Mould sex vaginitis can radical cure?

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The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: treatment: wash 1, tradition


The Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology Wang Ruoguang: treatment: wash 1, traditional Chinese medicine, has a very good effect, I used in clinical use repeatedly repeatedly effect, strong effect. 2, Nifuratel nystatin soft capsules, topical. 3, miconazole, ketoconazole, itraconazole, clotrimazole suppositories. 4, proprietary Chinese medicine: such as Sophora flavescens suppository, Funing suppository, etc.. Treatment note: 1, medication time: after the first 6 days, after the net after 6 days, the most critical of these two periods of time; 2, general medication must be through the menstrual cycle of 3. 3, the excessive use of antibiotics, estrogen, glucocorticoid or diabetes have the disease; 4, oral drugs currently has several kinds of harmful side effects such as liver and kidney, for common intestinal infection, common vaginal infections, topical can; 5, traditional Chinese medicine lotion, such as all kinds of lotion in medicine, there are some disadvantages after washing, dry, the reason is to reduce the compliance. 6, I often use in the clinical experience of their own, very good curative effect, the bacterial vaginosis, fungi, trichomonas, gonococcus has very good effect. Mainly from anti allergy, the formation of vaginal mucosal surface protective film, sterilization, phytoestrogens and other aspects of the role. The following is about and patients of fungal vaginitis quiz: recurrent fungal vaginitis patients. Answer: the first time on mycotic vaginitis, mycotic vaginitis of common sense: 1, fungal vaginitis is a small problem in general, but in clinical treatment, is not as imagined so simple; many patients with recurrent lingering; 2, mycotic vaginitis pain is very obvious, odd the symptoms of itching and not everyone has the varying degree of itching, leucorrhea; sometimes a lot (menstruation before or after the attack), vaginal mucosa showed inflammation; 3, leucorrhea inspection easily diagnosed; and the exclusion of other causes; 4, mildew everywhere, mouth, hands and feet, all kinds of living utensils, bathroom wall. Not long drying towels, towels and so on; 5, Aspergillus pathogens, bacteria to inhibit bacteria, other vulnerable, while fungal growth exuberant; 6, wet in the South Ring Exit, the summer season, especially the cold water bathing season, the most vulnerable; two, on the treatment of mycotic vaginitis: a total of 1, the general treatment medication, topical drugs can cure fungal vaginitis, commonly used drugs such as miconazole, Econazole suppository, matrine suppositories, Nifuratel nystatin soft capsule and topical vagina; 2, medication time or take effect after medication time: 6 days ago, after 6 days; no other time; must adhere to 3 times before and after menstruation treatment; and the relative sensitive drugs, many patients were not sensitive to Dakeningshuan; take effect time: because the mold rapid proliferation tolerance well, so the general use 3 days to take effect; 3, oral antifungal drugs: not recommended oral, such as oral, can choose ketoconazole, fluconazole and itraconazole; but these drugs of liver and kidney Harm and digestive tract reaction is obvious; I don't clinical oral or injection; because a side effect is too large, treat the disease will not be damage to the body, external use can be cured completely; 4, husband: treatment is very important, mold, often associated with sexual life; with the factors, such as tap water, bed sheets, towels beriberi, etc.; the husband to external medicine for more than 3 weeks of continuous administration suggested interval is not the way (for 3 days to stop, and then next week), because of continuous use easily hurt the male genital mucosa; male genital medication is very convenient; 5 women, oral antibiotics, corticosteroids, contraceptives, diabetes, and early estrogen preparations poor liver function and so on, is prone to fungal genera; conditional pathogenic bacteria; 6, Chinese medicine treatment, strength is very strong, I am in a clinical common formula, with 100%, Not only the mold, all kinds of vaginitis have very good effect, and as long as less taste, can achieve the protective effect of estrogen, bactericidal effect, anti allergic effect, anti itch detoxification effect; compatibility is a very do not follow the routine prescription; 7, the mold overall is a small problem, such as considering Jiuzhibuyu, urine, liver function, estrogen, beriberi, antibiotics, etc. for a long time with her husband; 8, completely curable, but very painful, need time; second times: on the treatment of 1, do not use miconazole, dressing; such as drugs, the recovery in the optional; 2, soda water, wash not long; 3, to find out the reasons, as described above 4; her husband, Tongzhi, is very important; 5, without medication; third times: on the treatment of 1, the so-called not broken roots, is actually the right conditions, and grow up, and 2 to 3 consecutive A menstrual cycle, choose sensitive drugs for external use; Nifuratel nystatin soft capsule, I used good results; 3, fungal treatment, generally 3 weeks of continuous medication, but due to the female ovulation period leucorrhea, the effect is not good, I usually only in the 6 days before and after 6 days of net. So each menstrual; 3 times in a row to menstruation; 4, her husband died, equal to the white rule; I wish you a speedy recovery!

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