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After 3 years of age can be a simple eye examination, at this time should be the development of visual archives. The establishment of health


After 3 years of age can be a simple eye examination, at this time should be the development of visual archives. The establishment of health records is an inevitable trend, which is an important part of the archives of ophthalmology. Childhood is a critical period of visual development development, refractive status during this period there will be great changes, the establishment of prevention and treatment of visual development contributes to the archives of ametropia associated ophthalmopathy. Although in the school every year the examination, but is often a mere formality, the lack of eye disease screening, and the annual examination in ophthalmology visual inspection has certain significance, but the data do not follow up analysis. Conjunctival diseases and color blindness inspection is nominal, with greatly improved health status, and the initial stage of trachoma has greatly changed, and the color not only very low incidence, but also belongs to the genetic disease, no need for annual physical examination.

At present, the biggest problem is youth eye ametropia and related diseases, which accounted for the vast majority of myopia. For myopia, is currently more than 100 degrees of myopia to wear glasses, prevention of myopia for young people, even sitting right, mobile phone use is not much, the development of myopia is not optimistic. In recent years, orthokeratology is claimed to control myopia effectively, but the actual effect is not generally reach consensus.

At present, some of the more significant for myopia prevention and control of the sun for the prevention and control of myopia positive significance. Found in the comparative study of adolescents, not long-term outdoor outdoor activities, the lack of juvenile myopia occurrence rate is very high; but even the regular activities of the youth, if only in the indoor activities, the incidence of myopia is not lower than the lack of activities for young people; and often participate in outdoor activities in the sun exposure incidence of juvenile myopia the rate is significantly reduced; even often outdoor exposure to sunlight, no activities for young people, the incidence of myopia is not higher than the young people to participate in outdoor activities. As a result, refractive experts recommend an average daily, young people should be exposed to outdoor daylight time should not be less than 2 hours.

The thinking: children in kindergarten, the morning afternoon sent back, if the children in the kindergarten can not play outdoors, the incidence of myopia is very high. Children go to school in the morning, afternoon classes, noon break, no leisure time in the evening sun, even out of the outdoor activities, the sun exposure time is bound to be less than 2 hours a day, the incidence of myopia is also high. If we just stick to myopia prevention idea, even if wearing orthokeratology myopia, but still can not effectively control.

The development of children's eyes is like the height and weight, there is a normal reference standard, obviously deviate from the reference standards need to strengthen interventions to minimize the occurrence and development of myopia. The main indexes for myopia, axial length, birth reference mean 16mm, adult normal mean 24mm, if during the development of axial length significantly more than the age, it will be difficult to avoid the occurrence of myopia, the more children appeared as early as the axial length, the number of adult myopia more deeply.

At present, the development of ophthalmic equipment has been the measurement of axial length to achieve the quick, safe, reproducible, eye axis were measured and recorded regularly every year, can provide reference for the diagnosis and treatment of myopia after, this child has value in ametropia. Such as the existence of ametropia, subject to annual optometry and record, wearing the right glasses, in order to avoid strabismus and amblyopia etc.. If strabismus occurs, the degree of strabismus is measured and recorded every year, and the fusion function is required. If the occurrence of amblyopia, wearing glasses at the same time the need for amblyopia training, visual acuity, diopter, strabismus type and degree of measurement frequency should be higher.

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