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Spring regimenIntroductionIn spring, it means in the spring of life, live through various methods to enhance physical fitness, disease preve


Spring regimen


In spring, it means in the spring of life, live through various methods to enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, so as to achieve a longevity of the medical activities. The so-called life, is life, survival and growth of Italy; the so-called support, maintenance, maintenance, which is intended for. In short, health is to maintain the meaning of life. In the traditional Chinese medicine theory, yin and Yang and the five elements of follow the biochemical changes of science to human body nursed back to health, maintaining the vitality of life and health. Mental health refers to the mind by Yi Yang, adjust emotion, regulate the life and other methods, to achieve the maintenance of the body, reduce disease, improve health and prolong life.

In the spring, refers to the Chinese lunar calendar the spring to summer this period of time, the lunar new year in January, February, March, including the beginning of spring, rain and insects, the spring equinox, Guyu solar term Qingming, 6. The spring back to the earth, the snow melts, the recovery of all things, who spit green, nature is thriving. At the same time, Yang also began to rise in nature. In the face of such a beautiful spring, how should we "clockwise health"? What are the climatic features of spring? What should we pay attention to?

Diet recuperation

The liver for the first

The liver is an important organ of the human body, it can regulate qi and blood, spleen and stomach to help digest food, absorb nutrients and the function of regulating emotions, and the role of qi. Therefore, it will bring the spring Yanggan, year of health and safety. So, how should the spring Yanggan? In the diet, should eat more warming yang foods, such as onions, ginger, garlic, leek, mustard, etc.. Research shows that garlic has a strong bactericidal effect, can promote appetite, The new supersedes the old., prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and even brain function. Onion has a high nutritional value, but also can prevent respiratory and intestinal infectious diseases. In addition, the diet should eat cold food, such as cucumber, bamboo, lotus root, so as not to stop germinal yang.

The more sweet little acid

In spring, the liver function is exuberant, if eat sour food, acid itself is convergence perturbation, can inhibit the liver Qi germinal, excessive anger may be appropriate to eat sour things, to prevent excessive divergence of liver qi. The liver yin deficiency, should eat less or do not eat sour food, will lead to digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach function, affecting human health. So to eat sour food, to prevent excessive liver qi. Spring should eat dessert food to spleen and stomach qi, such as jujube, gentle nature and taste, can nourish the blood, a strong stomach, can be eaten raw, can make jujube porridge, jujube and jujube cake, Steamed Rice. Yam is spring diet Jiapin, with Spleen Qi, nourishing Yin, nourishing lung and kidney tonic effect. Yam can Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee, grilled yam, yam, a crystal ball to beet yam, yam, yam, yam cake Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste yam, sesame crisp cake ice Tomatoes on sticks and other snacks; also do yam yam porridge, red dates porridge.

We eat more vegetables

After the winter, people are generally there will be a variety of vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements intake is inadequate, such as the spring people multiple stomatitis, stomatitis, glossitis and some other skin diseases, which are as fresh vegetables to eat less caused by malnutrition. Therefore, when spring comes, people must eat more vegetables. Local and seasonal vegetables. Spring can eat some wild herbs. The growth of wild herbs in the countryside, less pollution, and can eat simple, salad, fried, soup, stuffing, rich nutrition and health care function significantly, such as shepherd's purse, purslane, dandelion, plantain, elm, bamboo shoots. Today, the growing vegetable greenhouses gradually changed the supply of fresh vegetables in the spring. In a convenient place, fresh vegetables can be eaten at any time. Such as spinach, celery, lettuce, rape, wild rice, Toona sinensis, Sauteed Green Beans etc.. Spring should be red soup, carrot, white radish, seaweed, melon, tomatoes, bamboo shoots as raw material, with chicken liver and pork meat silk, with delicate, delicious soup.

I drink porridge

Eat some Wenshen impotence, spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and nourishing health porridge in breakfast or dinner, such as chicken rice porridge, rice porridge, rice porridge pork leek.

The protein supplement

In spring, we need to add more high-quality protein to enhance the resistance, such as eggs, fish, beef, chicken and bean products, etc..

Health characteristics

The spring wind, and the wind is one of important factors in disease of exogenous factors, it may lead to a variety of infectious and epidemic diseases, such as influenza, diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles, meningitis, chickenpox, tonsillitis, pneumonia, so beware of the epidemic in spring.

It is winter spring alternate season, cold and warm air each other, warm when cold, cloudy weather sunny at first, constantly changing. The climate is not stable, so many do not adapt this to climate sensitive people, sensitive people should pay attention to the living habits.

The gas spring within the liver, liver qi, liver Yang ascending, with rising gas spring, and liver Yang strong, easily lead to hypertension, dizziness, hepatitis and other diseases. Qi strong also makes the spirit of people with high emotional excitement, so that the original schizophrenia, mania and other diseases of the people due to weather changes and the emergence of anger, rage, fury, noise etc..

