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The international week (International Thyroid Awareness Week thyroid is an international alliance (TFI), Thyroid Federation thyroid Internat


The international week (International Thyroid Awareness Week thyroid is an international alliance (TFI), Thyroid Federation thyroid International) advocated by the international public and for patients with thyroid disease propaganda and education projects, aimed at enhancing the public for thyroid disease awareness rate, treatment rate and treatment rate to improve thyroid disease. International thyroid Week 2009 is scheduled for May 25th to 31. In order to make the international week of thyroid have a broad impact in our society, Chinese society of nuclear medicine will respond to international initiatives and thyroid Federation campaigns across the country held international thyroid week in Chinese, and called for related professionals to actively participate in the international week of thyroid publicity and consultation activities, improve public awareness of thyroid diseases.

Andersson, President of the International Union of thyroid Yvonne, commented: "the thyroid is the engine of our body," which controls the metabolism of the body and affects every part of the body. However, the engine sometimes fails. Thyroid disease is common, but it is worrying that they have not received enough attention. Thyroid disease symptoms are easily confused with some other cases, or be treated as normal performance age and neglect, so patients in the absence of correct diagnosis and treatment, often do not have symptoms. International cooperative alliance is the thyroid academic organization, to convince the public and medical service providers recognize the symptoms of thyroid disease, in order to help the world millions of undiagnosed patients get rid of diseases." Thyroid disease, if not treated, can be very serious. Patients who do not get the right diagnosis and treatment are likely to lose their future health. Most patients with thyroid disease can live as healthy and as normal as possible if they can be identified and treated as early as possible. People need to understand the symptoms of thyroid disease, so as to be able to take action in time to get help.

We are China's nuclear medicine workers, but also responsible for the thyroid health services, monitoring and treatment of thyroid disease is our bounden duty. We want to contribute to the health of the thyroid gland, the health of the people, and to create a healthy and harmonious society. In order to meet the international thyroid Week activities, at the same time to carry out nuclear medical science publicity, society will organize to carry out a comprehensive nationwide thyroid activity week, the 2009 annual international week of thyroid more public people, to the public and patients can enjoy the thyroid disease knowledge propaganda and consultation, especially the public can understand the role of nuclear medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease in value. And through the knowledge of patients with thyroid, early screening, early detection and effective treatment, can greatly improve the quality of life of patients with thyroid. On this occasion, the Chinese Medical Association nuclear medicine branch initiative:

First, the national organization of nuclear medical units of a number of medical institutions, to participate in international thyroid week activities.

Two, the local society of nuclear medicine and relevant departments conscientiously organize and participate in advocacy group formed, to carry out propaganda activities in the form of thyroid clinic, including the role of public basic knowledge, to preach the thyroid nuclear medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases in value, distribute publicity materials, window or blackboard concentrated propaganda.

Three, the event is also learning Chinese Nuclear Medicine Week activities, the continuation of a nuclear medicine and thyroid as the theme of the nuclear medicine week.

Four, learn to suggest that qualified units can work with the unit of the Department of Endocrinology and thyroid surgery Tongren cooperation.

Five, this activity by Merck Serono Co.

To the health of all mankind harmony, in order to develop Chinese nuclear medicine career, please actively respond to the initiative, a responsibility for thyroid activity week ", a" brilliant in May, with our wisdom and strength for the benefit of thyroid patients and family more.

Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine


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