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Principle of treatmentAmblyopia is a developmental eye disease. The treatment of amblyopia is a kind of functional exercise. The visual cort


Principle of treatment

Amblyopia is a developmental eye disease. The treatment of amblyopia is a kind of functional exercise. The visual cortex of the brain is sensitive to different spatial frequencies and produces a high degree of tuning. CAM visual stimulation instrument is with different width, sharp edge, high contrast black and white stripes (grating) as the stimulation source, through a square wave grating plate slowly on the host due to rotation, can activate the entire visual cortex neurons in the visual cortex, the visual cell impulse, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment of amblyopia.

Two. Product performance structure and composition

The 1 mainly consists of the host and the grating plate, transparent pattern drawing board etc..

2 Motor: speed of 1 / 1.2 / R / min; motor speed is smooth, no card, jitter phenomenon.

3 transparent pattern drawing board surface is smooth, transparent, no scratches and bubbles; clear lines, complete pattern, no break.

The 4 threshold plate is composed of a plurality of seven black and white bars with different separation distances, which are sequentially combined on a graphic board. The utility model is used for more accurate selection of the grating matched with children's vision.

5: the grating plate plant mold, good quality, sharp edge. The grating plate rotates slowly with the dial, 60 seconds a week.

6 working conditions:

A) power supply: 220V 50Hz

B) input power: 25VA

C) security classification: class B I.

Three. Treatment type

For the central monitor in the treatment of ametropic amblyopia, mild, the effect is better.

Four. Use method

1 according to the number of the threshold plate to choose the appropriate grating, if the vision is low (such as 0.2), can choose the number plate, if the vision is slightly better (such as 0.4), you can choose the number 3 board, and so on. When the visual acuity of 1 or more, you can use the number 6 or plate 7 to do the consolidation training.

2 instruments will support the bottom bracket, the grating plate is placed on the instrument front white disk, and a transparent pattern drawing board flat on the white plastic box.

3 turn on the power, turn on the power switch and start the treatment. Turn off the power switch at the end of the treatment, unplug the power plug.

4 treatment time every day for 1 ~ 2 times, each time about 10 minutes, after the vision enhancement, then the replacement for the higher frequency (stripe fine) grating board continues to treat.

The pattern plate 5 painted wiped clean with water, can be used repeatedly. After the end of the treatment should turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug.

Five. Native features

1 transparent pattern drawing board is transparent, non-toxic and tasteless, not easily broken, children can use colour pen painted in the treatment, directly stimulate the square wave to the fovea by rotating grating generated, in order to improve the therapeutic effect, but also can be eliminated in the treatment of children in the monotonous, also is a kind of assistance. Methods of treatment.

2 the black and white bars with different intervals are combined on a graphic board in turn, and the circular plate is called a threshold plate. Mainly in order to facilitate the use of more accurate selection of children with their own vision is more suitable for the treatment of bars.

After the instrument is turned on, the grating plate rotates along with the white dial, and generates a square wave.

Six. Contraindications and instructions

This instrument is not suitable for patients with ocular trauma, organic eye diseases and eye infections.

Seven. Transportation and storage environment:

1 temperature: -40 degrees to +55 degrees;

2 relative humidity: less than 93%;

3 atmospheric pressure: 500 ~ 1060hPa.

Eight. Notes

1 children should be in a good state of mind treatment, light for indoor natural light, should avoid the light and direct sunlight grating.

2 treatment to cover the healthy eye, suffering from the eye and grating distance of about 28cm. If binocular amblyopia can be treated at the same time.

3 this instrument must be by the parents and children care operation, is strictly prohibited in the treatment of children unscrew the fuse (marked FUSE) end cap.

4 instrument power supply line is three lines, the grounding of the power supply socket grounding should be good, avoid the induction. Failure must first cut off the power supply, by the professional electrical maintenance, or directly call the company repair service telephone consultation.

Nine. Configuration list

1 grating plate 1 sets (4 pieces)

1 sets of 2 transparent board (5)

1 sets of 3 color pen

4 instruction manual 1



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