The outside world climate change has a significant impact on human blood: such as cold blood stagnation when heavy acerbity, hot days and blood flow. Spring, climate warming, Qi and blood activities will also be strengthened, the body metabolism active. This change, healthy people can adapt quickly, the infirm and elderly and children are more likely to have no indications, relapse or aggravation, so the spring in disease prevention and control to prepare early.

Spring diet notes

Spring (spring and summer only) are things grow, Everything looks fresh and gay. season. In the spring of the intake of nutrition and diet which how to adjust? Is very simple, we can use such a jingle to sum up: "in the spring to become warm, delicious diet should be light, fresh vegetables to eat, to eat less spicy meat, longevity and health protection."

1 eat a balanced diet

From the point of view of scientific diet, protein, carbohydrate, spring stressed vitamins and minerals to keep the relative proportions, prevent excessive eating, overeating, avoid causing liver dysfunction and abnormal bile secretion.

In the spring of 2 for the first liver diet

According to the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, focusing on liver Yang in spring. In the theory of the five elements, the liver belongs to wood, corresponding to the spring, the main ascending, germination and growth in spring. Therefore, people suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease should pay more attention to Yang Yang in the spring. And spring is the breeding season of bacteria, virus, liver detoxification function, the most heavy burden, and because the people of Qi ascending, can also cause relapse, such as the spring anger rising, will make the weak lung yin deficiency is more, TB will take advantage of a weak point. Chinese medicine believes that the main spring in human liver, liver qi and natural Wang in the spring. If the spring is improper, it is easy to hurt the liver qi. In order to adapt to seasonal climate change, maintain human health, in the diet should pay attention to the first liver.

3 diet to Yang

Yang, refers to the human body Yang, TCM believes that "Yang, Wei and" refers to the Yang of the human body plays defense role, can make the body strong, against the six evils of the nature of the gas invasion. Spring in the diet, to comply with the "Yellow Emperor" in the "spring Yang" principle, should eat more Wenbu yang foods, in order to enrich the human body Yang, enhance immunity, resist wind based invasion of evil on the human body. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" also advocates "with onions, garlic, leek, Polygonum, Artemisia, mustard and other SIM tender vegetables, miscellaneous and eat". On the other hand, due to the root of the human body Yang Yang is Yang, so in the diet, should also include the meaning of Wen Yang yang. Spring body Yang enrich on the surface, and the body Yang are inadequate, so we should eat more nourishing kidney yang things in the diet. In addition, Polygonum Artemisia has less edible wild herbs, onions, garlic, leek are Yang jiapin.

4 eat more sweet, less acid

The Tang Dynasty famous doctor Sun Simiao said: "spring appropriate province acid by Gan in order to keep his temper." Means when the spring comes, people want to eat sour food, eat sweet food, the benefits of doing so is to benefit the human spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the day after tomorrow is derived human blood, spleen and stomach healthy and vigorous, people can live longer. But the spring to liver in season, according to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is wood, spleen to earth, earth grams, which can hurt the spleen and liver Wang, affect the spleen function of digestion and absorption. Chinese medicine also believes that the five into the five internal organs, such as liver, sour into sweet Rupi salt into the kidney, so if you eat sour food, will strengthen the function of the liver, was partial Kang liver more prosperous, so we can hurt the spleen and stomach. In view of this, in the spring, people want to eat some sour food, to prevent the liver is too strong. Sweet food into the spleen, replenishing temper, it can eat, such as jujube, Chinese yam, crispy rice etc..

5 diet should be light

Change from winter Gaoliang Atsumi to clear temperature insipid, diet should be warm, avoid cold. In animal food, should eat less fat and other high-fat foods, because the greasy food after eating easy to have a sense of fullness, the human body will produce fatigue. Wei Han people can often eat ginger to warm the cold stomach; people with asthma, can take some ginger honey water to dryness town asthma; chronic bronchitis, should be fasting or eat spicy food. Other people should not eat pungent hot excitant food, so as not to help the fire damage.

6 usually drink plenty of water

Drinking water can increase blood volume for liver and metabolic waste discharge, can reduce the poison damage to the liver. In addition, replenishment is also conducive to the secretion of glands, especially the secretion of bile and other digestive juices. Drink spring aroma of tea, can help disseminate plot in vivo pathogenic cold in winter, the promotion of human germinal Yang, stagnation evacuation. While the amount of tea, but also refreshing predicament, but should not be too cold in spring.

7 eat more vegetables

Most people after winter, there will be a variety of vitamins, inorganic salts and trace elements intake is inadequate, such as spring people often send stomatitis, stomatitis, glossitis, night blindness and skin diseases. Therefore, with the advent of spring and a variety of fresh vegetables, a large number of listed, people must eat more fresh vegetables in order to nutritionally balanced, healthy.

