Three good habits to help you stay away from lung cancer

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Smoking and passive smoking is the biggest incentiveFor smoking and lung cancer, there is a shocking case. Shenyang, a man was diagnosed wit


Smoking and passive smoking is the biggest incentive

For smoking and lung cancer, there is a shocking case. Shenyang, a man was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in 2010, six months after the death of the invalid, his wife died before her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. In September last year, their daughter found himself suffering from small cell lung cancer. Experts later found to exclude a variety of factors, the men in the family a heavy smoker, a day to smoke two or three packs of cigarettes, because the sealing effect is good, the wife and daughter of the year living in the second-hand smoke environment. This is the biggest cause of lung cancer.

The results show that the incidence of lung cancer in smokers is 11 times that of non-smokers. Some of them were passive smokers, and the survey found that people who smoke at home had a 5 times higher risk of developing lung cancer than non-smokers. A lot of people think, anyway, do not smoke the same cancer, in fact, do not smoke lung cancer patients, 25% is caused by second-hand smoke.

Four categories of people need early screening

Early detection of lung cancer can be treated by minimally invasive treatment. The tumor is located in the center of the trachea bronchus lung cancer have more clinical symptoms, such as irritating cough, sputum with blood or blood streaked sputum, and early peripheral lung adenocarcinoma without any symptoms, a serious threat to human health. Early detection is the key to improve the cure rate of lung cancer.

The need for early screening for lung cancer population mainly include four types: long-term smoking, especially in men older than 50 years old; relatives with lung cancer; the presence of carcinogenic factors in working and living environment; the lungs repeatedly chronic injury, such as recurrent infection, tuberculosis. When the following abnormal need early screening: cough; chest pain, especially in the deep breath aggravated; shoulder pain accompanied by numbness in the fingers; with or without ptosis; hoarseness; others such as weight loss, shortness of breath, recurrent bronchitis etc..

Routine examination in chest X-ray and chest X-ray can find lung cancer early, do chest low-dose spiral CT examination. Patients with conditions can also choose PET-CT and MRI screening methods. There are other screening methods: sputum cytology; bronchoscopy; percutaneous fine needle aspiration biopsy.

After cooking lampblack machine to open 5 minutes

At present, the cause of lung cancer is basically clear, in addition to smoking, there are air pollution, occupational factors, chronic lung disease, genetic and immune and other reasons. From the following three aspects, change the way of life, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of lung cancer:

Smokers quit smoking immediately. 8 hours after the cessation of oxygen in the blood can reach the level of non smoking, while reducing the body's carbon monoxide to half, after 24 hours of carbon monoxide in the body disappeared. Three months later, the respiratory function improved, and lung efficiency increased by 10%. If you are already a lung cancer patient, quitting smoking can restore your immune function, enhance physical strength, prevent cancer and other diseases.

On the fumes to remain vigilant. We must keep the kitchen ventilation, the ignition and open the hood; not a finished fried dishes off the lampblack machine, at least another 3~5 minutes; don't smoke when cooking, use less fried cooking; the living room and bedroom to a separate kitchen, avoid the contamination of kitchen air into other rooms. Living in the countryside, friends, indoor coal stove, coal stove to a chimney, must keep clean, unobstructed. Newly renovated house, we must use environmentally friendly materials,. It is recommended that after the renovation should be ventilated for at least three months to live.

Increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, especially eat more rich in carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, trace element selenium and other foods, can reduce the incidence of lung cancer. Vitamin A can maintain cell membrane integrity, maintain normal metabolism of epithelial tissue, blocking cell carcinogenesis, can consciously intake, liver, liver and other animal is most abundant in the liver. At the same time, to the law of life, mood, rest, exercise, increase the ability of disease resistance.

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