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Lung cancer has become the first killer of cancer in china. 30 years of experience tells us, invest a lot of manpower, material and financia


Lung cancer has become the first killer of cancer in china. 30 years of experience tells us, invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in advanced lung cancer, the first-line and second-line therapy, maintenance therapy, targeted therapy treatment, clinical effect is not obvious, the long-term survival of patients is generally not high. Professor Zhi Xiuyi as science Chinese cancer association propaganda department minister and Chinese Cancer Foundation Director of tobacco control and prevention and treatment of lung cancer, the hope project action agency work together to promote the national cancer prevention science and health education to create anti-cancer control for 8 consecutive years with the Ministry of health.

A lot of thoracic surgeons do not pay attention to the prevention and treatment of lung cancer, lung cancer screening, early diagnosis and early treatment and health education of the patients with lung cancer, when hoarseness, dyspnea, shortness of breath and hemoptysis was belonging to advanced stage and lost the surgical treatment of radical chances. Therefore, screening for thoracic surgeons to be actively involved in lung cancer and early diagnosis and treatment work, help around the center for Disease Control and prevention of lung cancer screening tumor institutions to carry out the project, through a variety of popular science propaganda and health education, suggested that lung cancer in high-risk regular health examination, chest X-ray, chest X-ray CT instead of CT. Screening can detect early lung cancer.

Cancer is not death. Doctors should work with cancer hospitals, lung cancer centers, the local centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health administration to jointly promote the government's lung cancer screening program. The plan for the screening is only part of the population, but also the popularity of lung cancer prevention and health education: to persuade more than 55 year old, smoking more than 25 years, family history of cancer, living and working in the high incidence area of lung cancer lung cancer in high-risk groups, regularly to the hospital for health examination including chest CT.

Almost every hospital health examination center, but most of the current health examination institutions only by chest X-ray, blood tumor markers increased to detect cancer by chest X-ray, blood and these tumor markers of lung cancer are usually not found early, but late lung cancer. Early lung cancer is less than 1cm by ribs, mediastinum, diaphragmatic muscle or heart block, conventional radiography cannot be found; some patients with tumor markers such as carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) has increased to more than 100, there is no shadow of chest X-ray, chest CT and bone scan confirmed lung cancer usually is always late; the symptoms diagnosed lung cancer patients are usually not early lung cancer, the median survival and five year survival rate is not high. Now the target is no longer a screening for lung cancer early detection of lung cancer, is no longer through the chest or chest, but through chest CT early detection of early lung cancer. Once the early detection of lung cancer early, you can through the minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as video-assisted thoracoscope assisted small incision lobectomy surgery, radical resection of lung cancer early, to lung cancer survival rate of five years to get a big promotion.

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