or surrounded by a baby with a piece of cloth in the chest from behind the mother carrying cloth to help him leveling. You can let him practice in a baby walker when he is a toddler.

2 walking period (12~13 months)

Two leg babies start elevation and move forward rather than rubbing step. When the baby can walk, can let the baby walker removed, leaning on the bed or exercise clinging to the cart, or, the mother can also put his hands on him in, but let him go hand slowly become independent, empty, until slowly let go.

3 independent walking period (13~15 months)

The baby began to break away from her mother's arm and swing alone.

Parents should pay attention to when the baby is walking:

The baby toddler, the center of gravity is not smooth, adults should try to clear the baby activities within the scope of the items, such as debris, rope, carpet and other toys, in the home, the sharp and fragile things off, to prevent infant injuries;

It began to walk away, don't give the baby wear socks to prevent slipping and help him to better grasp the balance of the body. Prepare the proper shoes, such as shoes, plastic shoes, with viscose glue shoes, prevent the baby from falling and slipping;

The time before training, let him urinate, removed diapers, in order to reduce the body burden;

The hot dishes, soup, hot water bottles can cause damage to the goods, the absolute prohibition of touch the place put on the edge of the table or a baby, baby to avoid harm because of curiosity;

The baby often love to climb or to drill under chairs, cabinets, therefore, these places should also pay attention to, do not leave the dangerous goods.

* due to the expansion of the scope of activities of the baby, some items, such as coins, marble like small things, parents must be good, so the baby took on the mouth, resulting in unnecessary accidents.

The walker is the most commonly used learning tool, but the best baby is seven months old, can no longer use neck support and smooth sitting; Walker's height to fit the baby's height, not too high or too low; each time you use the time not too long, with the principle of not more than 20 minutes; the use of a walker should be in sight.

Exercise time should not be too long, every day, 30 minutes can be.

Some of the baby learn to walk in some cases still love crawling, especially after walking in the heavy fall or cold, this behavior is actually normal regression.

If, until after a year and a half can not walk, you should check with your doctor.

Baby learning to walk activities better, sit, stand, hold moving body, independently swaying walking, muscle control more and more freely, then the family has not been able to satisfy his curiosity, he yearned for the outside world. Therefore, the scope of care for the baby has been extended to the family outdoor.

From the "best" infant health, people's Medical Publishing House, 2007, edited by Wang Xinliang

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