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Cancer can spread from its original site to other parts of the body. The primary site of the tumor cells through the blood and lymphatic cha


Cancer can spread from its original site to other parts of the body. The primary site of the tumor cells through the blood and lymphatic channels, or otherwise transferred to other parts of the body. Metastatic tumor is not a new type of tumor, still from the primary tumor, with the same type of tumor cells. The term for the spread of cancer is the transfer.

Metastatic tumors: prostate, breast and lung cancer

Bone metastasis is one of the most common complications of malignant tumors. The most common form of prostate cancer, or even 90% of patients with bone metastases, many patients with prostate cancer were diagnosed with bone metastasis. Followed by breast cancer, lung cancer. Although the probability of bone metastasis of lung cancer is not high, but the number of patients with lung cancer is higher than that of breast cancer. In addition, the early detection of breast cancer is greater, but also the number of breast cancer bone metastasis is relatively small.

Causes of misdiagnosis: initially as a disc herniation

Love is transferred to discreet bone metastatic bone tumor, such as the spine, flat (pelvis), ribs, thigh bone (femur) and skull.

The most common misdiagnosis of bone metastasis is the intervertebral disc herniation. If in accordance with the treatment of lumbar disc herniation, massage or surgery will accelerate the destruction of bone, once the fracture will cause paraplegia, leaving the patient a lifetime of regret. So to be particularly vigilant, the first time a patient to see a doctor, it is best to do lumbar MRI or CT, clear whether the primary disease.

Isotope bone scan and PET-CT, it can be found that the site of bone metastasis is rich and rich in blood flow, which may indicate metastasis. Occasionally, however, a slight touch of the arm and an isotope bone scan will show abnormal metabolism. Therefore, the false positive rate of these two methods is high.

Warning signs: the following symptoms are mostly bone metastases

Symptoms: pain, more fixed at a point (local); gradually increased, light during the day, heavy at night. The earliest symptom of metastatic tumor in some patients is pathological fracture.

Symptoms two: late compression fractures, to the thoracic spine, a string of pain under the belt, the thigh radiation. Patients often walk difficult.

Three symptoms: pain, the first symptom was transient, the progression of the disease, the symptoms persist, exercise increased.

Four symptoms: high calcium levels in the blood caused by hypercalcemia, no appetite, thirst, nausea, fatigue, weakness, irritability, confusion. Other symptoms include lower limb paralysis, weakness, fecal excretion, or abdominal paralysis.

Treatment options: simultaneous treatment of primary and metastatic tumors

Once the patient is diagnosed with metastatic tumor of bone, first of all should be guided by the treatment of the original disease, the cause of the transfer of the tumor can be resolved. And then to solve the local lesions, such as local radiotherapy, the occurrence of fractures please Department of orthopedics doctors do repair surgery.

Bisphosphonates are an important adjuvant therapy for treatment of bone metastases, its anti-cancer effect is limited, but it can inhibit osteoclasts, inhibit bone salt into the blood, relieve pain, prevent the occurrence of bone related events. Once the diagnosis of bone metastasis, even without clinical symptoms such as pain, should also be routine use of bisphosphonate therapy.

The use of bisphosphonates should adhere to at least two years or longer. The longer the treatment, the better the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer bone metastases, and further prolong the survival time of patients. I think, due to bone metastases will appear, so as long as there is no adverse drug reaction, the cost is not a problem, the patient can accept, should in principle be continued until patients are unable to tolerate or general condition decreased significantly so far.

It is especially important for patients to follow orders. Once the detection of bone metastases, to regular medication for 1 months, which is 1 times of intravenous bisphosphonates. Regular use of drugs can minimize the risk of bone related events, resulting in more survival benefits.



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