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The most common cold in the summer is ametropia and amblyopia in children, we will simply say a few words of myopia1, first of all, to see t


The most common cold in the summer is ametropia and amblyopia in children, we will simply say a few words of myopia

1, first of all, to see too much is the main cause of myopia caused by multiple. Research shows that the proportion of people in Europe and the United States myopia about 40%, while the East Asian population is much higher than this, about 50%, mainly related to the cultural background of the East Asian population, learning tasks heavier, see too much. So for patients with myopia, watching less, mobile TV computer as far as possible to see, there is no way to do homework, then write 40 minutes of work, take glasses to see the rest of the distance for 5 minutes.

2, secondly, the mydriasis optometry suggests the presence of myopia patients, doctors recommend wearing glasses to wear glasses. Indicators of wearing glasses: uncorrected vision of less than 0.8. Wearing glasses is the first treatment of myopia. For patients with myopia, look at the past is very clear, look far not clear, only when the patients wearing glasses can see far, in order to achieve the therapeutic effect of glasses, can make the eye ciliary muscle relaxation, delaying the development of myopia. From my point of view, it is recommended that patients have been wearing glasses, in addition to sleep not to wear, the other are wearing.

3, once again, you can also give children some slow myopic eye drops, such as: compound Raceanisodamine eye drops, urinary ammonia compound dimensional eye drops, eye drops and other music myopia.

4, and finally, for the children to wear glasses every six months to review the regular hospital. Because the degree of myopia with age, to replace the glasses in a timely manner, indicators for wearing glasses was less than 0.8, or wear glasses for a long time and discomfort, the need to re mydriatic optometry.

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