The necessity of consolidating treatment after amblyopia

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      amblyopia is one of the common eye diseases in children, which seriously affects the normal development of children's v


      amblyopia is one of the common eye diseases in children, which seriously affects the normal development of children's visual function. The incidence of amblyopia in children is 2.43%. The main reason is the incidence of ametropia and strabismus, followed by anisometropia and form deprivation. According to statistics, there are more than 300 million children in our country, there are more than 10 million of the children with amblyopia, and the incidence rate is gradually rising trend, therefore, early detection, early treatment, the prognosis of amblyopia. Before the most commonly used treatment methods is the most classic, pointed out that the treatment of amblyopia has two basic principles, one is that the Los refractive interstitial transparent, refractive amblyopia, the images on the retina is clear; two with occlusion therapy and depression therapy, temporarily restricted from eye health information to the cortex the input, expand the cortical processing of the amblyopia eye input information. The aim of treatment is to quantify the visual input of both eyes, or to normalize the type of gaze, and to promote the development of the brain and the optic path to achieve the same visual acuity in both eyes. But they are not effective for all amblyopia. In recent years with the development of perceptual learning (perceptual learning) the in-depth study of perceptual learning clinical significance in the treatment of amblyopia has attracted more and more attention, and become a new method for the treatment of amblyopia. Different from the traditional treatment of amblyopia, perceptual learning is a process of active participation. Perceptual learning may have better compliance in the treatment of amblyopia.

      due to the particularity of amblyopia, the longer treatment time becomes one of the difficult problems for parents and children to overcome. The compliance of patients and their parents is a key factor in the treatment of amblyopia. Many studies have shown that normal vision at the end of treatment appeared backoff probability is high, causing recurrence for many reasons. Therefore, to consolidate the curative effect, improve the long-term and even cure rate is the difficulty of the treatment of amblyopia. Research shows that, the type of amblyopia treatment of amblyopia after the visual acuity is one of the important factors. Effect of anisometropic amblyopia, the low rate of return. And the higher the degree of amblyopia, the fallback rate is high, and the severe amblyopia after cessation of treatment the visual acuity was as high as 83.3%.

      therefore, patients with amblyopia should be treated as the same as cancer patients for 5 years. The observation of amblyopia should be followed up for 3 years in our country. In the successful treatment of amblyopia, amblyopia patients still should pay attention to the particular type of amblyopia and strabismus monitoring before the treatment of severe amblyopia, visual acuity should be restored once, the treatment of amblyopia, consolidate curative effect. General treatment of amblyopia after the proposal to continue to consolidate the treatment for six months -1 years and a half, an average of 1 years. This greatly reduces the vision back.

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