Alert to forty "old" eyes are dim

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Alert to forty "old" eyes are dimNewspaper reporter Han BinInterview expert Zhao Wei, MD, Xijing Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical Unive


Alert to forty "old" eyes are dim

Newspaper reporter Han Bin

Interview expert Zhao Wei, MD, Xijing Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical University

Mr. Zhang is just 40 years old this year, in the unit is a good time to do business in the R & F, but recently he found in the usual reading distance, slightly see for a while will find a lot of words blurred, to give away some of it, to the hospital, the doctor told him that he had to there have been signs of presbyopic eyes.

Signal: 40-45 year old eye often acid bilges

The Fourth Military Medical University Xijing Hospital ophthalmologist Dr. Zhao Wei told reporters: presbyopia, as the name suggests, is the eye symptoms appear with aging. Men and women, from 40 to 45 years old. If in accordance with the usual habits with the eyes, and need to get a little further to see; love light reading; reading newspapers and computer time is a little bit longer, serial read or ghosting, even eye soreness, nasal orbital pain, then you might have presbyopia. And, as you get older, it will become more and more obvious.

Presbyopia (commonly known as presbyopia) is not sick, do not belong to the refractive error, it is a physiological phenomenon, is a necessary stage of life. Experts remind after the age of 40 to see if the above symptoms, it is not to be alert for presbyopia, must not be willing to hold with presbyopic glasses, but it will produce dizziness, eye swelling disease exacerbation.

Reminder: to buy glasses before optometry

The best deal with vertigo "weapon" is the presbyopic glasses, once diagnosed with presbyopia, a lot of people in the mirror and unlike young people less stringent requirements, often in the street to buy a pair of reading glasses wear. In fact, the stall on the street or the presbyopic glasses lenses often eyes, pupil fixed, but each person will have myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism diopter, and each pupil is different, if you buy a pair of glasses, is often not appropriate. Presbyopic glasses just as our clothes need to be tailored. Without the medical optometry and buy directly reading glasses may the half will see, but a long time will appear eye fatigue, blurred vision and other symptoms, even aggravate the symptoms of aging. So buy presbyopic glasses, must carry out scientific optometry. Of course, the best go to the hospital to do a comprehensive inspection of the eyes, the best glasses after excluding other eye health effects of eye.

Found: 5 years increased by 50

A lot of people a few years wearing presbyopic glasses are not replaced, read clearly on the line, do not feel so good. In fact, the elderly wearing presbyopic glasses, should at least every 5 years should go to a light eye test. This is because presbyopia is impaired human physiological regulation function, with the increase of age, aging degree will gradually deepen. Dr. Zhao Wei in the health program "said" as an example: "if at the age of 45 degree is 150 degrees, 50 degrees will increase to 200 degrees, at the age of 55 will be changed to 250 degrees. If you have been wearing a number of presbyopic glasses, a few years have not changed, will not only cause blurred vision, but also accelerate the eye symptoms of presbyopia."

If a pair of old after wearing presbyopic glasses in a few years, found that reading, newspaper or computer with just the distance to see, from a distance to see, it should be replaced as soon as possible a new pair of reading glasses.

Zhao Wei, Xijing Hospital, The Fourth Military Medical University. Engaged in clinical ophthalmology for more than 10 years, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of eye diseases, professional direction for refractive surgery, correction and prevention of myopia, children oblique amblyopia, low vision treatment.

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