What kind of hyperthyroidism patients should choose iodine -131 ablation?

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There are three kinds of conventional treatment of hyperthyroidism: antithyroid drugs, iodine -131 ablation and surgery. Because of the sign


There are three kinds of conventional treatment of hyperthyroidism: antithyroid drugs, iodine -131 ablation and surgery. Because of the significant advantages of -131 ablation, such as accurate, safe and convenient, low cost, it has become the first choice for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in the United States and canada. The total effective rate was 95%, the clinical cure rate was above 85%, and the recurrence rate was less than 1%. According to the clinical experience of the new guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Endocrinology branch of Chinese Medical Association, nuclear medicine branch related thyroid disease and my years, suggest the following 9 kinds of patients with hyperthyroidism should be the first choice of iodine -131 ablation to treat their disease:

1 over the age of 20 years, thyroid enlargement;

2 antithyroid drug treatment failure, allergy or white blood cell reduction and other taboos;

3 postoperative recurrence of hyperthyroidism;

4 hyperthyroid heart disease or heart disease with other causes;

5 hyperthyroidism with white blood cells and (or) platelets or whole blood cells;

6 aged hyperthyroidism;

7 hyperthyroidism and diabetes;

8 toxic nodular goiter;

9 thyroid nodules with hyperthyroidism.

Warm reminder:

Iodine -131 ablation is the most widely used, the best curative effect, the lowest recurrence rate, the least side effects, simple and non-invasive, clinical application is very mature hyperthyroidism treatment methods. The therapy does not affect fertility, does not increase the incidence of cancer. In the United States, 70% of physicians and patients with hyperthyroidism is the first choice for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. In order to get timely, efficient and standardized diagnosis and treatment, please do the following:

Please eat the food and drugs containing iodine and discontinue antithyroid drugs before treatment: 1 methimazole disabled for 3 days or more; propylthiouracil suspended more than 2 weeks.

2 women of childbearing age, please exclude the possibility of pregnancy, otherwise please inform the doctor.

3 treatment on the same day fasting iodine -131, medication for 2 hours before eating.

4 after treatment, please pay attention to rest, prevent infection, avoid mental stimulation, do not squeeze thyroid.

5.1 months, please do not close contact with pregnant women, infants and young children, suggested that the condition of living alone.

6 after treatment, please contraception for 6 months, followed by women with normal pregnancy, hypothyroidism patients need supplemental thyroxine.

7 usually every 2 months after treatment, outpatient referral, special case for other requirements.

8 if there is a serious discomfort, please heal nearby.

Author Chen Libo, Shanghai City Youth Science and technology star, Shanghai No.6 People's Hospital hyperthyroidism "specialty" director of nuclear medicine department deputy chief physician, doctor of medicine in germany. With unique and rich experience in the treatment of thyroid disease, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases is the following: 1 refractory hyperthyroidism (thyroid enlargement, failure, antithyroid drugs in the treatment of allergic or leukopenia and other contraindications, postoperative recurrence of hyperthyroidism complicated with heart disease); 2, cytopenia, diabetes and the damage of liver function, renal function damage, exophthalmos; 3 patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma; 4 (pathology of papillary or follicular thyroid carcinoma), with or without lymph node metastasis, lung, bone and other organs.

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