Living habits

Spring, people should not only pay attention to the health of the diet, but also should pay enough attention to living.

I go to bed and get up early

Spring night, don't stay up too late, get up early in the morning, the habit of, in order to adapt to the nature of the hair of the gas. After getting up to my hair, loosen up, stretch the body, in the courtyard of CITIC line so that the diffuse step, thinking quickly warmed up. The quality of sleep in the elderly is generally not high, it is appropriate to arrange a certain time nap.

Edit this paragraph of spring clothing

The spring climate change greatly, and the human skin has become loose, so the dress requirement is: on the one hand to loose stretch, on the other hand, soft and warm, but also to do clothes do not reduce meal.

Grab your cloth.

Although the spring warm weather, but the temperature changes, especially in the morning and evening and at noon the temperature is still quite large, so the two shirt should be easy to wear the tim. In order to Spring returns to the earth. The natural beauty of the heart, clothing color should be pale colored ribbon.

I forget the spring cover"

In the cold winter, all kinds of heat preservation measures are perfect. Early spring, up less clothing, once the cold hit, will cause vasospasm, vascular resistance increased, affect the body function, caused by various diseases, so the spring cover used to maintain, the clothes should be reduced, clothing should be "thick thin, frail people should pay special attention to back warm.

The clothing should be loose

In addition, the spring dress underwear should not be too tight. Now some young girls for the pursuit of beautiful curve from early heavy winter clothing, and wear tights, in fact, this is not conducive to health, the reason is: the female vagina secretion is often an acidic liquid, make vulva moist, prevent and kill bacteria bacterial invasion, if the pants too tight, unfavorable genitals moisture evaporation. Over a long period of time, the environment is too hot and humid, which creates favorable conditions for bacterial reproduction, which is easy to cause inflammation. Loose clothing stretch mainly includes: "V" type of clothing, jacket, sportswear and safari, try to wear light and free.

Beware of the Chunkun

Spring fever is not a disease, but a normal seasonal variation of physiological phenomena. The reason is that the winter skin vasoconstriction, spring warming, blood vessels, blood flow supply the skin pores, the relative stability of the increased blood flow to the brain blood supply is relatively reduced, resulting in chunkun. Chunkun although is not a disease, but it can affect learning and work, so we must try to adjust.

Anti Chunkun according to the following method:

1 pay attention to sleep. It is often said: Zaoshuizaoqi good spirit. This helps to improve the quality of sleep at night. Sleep time should not be too long, the average adult 8 hours a day, middle school students from 8 to 9 hours, pupils from 9 to 10 hours. Of course, time varies from person to person.

2 in the morning, it is best to wash your face with cold water to stimulate the skin and the brain, so that as soon as possible to adapt to changes in the blood circulation in spring.

3 strengthen physical exercise. Exercise can improve the body's metabolic process, enhance blood circulation and respiratory function, the central nervous system and a certain degree of stimulation, so the spring should be more exercise, such as mountain climbing, hiking, walking, etc..

4 regular massage temple, the sun may also help relieve chunkun. When sleepy, you can use the sound, touch, etc., give yourself some stimulation, which can change the rhythm of the human body, so that the central nervous system quickly into the waking state, so as to eliminate drowsiness.

Environmental regulation

Spring health, home greening is an important aspect. Modern scientific research believes that green is beneficial to people's health and longevity, our people also known as "planting trees and flowers garden, fresh air people stretch" argument. Green plants can absorb a lot of dust trapped in the air, filter and absorb radioactive substances, eliminate the noise in the living environment, improve and regulate the physiological functions of the human body. Green can absorb sunlight in the eyes of harmful ultraviolet rays, beneficial to the eyes bright eyes bright and eliminate fatigue, and the sensitivity of smell, hearing and thinking activity improved. Green home is the focus of the balcony. Plant some flowers on the balcony, put on bonsai, can beautify the environment, but also good for human health. If the balcony area is larger, can be planted climbers with pots, such as Petunia, cypress etc.. In the interior, the plant can purify the air of flowers, such as Chlorophytum, Milan, rose, asparagus etc.. In addition, the bedroom should always open the window to keep the air fresh, circulation.


Spring, pleasant weather, so spring is a good season to exercise.

I get up early and stretch after a night of sleep, the body soft slack, blood went slowly, wake up when I felt lazy and weak. If the limbs stretch, stretch show abdomen, muscle force, and with a deep breath, deep breath, Tugunaxin, Qi and blood, meridian smooth joint, uplifting effect, can be refreshing, refreshing, increase strength live segments. So the early spring advocate more stretch.

