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Chen Peifeng (finishing)Malignant tumor is a systemic disease, it not only in local invasive growth, disruption of normal tissues and organs


Chen Peifeng (finishing)

Malignant tumor is a systemic disease, it not only in local invasive growth, disruption of normal tissues and organs, but also a large number of consumption of nutrients in the growth process, coupled with the impact of toxic substances produced by the body cancer activity, results for patients with nutritional disorders and metabolic disorders caused by a series of nutrition. Bad, make the patient body resistance decreased gradually, aggravating infection or cause organ function failure and death. So the study on improvement of tumor patients nutrition and understand the daily life of tumor patients is a very important problem.

Pay attention to this problem about diet and nutrition should be after the onset of the disease, the motherland medicine have paid much attention to ancient Chinese medicine very early to put food nutrition and clinical therapeutics together, become food medicine and edible medicine. As mentioned earlier in the "classic": "poison attack, for raising crops, five fruit, five animals for the benefit, five dishes for the charge, while the clothes of the odor together with Tonifying qi." When the drug treatment of pathogenic Qi has to more than half, it should be to the valley of fruit, meat and vegetables and other food to recuperate. Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao pointed out: "diet does not heal, and then life medicine." Point out the importance of diet therapy. And as Zhang Jifeng said: "but the Vipassana autotrophic, thin taste, not sweet dry, or anger, be safe." Wang Kentang said: "we must avoid the six evils, in section seven, autotrophic diet." A person is sick, in addition to the application of drugs, must have a good diet and nursed back to health, especially to the carbuncle sore and so patients should pay more attention to.

So how cancer patients take food? How to correct nutrition? Cancer patients and the pros and cons of how to eat food to wait, on this issue, often some of the families of patients eager to get a satisfactory answer. But there are two very different views and opinions on this issue. One is the one-sided pursuit of nutrition, all don't think any food bogey, which contains nutritious food can eat, eat will affect the nutrition, malnutrition and weaken the body's resistance to disease; the other is too much emphasis on diet, "" believe that even some meat volatiles and vegetables can not eat, otherwise it will the tumor development and deterioration, generally without analysis, what things are taboo. These two views are one-sided, do not meet the objective reality.

We think there is a certain relationship between the occurrence and development of diet and disease, this is a fact that, in the treatment of cancer, except for the application of drug treatment, attention to diet taboo, with proper diet treatment, can effectively alleviate the disease, relieve symptoms, improve the physique, prevent and delay the cachexia, prolong the survival the cure period, even can promote tumor. We believe that the overall increase in nutrients to cancer patients, pay attention to eat some beneficial nutritional aspects of food, especially the increase of protein and vitamins, to increase the ability of the body resistance, prevent the occurrence of cachexia, cancer tissue to compensate for body consumption is very necessary. Because most cancer patients nutrition consumption is relatively large, poor appetite, weak physique, even severe anemia, therefore, in the diet should be a good choice of some rich nutrition with aroma, easy digestion and absorption of food, such as meat, fish and shrimp, eggs, dairy products and fresh vegetables, fruits and letinous edodes mushrooms, edible fungus, mushroom food, increase appetite, nourishing qi and blood, adjust the function of organs. But in the specific diet for cancer patients, should also be based on the location of the cancer, nature, the patient's physical fitness, diet and other specific circumstances and flexible use of.

Lung cancer patients often have a cough, shortness of breath, blood in the sputum and other symptoms, you should be eating more nutritious food, can choose some jellyfish, water chestnuts, almonds, lily, lotus pond, lotus seeds, white fungus, pear, cough and phlegm, Yin Runfei food and food, and milk, lean meat, duck, Soybean Milk: animal liver, fresh vegetables, fruits and so on, and avoid greasy Hunxing greasy help from sputum and other food, and hurt the Yin and blood of smoke, wine, spicy, spicy spicy food.

Esophageal cancer patients often have progressive dysphagia, eating obstruction phenomenon, so in the early time to the patient to increase nutrition, try to supplement the protein, vitamins, sugar, fat and so on from the diet is very important. In general, patients with esophageal cancer in addition to diet, spicy, spicy and rough food, avoid eating cold cold food, should eat beans, black plum, lettuce, egg, meat, fish, shrimp, milk, fruit juice, etc..

General early gastric cancer patients with dyspepsia symptoms, so in the diet, try to eat coarse fiber foods, but should be soft and easy to digest food, avoid spicy, spicy, alcohol and hot, cold excitant food, lest cause vascular dilatation and hemorrhage and gastrointestinal spasm, should eat barley, lotus root starch, Hericium Lily, bean sprouts, sesame seeds, fruit juice, liver, lean meat, milk, and so on Soybean Milk.

Cancer patients often have symptoms such as the change of stool, diarrhea stool with pus and blood, can eat figs, black fungus, white lentils, shepherd's purse, apple and so on, such as constipation, should give cellulose rich food, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage leaves, banana, pear, honey, meat, eggs, and radish dairy products and so on; and not eat chili, pepper, coffee, alcohol, high fat and crude fiber food.

