A new hospital setting for the treatment of cervical spondylosis

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Bone setting manipulation for cervical cancerZibo City Third People's Hospital of Jing just painModern people with heavy work, at a desk for


Bone setting manipulation for cervical cancer

Zibo City Third People's Hospital of Jing just pain

Modern people with heavy work, at a desk for hours or even a dozen hours There are plenty of people who, in the course of time, many people will have a stiff neck and shoulder heavy pain, arm or finger numbness, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, some people will appear in memory loss, sleep disorders and other symptoms, confused in mind. At this time you should be careful cervical spondylosis may be close to you.

In the seat for a long time, especially the bow desk workers, will cause the posterior neck muscles and ligaments and other soft tissue of chronic stretch strain, the normal cervical lordosis of the fatigue cushioning various body posture caused by long-term posture is not right to change the curvature, and around the cervical nerves and blood vessels will be accompanied by by pulling or stimulation, nerve stimulation appears pillow after pain, neck pain, upper limb pain; vascular stimulation of dizziness, nausea, irritability and lack of oxygen the phenomenon of cerebral ischemia; sympathetic cervical spondylosis can also increase blood pressure or cause coronary insufficiency, arrhythmia and heart disease; the other cervical vertebra the change will make the cervical intradiscal pressure increased, nucleus shift after serious spinal cord compression caused by the upper and lower limb numbness.

Appear these symptoms should be how to treat? The best go to the hospital for a check-up, such as cervical anteroposterior and lateral, oblique, CT or MRI can clearly see that both inside and outside the spinal soft tissue, can determine whether the hyperosteogeny, protrusion of intervertebral disc and spinal stenosis and calcification of the ligament. Now three hospitals have set up a branch or pain pain clinic dedicated to the treatment of neck and shoulder pain. Zibo three pain department was founded in 2005, the above introduction of cervical disease, clinic director Jing just by "five steps and four methods" treatment technique has satisfactory curative effect. This technique is based on the Beijing General Hospital of the Air Force PLA, founder of China's new medical bone famous bone expert Professor Feng Tianyou "fixed-point rotation reduction" on the original form, "five step" means against the traction and acupoint relaxation, vertebral micro adjustment, fixed rotation, finishing down; the "four law" refers to the traction bonesetting, supine supine vertebral correction method, fixed point method, rotation of spinous process vertebral foramen nerve loose solution. For patients with different symptoms of cervical spondylosis, symptomatic treatment, treatment process, without any Chinese and Western medicine. Patient supine relaxed, patients without any pain during the operation, but to "click" sound later, due to cervical headache caused by dizziness, blurred vision, shoulder heavy, arm numbness and other symptoms were relieved or disappeared immediately. Over the past two years, has successfully lifted more than 5000 people suffering.

In mid April this year, the United States has a friend because of dizziness, stiff neck and shoulder heavy pain, medication for a long time without pain relief, to the clinic of our hospital, the director of the three Jing treatment, the above symptoms disappeared completely, finally even boast Chinese doctor means indebted forever, magic.

The treatment of cervical spondylosis after successful prevention of recurrence is very important, the first sleep position and the height of the pillow, the pillow should be low side is a good choice, but not all people choose a low pillow taste good, some people are more fat, low pillow uncomfortable, let the pillow height of cervical and spine in a straight line on the best. Second pay attention to the neck of the warmth, the implementation of neck treatment should be worn around the neck, sleep and work environment temperature should not be too low.

If you have a cervical disease, may wish to try the magic of bone setting.



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