Gynecological examination will harm the fetus

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Some young mothers, for gynecological examination has some concerns, in fact, early pregnancy to do a correct gynecological examination, wil


Some young mothers, for gynecological examination has some concerns, in fact, early pregnancy to do a correct gynecological examination, will not affect the embryo.

The method of examination is that the doctor puts on the rubber glove by hand, the finger goes deep into the vagina, and the other hand is placed in the lower abdomen. Through this kind of examination method, the doctor can learn the vagina is normal, cervical is soft, whether there is abnormal situation, whether the increased uterine volume and consistent in, and whether there is a pelvic mass, which can confirm the diagnosis of pregnancy with the exception of pelvic abnormalities, is favorable for future delivery. Therefore, it is an important and indispensable inspection procedure.

During pregnancy to do gynecological examination, although most diarrhea and gastrointestinal diseases are directly related, but also some diarrhea is caused by other organs of the disease spread to the gastrointestinal tract. About 40 days pregnant with the onset of early pregnancy and diarrhea. If pregnant women with pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic and uterine congestion is more obvious, inflammation spread to the rectum, it will stimulate the rectum and diarrhea.

Gynecological examination can cause abortion

The causes of early pregnancy abortion, mainly is the abnormal development of embryos, such as sperm or eggs or both defects, the influence of external factors or in the process of embryonic development and the occurrence of abnormal mitosis, or embryonic growth and development in the bad environment, such as maternal endocrine disorders, the decidual dysplasia, affect the embryo in the uterine cavity housing. If the uterus itself has a disease, it will destroy the environment of the embryonic growth and lead to abortion. In addition, pregnant women in pregnancy with acute infectious diseases, severe chronic diseases, can cause the fetus can not continue to grow in the uterus.

Thus, the doctor is not an early pregnancy induced abortion, do not be afraid of the doctor's examination. When the doctor checks, as long as the whole body to relax, legs bent and naturally separated, do not lift the hips waist, check is not to bring any harm to the pregnant woman and pain.

From the "280 days of fetal education reading every day", Hebei people's publishing house, 2007, edited by Wang Xinliang

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