Risks and sequelae of strabismus surgery

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Risks and sequelae of strabismus surgery1, surgery will affect vision?Strabismus surgery is currently a mature and relatively safe operation


Risks and sequelae of strabismus surgery

1, surgery will affect vision?

Strabismus surgery is currently a mature and relatively safe operation, does not affect vision. Strabismus surgery was performed in the eye, as long as the patient, do not tamper with, will not affect the eyesight. Only a small number of patients in the short term due to the extraocular muscle edema and other visual acuity slight fluctuations, which is a normal postoperative response, about a month after surgery can be fully restored.

2, the operation can be a success?

Most patients can achieve satisfactory results with a single operation. But the strabismus is eye movement muscle length and the position is adjusted according to the patient's type of strabismus, strabismus and other factors, due to individual differences, may also occur under correction or surgical correction of excessive, if necessary, surgical correction again. Or some of the complex types of strabismus, surgery must be carried out.

3, the operation will be inclined?

Some patients with poor vision may also be secondary to the oblique. The long-term fallback exotropia rate is about 15%-20% or so, but generally not relapse within a short period of time. The main method is to reduce the rate of regression of postoperative mild overcorrection, namely a mild esotropia about 5 degrees, the appearance can not see obvious esotropia, according to the data of preoperative examination can be made about the forecast.

There will be 4, diplopia after surgery?

On the postoperative diplopia problem is actually very good understanding, the eye moves to a new location requires a process of adaptation and produce diplopia is not surprising. The children of visual system plasticity is very strong, so the general diplopia will disappear if strabismus was corrected, diplopia may promote binocular visual development of children. For adults, postoperative diplopia most 1-2 weeks can disappear, very few people will not disappear gradually adapt, so as not to affect the life and work.

5, the operation will leave scar?

Strabismus surgery conjunctival incision in the white surface, the longer the scar is not obvious, sometimes with a microscope will not find. But it will not affect the appearance of the eyelid scar.

In short, patients and their families should have a correct understanding of strabismus surgery, surgery can only correct the eye position, can not cure the cause. Because the root cause of the disease is the central abnormality in the brain that controls the convergence and divergence of the eye. Therefore, it is necessary to give an understanding of the problems that may occur after the operation, such as excessive strabismus, lack of correction, recurrence and so on!



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