Autumn Chunkun spent summer nap may wish to check the thyroid

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Autumn Chunkun spent summer nap may wish to check the thyroidThe increasing pressure of work and life, nightlife, so that people with sleep


Autumn Chunkun spent summer nap may wish to check the thyroid

The increasing pressure of work and life, nightlife, so that people with sleep disorders are increasing. However, in stark contrast to the day, waking up in the There are plenty of people who also have dizzy spells. In the face of "Chunkun lack of summer autumn nap" embarrassment, most people believe the first choice is to turn to coffee, tea or cola drinks containing caffeine. I do not know only by the stimulation of external chemicals, not only can not fundamentally solve the problem, and may even make the body dependent. Exhaustion in addition to neurasthenia, climacteric syndrome, endocrine disorders, the proportion of thyroid disease is getting higher and higher. According to statistics, at present, China has more than 200 million people suffering from thyroid disease, there are easy fatigue who may wish to look up thyroid.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: an urban epidemic

The hectic urban life gave birth to the "sleeping family."". For them, even stick to a healthy routine, early getting eight hours of sleep a night, the next day is always yanyanyushui, more intense work, can not let them excited, are likely to doze off whenever and wherever possible. In addition to lethargy, as well as throat, joint or muscle pain, lymph nodes and other manifestations. However, go to the hospital to do the film, blood routine examination, but found no organic disease. Suffering from the above discomfort, is likely to be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. From the pathological point of view, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a kind of functional disease, which is mainly treated by adjusting the life style, improving nutrition and strengthening exercise. However, there is a kind of clinical disease, its early symptoms and chronic fatigue syndrome is very similar, it is easy to cause confusion and neglect patients under treatment, the consequences are very serious, it is thyroid disease.

Thyroid go-slow -- offbeat fatigue inducement

As the name suggests, the thyroid gland is located in the neck of the human body on the thyroid cartilage of a butterfly endocrine organs, the secretion of thyroid hormones to maintain normal metabolism, growth and development of the human body. Doctors often use this analogy to evaluate the thyroid gland. If the body's thyroid hormone levels are not enough, it will lead to a decrease in metabolic rate, the whole body from the body to the spirit will be tired. In addition, also accompanied by skin, eyes, tongue dry, sleep quality and poor appetite, menstrual disorders and loss of libido and performance.

If there is difficult to ease, can not explain the persistent fatigue, the first time it should be thought that the thyroid is a problem. Go to the hospital to do a cervical ultrasound examination, and then blood test thyroid function of five indicators, you can make a preliminary evaluation of the health of the thyroid. Cause hypothyroidism is the most common disease is Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is one of the most early by the Japanese doctor bridge bentzer reported in autoimmune diseases. The combined effects of the environment, spirit, genetic factors, which should be devoted to the immune system of supervision invading pathogenic microorganisms and in vivo mutation of cells, began embezzlement, to attack its own thyroid, lead to thyroid hormone secretion reduced, causing symptoms such as fatigue. To diagnose the disease, in addition to ultrasound and blood tests above, also need to do thyroid scintigraphy, with a comprehensive evaluation of the thyroid iodine uptake.

"Bridge" acute phase of patients, if the thyroid enlargement, pain and other symptoms are more obvious, can be used under the guidance of a doctor hormone therapy, in order to suppress the immune function is too strong. If the thyroid hormone level is significantly reduced, it is necessary to use thyroxine replacement therapy.

Hyperthyroidism actually lead to fatigue? You're right!

The opposite of hypothyroidism is hyperthyroidism". Today, the incidence of this disease is also very impressive, especially to bear the pressure of work and family of middle-aged women, especially vulnerable to hyperthyroidism". Because of all kinds of media were introduced to hyperthyroidism, the symptoms are more familiar with the - hand tremor, irritability, irritability, tachycardia, sweating...... Little do you know that some patients with hyperthyroidism will appear out of tune with the above symptoms - burnout.

Because hyperthyroidism patients were more likely to make rapid The new supersedes the old. will feel fatigue, mainly for systemic weakness, many patients often feel leg weakness and difficulties of action as lead boots; hands can't lift heavy weights, serious or even affect the daily life. In addition, hyperthyroidism hypermetabolism easily lead to reduced human blood potassium, low blood potassium stress can cause nerve and muscle loss, limb weakness and appear mental fatigue, this situation can eat potassium rich bananas, spinach. There is also a situation, hyperthyroidism patients after chemical drugs or iodine isotope therapy, there may be hypothyroidism, this time under the guidance of a specialist in the specification of taking thyroxine tablets. To sum up, hyperthyroidism can also lead to fatigue, it is not as people always think, will only cause excitement.

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