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Xinmin Evening News Wednesday, August 24, 2011The Xinmin science Cafe noticeAlert thyroid disease approach"MaThe newspaper news (reporter Ma


Xinmin Evening News Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Xinmin science Cafe notice

Alert thyroid disease approach"


The newspaper news (reporter Ma Dan) thyroid known as the "engine", in charge of thyroid hormone secretion, whether it is the lack of human or more of this hormone, are likely to occur, body temperature, heart and other organs The new supersedes the old. problem, but also a serious life-threatening. But the latest survey shows that Chinese people are increasingly unhealthy thyroid disease incidence of thyroid disease has reached 1%.

Next Monday night at 6:30 opened the 127th period Xinmin science cafe, Shanghai will invite three generations of medical experts, Tenth People's Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University professor Lv Zhongwei, director of the Department of nuclear medicine, the Sixth People's Hospital of Department of nuclear medicine, Professor Ma Jixiao and former director of the Sixth People's Hospital of nuclear medicine department deputy director, associate professor Chen Libo, from science angle and you talk about thyroid disease change history, especially the early diagnosis and treatment of women with thyroid disease, and how to correct iodine etc..

If you want to get free tickets, please call 962288 or send mail to, leave your name, age, occupation (including students) and contact telephone number. The application to the 1 p.m. Friday deadline, the staff will get lucky readers tickets by phone or SMS notification.

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