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In 1982, a pregnant woman in China Dafeng County of Jiangsu province Qidong commune, in a few days before the birth of her twin fetus sudden


In 1982, a pregnant woman in China Dafeng County of Jiangsu province Qidong commune, in a few days before the birth of her twin fetus suddenly heard a strong and a weak cry, when pregnant women hunger cries of the fetus is particularly loud. After authorities confirmed, crying like a voice in the fetal radio ore so clear.

For this matter, some people say it is true, some people think it is false. The baby will cry? Can they feel the sound of the mother's belly and the world? This kind of problem has always been a mystery.

Today, emerging fetal psychology has come out. A large number of facts and studies show that human beings must understand their own fetus. For example, it was generally believed that people's feelings are acquired. But in fact it is not, the fetus is not deaf, he could hear the voices of mothers eat and digest food, can also feel the noise of external nature. Researchers at the Institute of animal physiology, Cambridge, UK, have implanted a hearing aid in a pregnant amniotic membrane. They found that the uterus is not a sound barrier airless, people's voices can be passed in the womb.

According to the study, the fetus has hearing, vision. The fetus can respond to the outside world for third months. For example, when a mother is basking in the sun, he will feel. When the sunlight into the abdomen of the mother, the fetus will make the head or skirting the reaction. Although the fetus has not yet come, but by shaking his head, arms, body and skirting and other actions to express their feelings. It is said that the fetus will also use their brains, from 7 months onwards, the fetus's brain began to move, shortly before the birth of fetal EEG display of brain waves and neonatal brain waves are strikingly similar.

In the past, people are accustomed to the fetal period and the latter part of the fetus is completely split, it now appears that there is no obvious gap between the two stages, but the environment has changed significantly. Through research, people have been able to reveal the mystery of fetal life. But there are still some questions, such as why fetus crying remains to be further research and exploration. However, research results of fetal psychology shows that fetal education is very important, the mother should be in a good mood to listen to what the fetus said, in order to create a favorable condition for the development of fetus.

From "child health red book - fetal", people's Medical Publishing House, 2008, edited by Wang Xinliang



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