Liver cancer, pancreatic cancer patients, with low fat, easy to digest food, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, egg, and contains a lot of vitamin K in animal liver, spinach, garlic, mung bean and so on. When patients have abdominal distention ascites, should eat barley, red bean, mung bean, melon, watermelon and other light penetration dampness products, and avoid overeating.

In addition, thyroid tumor, cervical lymph node tumors, brain tumors and other patients in the diet should pay attention to the addition of a variety of nutrients, but also can eat asparagus, garlic, etc. with a soft solid Sanjie food.

During radiotherapy or radiotherapy after emergence of radiation reaction fluid depletion, mouth parched and tongue scorched red tongue without fur, when symptoms, try to increase the number of Gan Liang Jin Ziyin health products, such as lotus root juice, pear juice, water chestnut, loquat, mung bean, watermelon, sweet dry and avoid spicy pepper, fennel, cassia twig garlic, food etc..

The adverse reactions of leukopenia during chemotherapy or chemotherapy, should supplement protein rich foods such as meat, fish, animal liver, jujube, black beans and so on. The response to chemotherapy caused by loss of appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, diarrhea and other symptoms, and when the increase of spleen and stomach foods such as barley, lentils, white radish, hawthorn, jujube, etc..

After surgery, deficiency of Qi and blood, may be appropriate to eat some nourishing blood of yam, jujube, garden, walnut, sesame, lotus seeds, lean meat, fish, egg and milk products etc.. Such as the function of the spleen and stomach and stomach can, better patients, can also choose some food is vegetables, and has anti-tumor effect of food and food. Such as shepherd's purse, arrowhead, water chestnut, figs, barley, chestnuts, kelp, seaweed, food nutrition and food therapy combined.

In addition in addition to the different symptoms of diet taboo, but also pay attention to the nature of the food. Because of difference between cold and hot food, warm and cool and sweet, acid, bitter, pungent and salty taste and etc., so the reasonable diet, also need to be selected according to the patient's cold, heat, deficiency and excess and digestive function of spleen and stomach. If the cancer patients showed heat Sheng Jin Kui, you should not eat ginseng, pilose antler, garden, mutton, dog warm yang nature of the goods, in order to help the fire, the impact of illness, and should use some heat detoxification of purslane, shepherd's purse, Thistle and other food and food, is beneficial to patients with the body; such as cancer patients presenting to the cold, cold limbs, Yang deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency, in addition to the application of drug treatment, need to be complemented by nutritional support with longan, red dates, red ginseng, pork, fish and nutritious food and food, to enhance physical fitness; such as cancer patients presenting to the spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, should be avoided and the choice of some raw fruits, bergamot, tangerine peel, Chinese yam, pepper, cardamom kernel with fragrant food and food, Xingpi appetizer, increase appetite; if the patient is spleen and stomach dysfunction, abdominal distension, Loose stool can give white lentils, Kou Jen, radish seed, fennel, hawthorn, six aromatic Huazhuo, Qi Xiaozhang products, in order to reduce symptoms, improve appetite.

In short to cancer patients, an overall increase in plenty of nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and eat less greasy food, attention and protection of patients with tumors of the spleen and stomach function of this "day after tomorrow", on the inhibition of tumor development, has a certain positive significance.

For the working people in the middle of some of the more familiar with the food, especially the so-called "volatiles" in some cases, does affect the efficacy. For example, one lung cancer patients after treatment after a long period of time the condition is relatively stable, and because patients do not pay attention to diet, eat a few times with a pungent pepper and tobacco, cough, chest pain, and other symptoms have a fever again attack, resulting in further deterioration. A case of esophageal cardiac cancer patients after treatment with traditional Chinese medicine for more than five months, the symptoms have been relatively stable, dysphagia and dietary obstruction feeling disappeared, X-ray original lesion mass has been reduced and improved, later because after eating several sorghum and meat eating and feel PigHead, obstruction and difficulties, and serious. Of course, there may be a coincidence, but from the above two cases, we can see that the tumor patients at the onset stage eat excitant food is very necessary, not on the prognosis of the disease and is closely related to a certain extent is a certain. Of course, some patients did not pay attention to "diet", did not appear the phenomenon of recurrence and metastasis, including what reason, further research. We believe that under normal circumstances, the smoke, wine and PigHead meat and excessive spicy food or not eat, even should eat. Some of the vegetables and fruit contains vitamin A and protein such as pork, fish food and so on, can not stick, to keep patients nutrition, increase the body's resistance to disease.

So the cancer patient's diet nutrition and diet, should vary due to illness, syndrome differentiation, flexible It differs from man to man., master, not the general provisions of what can eat, what cannot eat, and according to the function of the spleen and stomach disease patients, and cold and heat. We think the patient diet should not be too narrow, taboos also need not too strict, should give the necessary food nourishing and treatment combination. Such as the lack of nutrition and not appropriate to excessive intake of certain nutrients, can cause adverse effects, and proper nutrition for cancer patients can receive a better antitumor treatment, to mobilize and improve the body's immune function, prolong life and promote rehabilitation of patients, there is a certain positive significance.

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