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Cancer is a worldwide problem. In recent years in the study of environmental carcinogens, found that there is a certain relationship between


Cancer is a worldwide problem. In recent years in the study of environmental carcinogens, found that there is a certain relationship between social and cultural and personal lifestyle, diet and cancer, and proposed a "lifestyle cancer" in this study, the dietary and nutritional factors on the incidence of cancer has great influence at home and abroad, get a lot of cancer and dietary relationship the data from epidemiological and experimental research in oncology, such as esophageal cancer's drinking and eating moldy food, lack of fresh fruits and vegetables; eat much salty food and gastric smoked fish, Shao Chi fresh vegetables and cereals; most of the food fat and cancer Shao Chi plant fiber; hepatocellular carcinoma with food mildew (aflatoxin contamination) and drinking, B infection and hepatitis C virus and malnutrition. For cancer patients, what things should stop eating or avoid certain foods, people often refer to the "fat" in the word, what is "Volatile"? The concept of "matter": food on human nutrition is as everyone knows, but some diseases are not suitable for eating some kind of food, such as nephritis edema bogey bogey salt, sugar diabetes, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, avoid greasy, hypertension, coronary heart disease Jijiu, as well as for cancer. Therefore, in a broad sense, it may contain carcinogens or tumor promoters in the food category are in the "matter", such as nitrosamines is known as a strong carcinogen, its predecessor material of nitrite and nitrate, widely exists in the commercial food preservative. Put long vegetables, pickled cabbage, bacon, bacon, salted fish, smoked fish, canned food also contains large amounts of nitrite compounds. These chemical substances into the body in the appropriate conditions, can be embedded in the gastrointestinal tract of carcinogenic nitrosamines. The moldy peanuts, corn contains a large number of strong carcinogen aflatoxin, smoked foods contain benzopyrene and other carcinogenic substances, these substances can induce liver cancer, gastrointestinal tumors may. In some tropical and sub tropical regions, the incidence of liver cancer is increasing due to the contamination of Aspergillus flavus. In some areas often eat smoked foods, the higher the incidence of gastric cancer. Areca chewing habits of the area of oral mucosa cancer than other areas of high (according to that areca contains a high concentration of Arecoline and ketone is the main cause of oral cancer). Such substances associated with the onset of cancer can be regarded as "volatiles". Analysis from the perspective of Chinese medicine, "matter" refers to the spicy hot stimulation, Feiganhouwei and lower seafood such as food. "Q - Fever" theory, said: "the more complex is less fever, meat." "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "the lamb hot, fever and malaria disease, days after the food will be endangered fever." The above discussion can be extended to the concept of "fat" in traditional Chinese medicine. When the cancer patients eat high protein, high fat or excitant food, the body of specific proteins (especially low seafood) reaction caused by fever, rash, gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal pain, abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation; excitant food fever and rash of mucosal function of digestive tube, mucosa and skin hyperemia or ulceration, which is the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of matter ". Cancer patients should avoid what food characteristics and cancer with various cancers and violations of the relevant organs and physical reactions in patients. TCM etiology and pathogenesis of tumor may be a comprehensive role in many aspects, from the first and six healthy total virtual fire, Yin toxin, phlegm and blood stasis. Improper diet caused by cancer, after the formation of unbridled growth, have a significant impact on the human body the viscera. The characteristics of cancer on body organs damage is a loss of kidney, make the patient healthy physical loss, deficiency; two is weakened so many patients with acquired temper, loss of appetite and digestion and absorption barrier. So, cancer should quit eating greasy and difficult to digest dry thermally stimulated, such as braised dog meat, mutton barbecue, stew, fried steak, rooster, the temperament hot greasy, often causes gastrointestinal stagnation, and the dog and cock the warm dry the movability decency fire, light stomach yin, the rest such as barbecue food things, fried oysters, fried peanut, spirits, pepper, smoking, in a hot blood cancer toxin flourishing, especially should quit.



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