Binocular peer surgery indications (Photos)

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Binocular matching surgery indications?Beijing Children's Hospital, director of Ophthalmology Yu Gang talk about strabismus surgery experien


Binocular matching surgery indications?

Beijing Children's Hospital, director of Ophthalmology Yu Gang talk about strabismus surgery experience:

1 the most suitable for patients with symmetrical surgery, postoperative eye movement coordination, and restore binocular vision function. But can choose the symmetry of surgery is confined to the following two kinds: separate intermittent exotropia strong type and basic type, angle of ≤ 40.

2 angle ≤ basic exotropia 40, choose bilateral external rectus recession in 8mm, see far can get full correction, near may be left around 10 delta exotropia, before the operation should have adequate mental preparation.

Esotropia 3 high AC/A ratio, routine evaluation angle of not more than 40 Delta, bilateral medial rectus recession on feasible operation.

4 for more than 40, and less than 60 of the congenital esotropia in children, can for monocular movement examination before the operation, this kind of strong strabismus children often combined with medial rectus, medial rectus strabismus with strong equivalence can be considered after bilateral medial rectus recession constant (greater than 5MM over conventional recession).

5 more than 40 Delta, basic type and less than 60 of the delta esotropia for unilateral recess surgery.

6 more than 60 were required to do three muscles. At this point, it is not possible to arrange symmetrical surgery.

7 in addition, some patients, there is no common preoperative arrangement of symmetrical surgery, which means that after the retention of non common. And this kind of patient, can be achieved through the design of asymmetric surgery, after surgery to achieve or close to symmetry, eye movement coordination.

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