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1 children optometry should be done before the eye health examination:Check the children have no other eye diseases caused by refractive err


1 children optometry should be done before the eye health examination:

Check the children have no other eye diseases caused by refractive error, is a prerequisite for accurate optometry. We must use the slit lamp microscope, the tonometer, the fundus mirror and so on to carry on the eye department and the eye position and so on to carry on the general eye examination, early discovery, early treatment of eye disease. Other special eye tests if necessary.

2 young children must be with Kong Yanguang:

Children have a strong regulatory role, vision instability. The refractive error is more complex, such as high myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia astigmatism. The eye doctor in ocular fundus and interstitial examination was normal, but poor eyesight, all need to use the means to exclude mydriatic optometry with ametropia. Therefore, the clinical requirements, young children must be with Kong Yanguang, so as to reflect the child's eye refractive status. Not by mydriatic optometry, relying only on the detection results of computer optometry glasses, will cause a lot of harm to the child's eyes. First of all, the child's eyes in the myopia tend to deceive the computer cause false results. Secondly, if the children have hyperopia, astigmatism, eyeball adjusting force will be "hidden" part of the computer optometry degree, the degree will be lower than the real number. Make eye mydriasis adjusting force paralysis, thus accurate diopter, objectively reflect the children's refractive status. In fact, is the use of mydriatic mydriatic fully cycloplegia, the doctor through the retinal mirror technology can accurately check out the retinoscopy ametropia degree. During the inspection, do not need to cooperate with too much, the doctor also can quickly and accurately check out the nature and degree of ametropia. The method does not require patients to judge and express. Therefore, the children will not check the visual acuity, visual acuity of the amblyopic, can use this method to find out the exact results. Especially for children.

3 children's visual acuity changes need regular eye check:

Children are still in the process of growth and development, especially preschool children and adolescents. Preschool is a critical period of visual development, hyperopia gradually reduced, eyeball development close to adult. Puberty is the second peak of the development of the eye, most of the myopia in this stage and gradually deepened, stop at the end of puberty. So, most of the children need annual optometry once part of young children even half of optometry once every 3 months to check a vision, replace the glasses or lenses in time according to the changes of eye degree, absolutely not the same as adults, a pair of glasses for several years. Children in the use of large loss of glasses, with the extension of the use of time, the lens will continue to wear, which is difficult to detect the naked eye. Moreover, because the wear process is gradual, there will not be too much discomfort when wearing. Wear glasses on the one hand is to see things clear, on the one hand is to protect the eyesight. However, wearing too much of the lens, which in turn will harm the wearer's vision, it must be replaced in a timely manner.

Attached: clinic found that some parents and children do not accept mydriatic optometry, fear damage to eyes, in fact, these concerns are unnecessary, drug effects are temporary, and the regulating function of pupil after withdrawal will recover gradually, not only no damage to the eyes of those who adjust tension caused by pseudo myopia, visual fatigue and treatment effect.

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