Five mistakes in the treatment of congenital heart disease in children

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The incidence of congenital heart disease accounts for about 0.8% of births, the most common heart disease in children. In recent years, the


The incidence of congenital heart disease accounts for about 0.8% of births, the most common heart disease in children. In recent years, there has been a great improvement in the treatment of congenital heart disease in China and abroad, which can be used for the treatment of congenital heart disease. But the complicated congenital heart disease, treatment time and methods, cost and effect are quite different, misunderstanding of non professional doctors and parents of children also had various effects, treatment effect and prognosis, even lost the chance of treatment, we must attach great importance to.

Misunderstanding: congenital heart disease treatment effect is poor, after treatment can not work normally.

With the medical equipment and technology, the majority of congenital heart disease can get effective treatment, the total success rate of over 95%, patent ductus arteriosus, cardiovascular center of children with atrial septal defect, preoperative complication of ventricular septal defect, pulmonary stenosis and other single malformation of congenital heart disease success rate close to 100%. Under the premise of proper timing and technical assurance, the success rate of some complex critical congenital heart disease was about 90~95%. Congenital heart disease is the main form of early deformity, with the exception of a few can not only anatomically correct hemodynamic correction of congenital heart disease such as transposition of the great arteries such as severe pulmonary atresia, older children, most of the children with congenital heart disease after treatment can be completely cured, has little effect on the future growth and development life and work, can fully meet or close to the normal level.

Myth two: the greater the age of congenital heart disease, or the smaller the better?

Theoretically, the sooner the corrective surgery, the more able to reduce the damage to the heart, the individual developed countries have been fetal congenital heart disease surgery case. With the security level of surgical techniques and safety improvement, our children accept congenital heart surgery in early age, in a large room for the children's Hospital Center, ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus in children with congenital heart disease and other general recommendations for surgery in the first 6 months.

But due to the limitation of the development of medical technology, the baby has physiological characteristics completely different from the older children, each organ has not yet mature, tolerance of operation is low, so the surgery is difficult, the technical requirements of the higher; in addition, different types of congenital heart disease with different surgical indications, age requirements are not the same. Therefore, the best time for congenital heart disease surgery should be based on the specific conditions of the children. For serious cardiovascular malformation, such as transposition of the great arteries, according to the different situation of children to determine whether the surgery in the neonatal period, in order to improve the success rate of operation, long-term effect and save the lives of children.

Misunderstanding three: congenital heart disease treatment costs.

The cost of treatment for congenital heart disease is related to the severity and age of the patient and the materials used in the operation. Younger children, the condition is complex, requiring the use of materials such as artificial lung, ultrafilter and other higher, during and after the treatment is very difficult, therefore, the cost of treatment is relatively high; and the age, the condition of light without the use of expensive surgical materials, low cost. Therefore, in different cases, different treatment costs.

Myth four: look around and wait for non-surgical treatment, the best time to delay surgery.

With the development of interventional technology, some congenital heart disease can be treated by interventional technique. The interventional therapy has the advantages of less trauma, faster recovery and better appearance. At present, the congenital heart disease, which has good effect on interventional therapy, has been developed, including patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect, pulmonary stenosis, and ventricular septal defect. However, each method has its indications and advantages and disadvantages, should be based on the pros and cons of choice.

Error five: wait for the opportunity to improve physical development.

Especially some serious congenital heart disease complicated deformity often occur pneumonia, cardiac insufficiency, growth retardation and other complications encountered in clinical cardiac dysfunction is mistaken for pneumonia in long-term treatment, or to increase nutrition and other means to improve the physique after surgical treatment. But because a lot of illness is caused by heart disease, congenital heart disease is not cured fundamentally, these symptoms are not been improved, but the delay in treatment. It is the best way to make the treatment plan after the joint study of the cardiovascular internal and external doctors. If necessary, the emergency operation can save the child's life.

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