I usually walk a lot

Spring, walking is a worthy of promotion of health care methods. After a day of busy work, to walk the streets and lanes, can quickly eliminate fatigue. Many longevity longevity is one of the daily must have time to walk, especially in spring for a walk, because the spring climate, all things hair, more conducive to health. Walk to the informal, but also should pay attention to: It differs from man to man., looking for fresh air, quiet place; walk to choose the right time, not to travel instantly after the meal; the elderly should not be fasting for a walk; walk every week 3 times, each time 45 ~ 60 minutes; a dress should be loose; decide according to their walking speed.

The hikers travel

In cold winter, the function of body temperature regulating center and internal organs decreased in different degrees. After a season of rest, muscle and ligament is not a long time, it is not shrinking, weak contraction, then go outing to enjoy the scenery, not only exercise the body, but also cultivate the spirit. Especially the spring grass lands, fresh air, huagongyelu, birds contend, in such a beautiful nature, natural relaxed mood. And since ancient times, people have the custom of the outing, so good health is the spring outing travel.

The kite

Spring kite flying is a leisure, entertainment and exercise as one of the health. An excursion, line in hand, look at the kite wind rising, the wind flying, it's a pleasure. Kite flying, people constantly running, matchmaking and control by hand and eye coordination and limbs activities, to dredge the channel and regulate qi and blood, the purpose of physical fitness. Look at the kite, staring at the kite overlooking, eye adjustment, to eliminate fatigue. This activity is especially suitable for teenagers. Middle aged and old people should pay attention to the protection of the kite kite, not too long after the back, you can look up and look at the alternate phase. The best kite to 2 ~ 3 people should choose flat, open space, do not choose the lake, the river and the place where there is high voltage wire, in order to avoid accidents.

We do more outdoor activities

The so-called refers to some outdoor activities, exercise outdoors, courtyards, parks, nature, flowers, such as fishing, jogging, qigong, Tai chi. There is a wealth of negative oxygen ions in the outdoor air, is to promote the good food biological bone growth, although it is not touched, but not in the "Piaoyou" every hour and moment, on the prevention of rickets in children and the elderly osteoporosis are very useful.

The movement of taboo

In the spring of the mist, the sand is also large, so a exercise should not be too large, to prevent damp and cold induced joint pain; not in the dust with the wind is the place to exercise, nasal suction call, do not choke the wind; to prepare activities before exercise, to select the waving arms, kicking your feet, around the waist. After the body's muscles and joint activities then do strenuous exercise. Not too early morning in early spring. In early February, low temperature, cold in the morning, if it is too early to go out to exercise to "cold" violations, will even cause colds and flu, joint pain, stomach problems, even make people freeze a. After the movement to wear clothes to prevent colds. If the body sweat, keep dry, do not wear wet clothes and let the wind blow, so cold cause disease. Exercise should be comprehensive, not only to choose the action to show the limbs arsine, a back waist abdominal and thoracic flexion and extension movements. Exercise or after exercise, do not lie on the grass everywhere, otherwise easy to cause rheumatic pain or arthritis.

The knee exercise

The 1 morning exercise kneepad. The elderly exercise is good for health, but relatively cold spring morning, before exercise, should be the first activity of knee joint for 1-2 minutes, the relaxation, to prevent accidental injury of the knee joint movement. If the choice is running, should pay attention to running too fast, the foot force can not be too much, so the legs can buffer the vibration, prevent the injury of knee joint. 2 evening entertainment note pads. Spring night temperatures are low, the elderly in the low temperature environment for a long time playing cards, playing mahjong or watch TV, pay attention to the time is not too long, should from time to time to stand up and walk around for a while, activity of knee joint, knee or hand to do self massage, to promote the knee joint the blood circulation, thereby reducing the adhesion joints. 3 when the weather changes a note. Spring from sunny to rainy, temperature, humidity, and often accompanied by windy weather. The elderly should avoid going out as much as possible, not only to avoid the invasion of cold and cold, but also to reduce the amount of exercise, reduce the load, you can get the joints to rest. At the same time, to keep warm, especially on the knee warm, knee pads and other activities such as increasing. When the weather gets hot, sunny, must follow the "spring cover" a way of keeping good health, do not rush to cut clothing, even after sweating, do not immediately rinse with cold water to the knee, to prevent local vasoconstriction, affect the knee joint blood circulation. 4 may be appropriate to the "knee exercise". In principle, the main activity is not weight-bearing. For example, "supine lift leg": take lying, legs straight, hands naturally placed on the side of the body, straight legs lifted up, the angle can be gradually increased. Such as "lateral swing": the lateral decubitus? Straight leg abduction, try to lift, and then slowly reduced. The body condition is better for the elderly, but also can be "pedal car exercise", that is, the simulation of bicycle riding action. These functional exercises can make the knee flexion and extension activities freely, but also prevent muscle atrophy, muscle strength and increase the range of joint motion.



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